I am Sissy Maker. My sight contains graphic adult content so if your easily offended from sexually explicit content. PLEASE LEAVE NOW!

I have a collection of short stories I have acquired. Some are true and some are fiction, some are a combination of both. If you are easily offended by sexual adult content, graphic adult sexual pictures and adult language of any kind or nature, PLEASE LEAVE MY SIGHT NOW! This is strictly and adult site and contains mature adult content for adult entertainment purposes only. All contents posted are over 21 year of age.

I have a sissy husband whom I transformation into a useful sissy. He adjusted nicely to his new life style and enjoys life much more now that he gets to wear pretty, frilly, girly things all the time. I am NOT a mistress or a person who will transform you.

I hope you enjoy my blog and find it entertaining and stimulating. Feel free to leave any kind of comments you choose, no matter if they are positive or negative all are valued. You can contact me at sissymaker@live.com Thanks for visiting, and enjoy.


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