Vacation Sissy.


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I would like to give a bit of back ground history. My name is Dave, I have been cross-dressing since age of 12. I married my wife when I was 20. Christy was age 22 when we married. Chris knew of my cross-dressing and would let me dress on weekends. We have been married for three years…

This started when I wanted to take a vacation to the Black Hills for a week. Chris was not interested in the mountains and preferred we go to the Gulf Coast instead for the week. I begged her to go to the Black Hills and she finally agreed. She packed for both of us and we departed on Saturday morning.

We checked into our room one day into our trip. When I took my shower after we came back from eating. I was stunned when I came out to find the only clothing she packed for me was my cross-dressing outfits. No male clothing at all other than the shorts and tank top I arrived in. While I was in the shower she took all my male items I had worn and locked them in the car trunk including my tennis.

I was told when I asked what the hell was going on, that if she had to come to do what I wanted I had to do what she wanted. I would be dressed in la-fem the whole time on vacation. I told her I would not pass as a female and I had never been in public cross-dressed. Chris told me she could add some makeup to make me passable. I was thin and did have a kind of girly figure with very little hair on my arms and legs with none at all on my chest. I could go for three days before I needed to shave a shadow of any hair on my face.


My outfits which she had bought more of consisted of Wigs, Short skirts, short shorts, yoga pants, tights, camisoles, T-shirts, panties, socks, sandals,  girl tennis, and some heels. I had three nighties with matching panties for bed time. I thought I was going to have a panic attack as my vacation seemed to fade away. After settling down just a little she showed me what she could do with my hair and a little makeup. I was surprised how passable I looked. Still not convinced I removed the makeup and put on one of my nighties and we went to bed.


The next morning I dressed for the day wearing short shorts, tennis and a tank-top. My hair, makeup, and nails all polished including my toe nails. I was still nervous going to the car to leave and when we stopped to eat. When I realized everyone seen me as a girl and gave no reaction, I felt better. By time we arrived at our destination and checked into our room I was feeling a lot better. Knowing I pulled it off made me feel more confident in myself.

The next day we where going to head out and do some sight-seeing. Beings it was a cool morning my wife suggested I wear my yoga pants. I did as she suggested with another T-shirt and tennis. We traveled the whole day seeing beautiful sights. The day did warm up to the high eighties and it was hot. My wife took a couple of pictures of me and I took some selfies, the day turned out to be a lot of fun other than the heat.


The next day was going to be even hotter, into the nighties. I wore my panties short skirt, socks and tennis with a tank top and a sports bra under it. I found myself wearing just the sports bra and when a breeze came up it would blow up my skirt exposing my pink panties. I learned to hold it down even though it only happened twice, I wished I had wore shorts instead. I did get some looks from some young men which made me feel embarrassed but happy at the same time.

The week went on about the same way until we went to a local bar the last night we where their. I protested and did not want to go out to a bar. I was going to wear my yoga pants but every thing was dirty so I has to wear a pair of very short shorts. I had been avoiding to wear them due to how short they where. My wife told me with a camisole I would look hot, which was what I was avoiding. I had a dressy tank top I wore instead.

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We had a couple of drinks and just as we where finishing the last one, two men came and asked if they could join us. My wife said yes with out so much as a hesitation. They asked where we where from, and other small talk. Now my voice was not girly sounding so I just smiled and answered shook my head avoiding talking. After one more drink I was ready to go and my wife sensing this by my actions told them we had to leave. They asked if we could go to another bar across town? My wife smiled and told them we had to get up early tomorrow and leave for home. They insisted and my wife gave in saying okay but only for one drink.

The tall guy Tim, took my wife’s hand and the other guy Ben, put his arm around my waist as we walked to our car. Ben said you shure don’t talk much. You don’t need to be afraid of us. We just want to go out and enjoy some company while doing so. We drove our own car following them. I asked why she accepted the offer? She said they mean no harm and since it was our last night we should enjoy it a little. Arriving at the bar, we found out they had a live band. The guys ordered us all drinks as we sat and they talked, me not saying anything.

10We continued to drink and after three more I was feeling no pain  and I could see my wife was slowing down taking smaller sips. Then Ben asked me to dance? Slurring the words I said no thanks. Ben grabbed my hand and lead me to the dance floor before I could finish saying the words. We danced a slow song and he held me tight, but before we finished he had his hands on my ass squeezing my butt cheeks. By now the booze took over and I let him do it without trying to stop him. We walked back to the table and sat back down. Tim asked if we would like to go out and have a bite to eat. Chris told them no thanks and we had to be going.

Getting up I was a little unstable and Ben took ahold of me, helping me walk to the car. Once at the car he turned and hugged me and gave me a kiss on my lips which I responded kissing him back in return. While driving back to our room my wife said, I see you kissed Ben with no resistance. Did you like it she asked? Yes, I said with a slur. It was alright. Giggling my wife said you would become a slut if I let you wouldn’t you? Probably I answered. Well maybe your chance will come on our next vacation Chris said. I was about to fall asleep when we arrived at our motel.

When the morning came and we where getting ready to leave, Chris told me to wear my mini skirt and a camisole for the ride home. Feeling the effects of last night I was not going to argue with her so I dressed as she asked. Riding in the passenger’s seat she asked me to hike up my dress so she could see my little panties bulge. I did as she asked and she started talking about last night. Asking about the kiss and my ass being grabbed, it did not seem like I tried to resist any. No I didn’t, I told her. Maybe we should have taken them back to our room. Would you have liked that she asked? No I answered. Are you shure? It looked like you where enjoying it all. Now my cock sprain to attention and she pointed my little tent out to me.


Now I knew why I was to expose my panty covered bulge. Maybe on our next trip you will change your mind, because I can tell you want to Chris said.


I am afraid to go on another trip with Chris. I know all to well I will be having sex with a man.

Girly Dave.

“SM” Sissy Maker

I make my husband cross dress & eat his cum.


My hubby would never kiss me after I sucked his cock. I now have him eating his cum from my pussy. This developed over some time by my stipulations. I complained about him not kissing me during sex. He told me he could not do it after I had sucked on his cock. I fixed this by slowly over time holding out and not letting him have sex. When he was so frustrated I would tell him we will have sex only if you promise to kiss me during sex. H finial agreed to it and after I sucked him to an erection I gave him a big kiss with tung. He acted as if he was going to choke and then he started to gage. I laughed at him as he carried on, we never did have sex that night. I decided to feminize him douring this time also. He accepted this just like he accepted eating his own cum.

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I continued to do this until he could accept wearing lingerie and kissing with out gaging and we had sex. Next I would with hold sex until he was so frustrated and then I would give him a blowjob but only if he would cross dress. Once I swallowed his load I would try to kiss him. This took a long time before he gave in to giving me a kiss. Slowly I would try to give him tung but this took a long time before I was able to do that. I finally succeeded in doing that and then tried to give him a snowball but he was not having anything to do with that at all. Over time and withholding sex which is a powerful tool. After all I did get him to cross dress. He gave into only the tung and kissing but nothing more. Like I said sex is a powerful tool and I finally forced him into licking my pussy only after he had his dick in me for a bit. Once more I worked on him until he one day wanted sex so bad I told him when he agrees to licking his mess out of me he could have sex. If he did not go through with it I would see to it that we waited an extra two months, each time adding it to the last. The last wait ended up one and  half years.


I informed him if he did not lick me clean afterwards I would find another lover. Not a sissy like he was with a little dick. He went down after he shot his load and I spread wide. He licked all around the outside and I finely grabbed his head and planted my pussy on his mouth grinding his face into it.  After holding him there for a bit and squeezing his head between my legs he started licking. I widened my legs so he could get full access and he slowly on lick at a time cleaned me out. The first one took a long time for the poor boy to finish but he has become used to it now.


These days he cleans me up with out hesitation and finishes up is a short time. He has to cross dress and lick me clean every time or no sex. Now going on over a year with him doing cleanup duty after he has completed ejaculation and with no complaints. Mater of fact I believe he enjoys it now and he dresses without me telling him to.  That is how I did it and I know this may not work for everyone but it did for me.

Happy Wife.

“SM” Sissy Maker



Caught & Transformed


I was caught by my wife like most men are. This was something that progressed over time. I always wore string bikini underwear but they where still men’s underwear. I found skimpier ones on E-bay and bought them. I started wearing them in front of my wife who told me they where skimpy and looked like panties for a girls. I assured her they where men’s panties and showed her the E-bay posting. I also started to shave all my cock hair off telling her, I liked her shaved pussy and wanted to have mine shaved also. She just looked at me and said nothing but I could see she had questions.

What I did not know was she had been checking on my internet usage to see what sites I had been visiting. I normally deleted my searches but once in  while I would forget. She seen the ones when I forgot to delete them when she searched my computer. I even found out later she had been on the sites and was posting questions on other sites asking about my fetishes. The other people she talked to, gave advice and told her to check out other placed on the web that had information on such fetishes. This all had been happening over the last six months. That is when she confronted me about all of it. She even had me read some of the emails people had sent her.


She was very calm when she asked me about my fetishes. I tried to explain but only managed to confused her more to the point where she flat-out asked me if I was a masturbating sissy? I stammered a bit with my explanation but managed to say No! I was shaking now knowing she had found out about me.  I was jacking off to tranny porn, sissy porn, cross dressers, and shemales. I enjoyed looking at this type of sex because it gave me a nice erection. Yes, I was turned on by all of it and I liked it.


Over the next several weeks we talked about it and some times she became frustrated with me an would not talk any more. She asked if I would like to cross dress as a girl?  I told her, No! She asked if I wanted to dress in sexy lingerie? I kind of hesitated and then stammered out a quiet, no while looking down. I knew she did not believe it but she went on asking other questions. Was I gay? Was I interested in men, along with other questions. I told her, no to all of her questions. The next evening when we talked she asked. If I was not interested in any of the things she had  questioned me about. Then why was I looking at such degrading and pathetic non-sense? I told her some of it just turns me on. She asked what stuff turned me on and I confessed to some, later regretting it. I said I liked the stories of women turning men into submissive females. I also told her, I like some of the sexy panties they were made to wear. Not much more was said after that confession.


A few weeks later all the issues seemed to have passed. She had me sit and watch a movie with her and I was thinking she had accepted my kinky fantasies. (If I have not mentioned, I lounge around wearing only my underwear). So when we where watching the movie, some hard erect cocks were shown many times along with nude wet pussies. My wife looked over at my crotch and seen my erection. Well she said, it looks like you get turned on by big erect cocks. I told her it was the naked women in the film that got me aroused. Not convinced she asked if I would be willing to see a Psychiatrists?  Tired of fighting, I agreed to it. I had many visits before he told me he was finished and would contact us with his finding in a few weeks.

When the Psychiatrists finely contacted us, he had a meeting with my wife and I telling us about his findings. I had no idea what he was going to say to us. When I heard him say I had female tendency’s and was sexually excited by seeing a mans erect penis. He also thought from the results of some tests I took, I could be a female trapped in a male’s body. This shocked me because he had not indicated any of this during our talks. He also referred her to a couple of places that dealt in such things. My wife asked which of the facilities would he suggest for my issues. He told her about a hospital which worked with such problems.

When we left I told my wife I was not going to a hospital for anything. She told me I could go for help or we could get a divorce and she would be on her way. Knowing she would receive almost all of my net worth, leaving me with almost nothing.  I did as I was told and she took me to the hospital recommended and I was admitted. She did all the talking as usual telling them which  Psychiatrists referred us and they could have the results of his findings. This turned out to be a very disturbing visit which I was submitted to things against my will.  

I was told the Psychiatrists said, I was more of a female because I associated with being female more than a male. I was told this when I was in my room naked and the doctor and nurse had me standing before them. I was also told I reacted sexually to males more than females. Having a smaller penis may have made me feel inadequate as a male, the doctor said. He told me they would be running some tests the next day. These tests would give them a better picture of how to go about treatment. What I did not know was I would be monitored 24/7 by cameras recording my every move along with sound. I was completely cleaned of all my body hair the next day, except what was on my head. I also was given some pills when my breakfast was delivered. Two guys stood and watched me until I swallowed the pills.   
I was given a number of different tests and shown a naked gay male shows on my TV. I was kept in sheer skimpy underwear almost all the time. I was told if I fondled my self at any time I would be locked in chastity. While watching the naked gay male show I became erect and did start playing with my cock. The next day I was strapped down to a gurney and taken to a room what I will call an operating room. Now I was getting scared wondering what they had in mind. I was then given a shot which made me so relaxed I could not lift my arms. The Doctor then applied a chastity cage to my cock locking it in place. Taken back and locked into my room, I was shown Transsexual movies all day long. Once the drug worn off my cock strained against the chastity cage to get out with no avail. Frustrated and my cock sore from trying to get erect, I finally went to sleep. This continued for the next two days until the Doctor asked if I was ready to have it released? By now I was going craze and all but begged to have it removed. Strapped down again and wheeled back to the operating room they took off my cock cage and it sprang to full erection. To my surprise they had a sissy dressed in lingerie and a short sissy dress came in and suck my cock. I shot my load in less than a minute as she gobbled it all down. It felt so good to climax. This kind of treatment continued with many more tests and movies relating to sex with sissy males, gay males, transsexuals and the likes.
 I was recorded with an erection for over one hour at one point. After I watched a large cock male screw a another male with a smaller penis. One day I was shown a show of transsexuals which gave me another long-lasting erection. I was always careful not to touch my cock or I would be put in chastity even longer than the last time. I was taken to an exam room where I was given a rectum exam. I also was fitted with a small anal plug which was surprisingly comfortable since it was not very big. It had a vibrating effect which was controlled remotely by who ever was monitoring me. After several minutes of vibrating I would get an erection. This proved to become more regular and more often keeping me in a sexual aroused state.
When I was in such a sexually aroused state I would be brought different types of lingerie on a rack and leave them in my room. I would go over and examine the articles as my anal plug vibrated on full speed keeping my cock fully erect. This happened about every other day but I never took items off the rack. Then I was exposed to a naked man who had a large cock. I was able to witness him play with him self until he masturbated to a full erection. I also got an erection watching this and was told I was showing good results from the tests. Good as in what way I asked? You know very well what you are, and we do also. We will make you choose your destination.
Then I was taken to the exam room and fitted with a larger anal plug.  This one was stretching my ass, I could feel it. That must have been why they gave me a shot to numb my rear. I walked a little softer with this inside me. When it was activated it gave me almost an instant erection. The third time I climaxed from it within seconds and it was turned off as soon as my climax subsided. This happened three different times before a rack of sissy clothes was brought into my room and left.  I was looking at them from a distance when I got an erection. I went over to take a closer look at some frilly ruffle panties when the anal plug went into full stimulation and my load was shot all over. I grabbed the frilly panties and imminently four people came in and strapped me to a gurney rolling me away.
I awoke some time later dressed in what I would call slutty sissy clothing. Full lingerie heels and short sissy dress comming only to my hips.  I was laying on a bed when a nurse came in just as I sat up and realized what I was wearing. Well Missy she addressed me are you ready for some play time? I felt drugged but for some reason I was eager to go play, as she called it. Leading me to a room were four other males were dressed as I was. I was told to take a seat and wait until some one comes to get me. We all looked at each other and knew this was now our fate.  I could feel something pinching me genitals. I tried to adjust it when I had a shock hit me making me scream and almost pass out.  I knew it was some kind of shocking chastity device which would make me do as I was told. We all were taken to separate rooms, there where two males that entered my room. Disrobing I could see they were buff with muscles and could make me do anything they want me to do.  The speaker announced we had reached our true calling and now would submit to real men and please their sexual needs.
I was raped and had forced anal sex with both only after sucking their cocks. This was repeated twice a day for who knows how long. It was known as the fuck and suck time. They left sissy clothes in my room every day now and I went over and put on all the sissy clothing. Knowing they where watching and listening to me I told them I know now I have always been a sissy and I have always craved men with big cocks. I was taken to a sissy parlor where my nails, makeup and hair was done. I was treated like a real girl who I did enjoy but looking into a mirror I could beleave how beautiful I looked. That was the moment I truly knew I was a sissy and accepted it knowing this was my life now. When I was all done and perfumed I was taken to a photo room.  Pictures of me dressed and looking like a complete sissy. Other pictures were taken with me sucking a big cock, another of me being screwed like a sissy whore. Others were taken of me climaxing as I was being screwed by a big cock. I felt like a real girl now but in reality I was a true sissy. 
My pictures were put in an album and given to me to present to my wife the day of my release. I was a little ashamed of what I had become. However I did realize this was for the best and it was what I had always dreamed about. I was escorted to where she was waiting and I was told to tell her what I had been rehearsing for the past week. When I approached my wife she did not even know it was me.  I walked up to her and while handing her the picture album, I told her how sorry I was for miss leading her. I continued to say, I was and always will be a cock sucking sissy who wants to please men with large cocks. I curtsied to her and asked if I could do anything for her. She burst out laughing for what seemed to be forever. Then when she regained her composure she asked me a question. Did you like my boyfriend fucking you and how did his cock taste you sperm guzzler? 
That is when I found out he was the man I had been having sex with during all my training.  She told me I could come home now and be the cleanup sissy for the both of them. My cock started to get hard hearing these words. I was hoping once we got home she would remove my chastity cage off my cock. I rode in the back seat and when asked anything I answered like a sissy should by addressing her as mam. When we arrived back home there was a small party for my returning home and becoming a sissy. She had all my male friends there and a few others I did not know. Total there where eight men and I had to tell them what I become and apologize to them. Then I gave each a blowjob and ate all of my rewards without missing a drop. Sucking the cum out of a cock and licking the shaft clean is a reward in it’s self.
Sissy Cock Sucker Cum Slut.
“SM” Sissy Maker.

Fantasy to reality.



I am a 38-year-old guy who now is dressed as a sissy girl in diapers and plastic pants every day all day. This started out as a fetish that I had for many years wearing diapers and plastic pants. When I married my wife she knew nothing about my kinky fetish of me wearing diapers and plastic pants. I continued to wear them when ever I could behind her back when she was not around.

We slept in different bedrooms because she liked her mattress better than the one I used. Mine being a firm one and hers being very soft. So most nights when I was feeling a bit kinky I would put on a diaper and plastic pants before going to bed. Since she left for her job before I did and got home after I did at the end of the day, I could get up and change without being caught. This worked out very well for me and I got to enjoyed my fetish when ever I was in the mood. Getting home before her after work gave me a chance to buy new ones and stash them before she came home.


One day I got sloppy picking up after myself before leaving for work. Getting up to get ready for work I took off my plastic pants and diaper leaving them lay like I always did in the middle of my bedroom. Before leaving for work I would pick them up and stash them. This particular day I totally forgot all about them. My wife came home before me this day and found them on my bedroom floor when she went to put socks in my dresser drawer.  She did not say anything about seeing them when I came home. I saw them laying on the floor and kicked them under the bed right away. Thinking she had not seen them yet, I was relieved to have them out of sight and carried on like nothing had happened.

Now my wife is a little taller than I am and she makes way more money than I do with a master’s degree in her field. She has always taken the lead role in our marriage. That has been no problem for us and I personally did not mind not having to deal with bills and other issues. Me being somewhat smaller than her, I liked the arrangement and did not mind her dominance. With that being said, she is wise and took to the internet researching my diaper and plastic pants fetish. Noticing it corresponds with adult baby fetish she researched it deeper. I never knew any of this until she had every thing she needed including a plan.

Drawer        23

Some where around a month after she had seen my diaper and plastic pants on the floor, she confronted me about it. I was like a dear in the headlights of an oncoming truck, “Shocked”!  At first I acted like I did not know what she was talking about. She walked over to me and looked me straight in the eyes and asked again. Why do you wear diapers and plastic pants? I stammered a bit and became scared, then blurted out “because”… Because why she asked? I don’t know I guess I just like it I answered, not knowing what else to say.

We need to talk about this and we need to talk now she said. She laid it out in what became known to me later as the first phase. She started out saying she was very worried about me and my fetish. This could lead to much more issues in years to come. I assured her it wouldn’t and I knew this because I had been doing it for many years and it has not progressed to anything else. That is when I knew I had said too much because of what she stated next. You have been doing it for years and never told me anything about it? I find out years later my husband is an adult sissy baby? Well if that is the case then you will from now on be wear them 24/7 and I am going to get rid of all your underwear. I tried to protest but she shut me down with saying, your lucky I am not filing for a divorce and kicking your diapered ass out! If you don’t want a divorce then you do as I say under stand? Looking down I answered, yes. YOU will address me as Mam, from now on understand baby boy? Yes Mam.  Now go get all of your diapers and plastic pants and any other sissy baby items you may have hidden and bring them all here now! You have four minutes. I scrambled to retrieve all of my stash, putting all of it in front of her upon my return.


Well, well, well, she said with a stern face. Your quite the little baby in diapers aren’t you. This tells me you’re a sissy boy with possible girly tendencies. She would not even let me answer. You’re a sissy baby and it is time you are treated like the sissy baby you are. Now strip naked and put on your diapers and your pink plastic panties. Tears started to form in my eyes as I removed all my clothes and put on my diaper and as I pulled up my plastic pants, she said. You never powdered you bottom. Go bring me the powder from the bathroom cupboard. I knew she was watching me as I walked slowly feeling ashamed of my self. Hurry up, let’s get moving she said as she clapped her hands making me pick up my pace, and don’t forget a towel.


I returned with the powder and was told to take of my panties and diaper and lay down on the towel. She powdered me heavily and put back on my diaper and plastic pants. This is how I was dressed when at home and when I went to work. I had no male underwear any more. Well over a few months had passed when she told me we where going out. Now I had never worn my diapers out in public other than going to work under my work jeans. I complained about having to wear them when we went out and for the complaining I was doubled diapered and that really showed I was wearing a diaper under my jeans. Tears rolled down my face as I was heading to the car. Seeing this she implemented her second phase of my sissyfication.


When we where up town she took me to the women’s lingerie section of the store. When the sales lady came over to help she asked for something with rows of ruffles on panties for my husband. I felt like I was going to faint hearing her say that to the sales lady. The sales lady turned and looked at me and I must have turned beat red as I looked at the floor. We would not have anything like that, however I do know of a place that may have what you looking for. She gave us the name and address of the store saying, they are more into fetishes such as your husbands. Thanking her my wife took my hand and led me out of the store like a child.


We drove straight to the address the lady gave us. Entering the store it was obvious they catered to the fetishes of most anything. My wife asked for panties with rows of ruffles, something that could be used for a diaper cover for my husband. I again just looked at the floor as they talked as if I was not their. She took us to a section which had dresses and panties, everything related to fetishes. She pulled out several pair including a pink pair. My wife said we will take them, in fact we took five pair.

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The clerk told my wife they had some lovely sissy dresses, they are the short baby girl dresses for your sissy. My wife was delighted when she seen them and we picked up three short sissy baby dresses for me. I felt as if I was going to get sick, I never cross dressed before and had no interest in doing so now. By time we left we had panties, dresses, shoes, socks, tights, bows, and a couple of baby bottles.

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That was how it all started back three years ago. I am kept as a sissy baby from then on, wearing the outfits she had bought. Since then my ward robe has increased significantly filling almost my whole closet. I was forced to quit working and remain a sissy baby still to this day. My wife keeps me a secret due to her status in her company. I do have a baby sitter who is one of her girlfriends. The day she had her come over and see me completely dresses as a baby girl I thought I was going to get sick. I hated this and hoped she was just kidding but she wasn’t. When she had me lift my dress and pulled down my panties and diaper to show her friend my chastised cock, I figured I had hit an all time low and depression/anxiety.

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Now her friend watches me every day when my wife goes to work or when ever she goes out. I am sure my wife has been dating other men but I have not asked and she has not told me. Her going out late and coming back sometimes the next day tells me she is getting sex from another man. I believe it has been somewhere around four years since we had sex. My relief is when her or her friend unlocks my cock and masturbates me. This does happen once a week, all other times my cock is locked in chastity. I am not allowed to touch my cock at all. This is what has become of my stupid fetish, on the other hand I have no worries since I am taken care of 24/7 by some one.

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Sissy Baby.

“SM” Sissy Maker



Cuckold to a Cock Queen


I am here to tell how I was cuckolded by my wife unexpectedly.  She is now a big cock whore with a gaping cunt. This started when my wife wanted me to fly back to California where she was having a family reunion. I did not want to go and did my best to stay behind. I succeeded by paying for her air fair, rent a car, and a room for two nights. The rest of the week she was staying with family.


Once she arrived she called and informed me she would be out with some girl friends that night and would not be calling to tell me goodnight. Then I found out she had canceled her room for that night and was told she was staying with one of her friends. I was getting ready to go to bed when I seen she left her wedding ring on her dresser, she never leaves without it. I figured she had taken it off to put on lotion as she always did and in the rush to leave she forgot it. I was not thinking much of it and went to bed.


The next day I rethought all she had said and what she had done. I was some what hesitant to confront her and making something out of nothing. When she texted me I jokingly asked how the night went with her boyfriend and I hoped she was not to sore. She never replied to my massage which was strange. She would always come back with some comment about what I had said. I just left it alone and went on with my day. She texted me saying she was at her family reunion and would be turning off her phone so I was not to try and contact her. I did not here from her until three in the evening the next day when she once again texted me saying she was out with her sisters. I called her right after I received the texted but she never answered.

The fourth day she called after I tried several times with no luck. I asked how things where going and she told me great. I jokingly said your boyfriend must be wearing you out. Their was a very long pause with nothing being said. I thought she must have hung up but then she told me she was doing what she needed to do. I asked what she was talking about. She told me, you know I am with my old boyfriend. I don’t know how you found out but I have spent every night with him since I been here. I can’t help it he has such a big cock and you know how I like big cocks. Their was another long pause and I said Oh, I did not know you where spending every night with him. You never told me he had a big cock. Are you happy with the sex you getting I asked? Yes, you know he is much bigger than you and well I can’t help it. I will be sleeping with him every night until I return home. Don’t be mad I am still coming home to you, it’s just that I need this right now can you under stand? Not wanting to get into it over the phone I told her I understand. I also told her not to get fucked raw because I wanted my turn when she came home. She said nothing, I said good by and hung up.


I did not here from her until she was on her way home from the airport. She called to say she made it back and would be home in two hours. When she arrived I did not know how to handle the situation. I figured I would let her do most of the talking. I really did not know if she was planning on a divorce or what would happen. I asked how the flight was coming home and just made small talk. Then I asked if she was sore from his big cock? She looked at me and told me she was sorry but his cock felt so good and she had been longing for a big cock for some time. She had not planed it, this was something that just happened. I said it just happened every night and it was not planned? I was told she had not planned it at all until after the first night. We continued to discuss this situation over the next several weeks having some heated arguments.

When we had sorted most all of it out we agreed to stay married. I agreed she needed a big cock to keep her sexually satisfied. I told her I would not pay for her to fly across the states just to get laid. She does it twice a year, fly back home and spends a week with her boyfriend. They all know back their about her boyfriend but I do not care what they think. I never see them and she is happy doing this. I have bought her an ankle bracelet saying “HOT WIFE” in gold. She wears it when she goes out hunting for cock.


The rest of the year I take her out twice a month to find a big cock. We hit several clubs in the big city to find her a man she will spend the night with. She always can tell which ones have a big cock and leaves with them. I have become used to it and I still have sex with her regularly but only in her ass am I allowed to  penetrate. She never seems to be satisfied with just my cock, it seems it is more of an effort than anything for her to let me mount her. Then when I do get the chance she tells me about her latest fuck buddy and how big his cock was and how well it felt stretching her hole out bigger. I shoot my load in seconds hearing about their big cocks stretching her hole.


Knowing she has turned into a cock whore and loves it makes me happy. See over the years her pussy has been ruined by big cocks. She has a pussy which most call a “Gaper” it is only good for the big cock males.  This has been our life for the past six years now and I do not see it will ever change. My small cock still gets hard and used every so offen, but she is stretched weekly by bigger cocks.

Cuckold to a cock queen.

“SM” Sissy Maker

Training to be a girl.


I was raised with two sisters and a single parent. Mother not having much money raised me wearing my older sisters hand me downs. I was home schooled while my sisters went to public school. Mom always kept me dressed like a girl and I never had male clothes. When I turned of age Mom started training me to become as how she put it, a desirable girl. After setting me down and explaining all the changes I was going to go through it made me cry. I was told all sissy boys go through this and I was no different. Crying is always one of the out comes when a sissy learns he is no man. I remember we discussed this on a Friday and the training would start on Monday after my sisters went to school. I had all weekend to come to grips with my faith but found myself crying most of the time when I thought about it. I did not want to become a girl.


When my sisters caught me crying they asked what was wrong? I would tell them nothing and I was fine. They went and asked mom why I was crying and she came into my room with my sisters behind her. Mom asked, your crying young lady? Then my sister asked why I was  crying and what she meant calling me a young lady? Mom told them I was going to become a young lady soon and that is why I was crying. Both my sisters said they where young ladies and they did not cry. Mom told them I had more adjustments to make before becoming a young lady. She chased them out of my room and came to sit beside me on my bed. Being dressed in a dress and cotton panties mom had me stand in front of her and lift my dress. While I was standing there she hooked a finger in my panty hem and pulled it down. Looking at my penis she told me if I wanted, it could be removed permanently! Oh no I answered as I started to cry uncontrollably. She told me to take my dress off. Once I managed to remove it I was asked If I was going to continue to cry? Not answering I was de-panted and told to lay on the bed.

Mom produces diapers and plastic pants, powdered my bottom then diapered me. Once she had my yellow plastic pants on she put a white camisole with yellow lace on me. You will wear this from now on until you earn your panties back she told me. I was led by my hand to the living room where my sisters both laughed at me. Mom told them this was going to be my outfit from now on until I learned to be a lady. While the colors of my outfit changed, I was kept in my diaper and camisole every day. When Monday came and my sisters left for school my training started. I was stripped naked and told to bend over my bed, I knew something was up. Your going to start your training to become a young lady. I was given a washcloth to bite on if the pain was to much. I was told no yelling was allowed while in training. Mom spared my ass cheeks and smeared something in my butt crack and then worked one of her fingers in my rectum.


While doing this I was ordered to be still or it would hurt much more. I lay their with her finger in my ass as she talked to me in a soft voice. While working one more finger in and then going in and out of my ass telling me after a few times of this I will start to enjoy it. This lasted about a half hour then I was diapered again. Three hours later the scenario was repeated again. Over the next month this happened twice a day. Mom would tell me not to talk about my training with my sisters. This would result in harsher punishment such as an anal plug for a day. Not knowing what she meant I asked and she showed me a plug with a ring on the end. She told me how it would be used and I cringed at the thought. When she tried to work three fingers in me, I yelled so loud mom slapped my ass hard. I begged for her to stop but she kept pushing the third one in until it was inserted all the way. I was shaking from the pain as mom told me this would be similar to the plug she showed me for punishment if I discussing my training. I continued to cry as she explain the punishment  and pointed out the size of it. While still having all three of her fingers inserted in me, I was rolled over and my little penis was now rubbed a few times making it stiff.

While mom stroked my penis she continued to tell me never to touch my penis or play with myself unless I had her permission. If I did not obey I would be plugged for a whole day as punishment. I had something squirt from my penis and was afraid I would get into trouble. That is alright, I wanted to get that poison drained out of you she replied. For some time I was penetrated with three fingers until she introduced to me a dildo. The dildoing took place twice a day during the week and I was “Milked” as mom put it, to get rid of my penis milk. I was still wearing diapers and a camisole six months into my anal training. During this six month period I was introduced to another boy going through training also. Our moms decided it would be better if we trained together at the same time.


I remember when Diane came over with his mother he was dressed in a pretty peach colored party dress with bows and ribbons and lots of lace. I was ashamed that I was wearing diapers and a camisole. Our moms talks as if we where not present then introduced us to each other. Her sons or I mean daughters name was Diane and I was introduced as Tammi.  Diane’s mother asked why I was in diapers? Mom explained, I was crying when dressed like a girl knowing I was going to have lady training. Being I was acting like a baby she decided to diaper me instead until she decided different. Mom continued to tell her I was only being dildoed and milked twice a day as of now. Mom asked how along was Diane on her training? Diane has been training for a year now.  Her mother said Diane honey come here and take your dress off as her mom helped pulled it off over her head. Now standing in only her lingerie, pink panties with lace around all the openings, matching camisole top, and baby Jane shoes  and anklets with bows. I could see Diane’s little tent in her panties as she stood trying to cover it with her hands. Her mom was fixing her hair ribbons while talking. My Diane is plugged all day and kept in a penis ring for stimulation. Mom asked if Diane had any accidents with some thing called premature ejaculation? No she is milked three to four times a day Diane’s mother explained. How far along is Tammi Miss Jones asked? Mom told her I had only has six months in so far with my training being dildoed and milked twice a day.


Diane was cowering close to her mother while trying to conceal her protruding penis. Come around here Diane she scolded her as she was pulled front and center. Stand still and remove your panties her mother commanded. Slowly pulling them down and stepping out of them Diane stood with a little cock ring and pink bow around her erect penis. Two little bells hung under her little ball sack. Oh she is so small mom said and then asked why the bells? Miss Jones said so I know if Diane is playing with her self. Turn around Diane and bend over honey her mom ordered. Doing as told we could see Diane’s anal plug protruding from her ass with a ring attached. Her mother told mom to tug on it and check the tight fit of it. While doing so as she pulled and pushed it in several times asking Diane how it felt? I feel very full mama was her answer. Stand up and turn around and let Misses Miller see your clitoris. I had never heard of the penis being called a clitoris before. When Diane stood up and turned around I could tell she was embarrass about her exposure.  Mom asked how long does her clit stay erect? All day Miss Jones told mother.


Mom then asked if Miss Jones if she would help her with my training so I would be at the level Diane is now? Sure Miss Jones replied, lets take a look at Tammie’s clitoris. I was now shacking as mom helped me out of my plastic pants and diaper. I tried to cover my clit or penis with my hand and mom slapped it hard. I stood with a limp penis as Miss Jones looked on with a smile. Tammi Miss Jones said, you have a much larger clitoris than Diane does. Come here girl and let me look you over . Mom pushed me to her  and she reached out lifting my hands above my head telling me to keep them over my head. Reaching down she pulled on my limp penis asking when I squirted last? Mom told her about an hour or so ago. Misses Jones stopped and noticed I was becoming erect.  Well I see she stimulates easily as she continued to pulling on it until she seen me leaking milk from my clit.  She stopped and looked at my leakage. I am so sorry Miss Jones for Tammie’s lack of control, she has not hand any other stimulation other than her dildo.  Then Miss Jones said, Diane did the same but not as much oozing.

Diane is training on fellatio with a penis looking dildo. She has been eating her own clit deposits for some time. She fought it at first but she learned it was the only way she would get to wear her pretty fillies if she obeyed. When she did not obey I had her clit tied for full stimulation and ass plugged only to keep her naked around the house day in and day out. I even kept her like that in front of company. When standing in front of my boyfriend like that and Dale started to play with Diane’s little clit she started doing as she was asked. Diane honey would you like to taste Tammi and relief her of her milk sweetie ? Diane’s mom asked?


Diane turned red and looked down at my throbbing clit. Biting her bottom lip and looking at her mother, her mother nodded okay and she dropped and started sucking my penis. I unloaded in a few seconds spilling my milk into Diane’s mouth as she sucked greedily to get every drop. Good job Diane her mom patted her head as she still knelt and licked my clitoris as it bobbed from the tung lashing she was giving it. My mother was very impressed at Diane’s eagerness to accept cock in her mouth and eat all the sperm. Mom asked how long before my Tammi can be at this stage? Miss Jones said with her help she could have me eating my own milking’s in a day or two and accepting a cock shortly after. Of cores Tammi may need some harsh discipline to bring her around that quickly. Mom said she would do what ever it took to bring me up to Diane’s level of grisliness.

Miss Jones then asked if I would like to lick Diane’s clitoris. With out thinking and as if in a trans I looked at Miss Jones and shook my head yes. Stand up Diane and let me remove your clit ring and bow so Tammi can suckle your little clit. Now do not squirt in Tammie’s mouth do you understand Diane her mom asked? Yes ma’am, Diane replied to her mother. I dropped and opened my mouth as Diane stuck her little clit in my mouth. Closing my lips around it and licking her clit head it was so soft and tender. I felt right doing what I was doing as our mothers looked on watching our expression. Miss Jones said I looked like a natural at clit nursing. Then she asked if I wanted to taste Diane’s milk?  I started to whimpering and withdrew my mouth from Diane’s clit. Miss Jones said, oh no Tammi keep on sucking Diane’s little clitoris as she pushed the back of my head to Diane’s throbbing clit. I latched back on to Diane’s clit and continued to suck. Miss Jones told me not to stop until she tells me to or she would have to punish me.

Miss Jones pointed out to my mother how my clitoris has become erect again. That is normal for a girl to become aroused while clit nursing. Tammi is a natural sucker as you can see by her arouse meant she likes it. I can bring Diane by every day around ten in the morning and we can train the girls together. Mom was all for it and thought it was a great idea. I continued sucking as they talked over details. Miss Jones said she would not milk Diane in the morning but Tammi will need to suck her clity dry once we get here or Diane will ejaculate prematurely. Both moms agreed and I was asked to stop sucking Diane’s clit since she was now whimpering. Do you need to squirt Diane, her mother asked? Yes, please ma’am can I please squirt. Her mom grabbed her coffee cup and finished drinking it down then held it up to Diane’s clit. Pulling the anal plug in and out three or four times as Diane squirted her milk into the cup with out touching her clit. Here you go baby as she handed Diane the cup of squirting’s. Diane took it with out hesitation and drank what little spunk was in the cup. Thank you mommy, Diane said as she handed the cup back. Her mom asked if she had licked it clean and Diane took the cup back and licked every inch of the inside. Good girl Diane, her mother patted her bare bottom butt.


Put your panties on Diane and get dressed we will be back tomorrow at ten. While Diane dressed she smiled at me. Once her dress was fitted in place and straightened she came over and kissed me on my mouth as she hugged me. My clit was at attention as they headed out the door Miss Jones pointed out that my clit may need to be chastised until Tammi learns control like Diane’s has. We can talk more tomorrow when the girls are practicing on one another. Yes, my mom said she was looking forward to it. When the door closed mom turned to me and said. Once I learn to eat my own squirting’s like Diane I could ask for pretty panties but until then I am stuck in diapers. I knew tomorrow I would be tasting my first clit milking. For some reason I was kind of looking forward to being with Diane tomorrow.

My sisters where due home any time now and I was ordered not to talk about my training. The evening came and my sisters noticed I was happier than normal and asked why? I said no reason, I was just happy but mom knew why I was happy and she just smiled and winked at me. She told my sisters my name was no longer Tommy. She was going to have it changed to Tammi and my sisters where informed to call me Tammi from now on. They called me sissy Tammi whenever using my girl name and mom told me to accept it since I was a sissy. I asked why I was a sissy and  mom pointed out how small my penis was. Telling me real men have large penises and females like a large penis. Your so small there is no way any females would be interested in something that small. Your a sissy and that is why you need to learn how to be a girl. I asked why would that make any difference? Mom told me being a sissy then turning into a girl I can please men just like a real female can. That is why you need to learn your training so you cam make men happy. When mom changed my diaper she asked if I enjoyed today with Diane. My clit became stiff as mom applied powder to it. Then pulling on it with two fingers, she said you did like todays lesson didn’t you my little girl. I squirted all over when she said that. Oh you little rascal you, and she wiped up my mess than re-powdered my clit and bottom. Pulling up my plastic pants she put me in bed and covered me up. Your going to have a big day tomorrow Tammi, you better get your rest. Yes mommy, I did have a good day, how can I make a man happy I asked.  Mom told me I will learn soon enough.  I think I am going to like being a girl I told mom. I know you will baby, I know you will she said.  Then can I wear pretty panties and dresses like Diane. Yes, you can have your pretty panties and dresses, now go to sleep. I drifted off to sleep with an erection in my diapers thinking of tomorrows lessons.

Sissy Tammi Girl.

“SM” Sissy Maker


White boy trained for black boyfriend.

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I have to admit I have done it to myself. Over several years I have trained myself  with interracial pornography and sissy hypnosis videos. I thought it was all for fun, I could stop any time I wanted too. Now I know that is not true. I have truly reprogrammed myself to want black cock. I want to be a girl for a nice black man, to become his girlfriend. I want a handsome black man to be my boyfriend.

1419087589783                       imagesBISAVAAU                images0NW5AQKX

This idea is the only thing that gets me hot any more, sex girls no longer interests me. I do not think I am the only one like this. I think this is happening to a lot of white boys like me. The transformation from boy to sissy girl, who want to be with black men as their girlfriends is not widely published. At times I wonder if black men love to turn white boys into girls for them selves.

azbim69_c96961                             imagesVY8YANIX                          tumblr_nlmeyiwTs11sfkrkso1_500

I can not fight it any more I am going to have to pursue this path I am going to document my progress step by step on my computer. I think I know what I need to do to get there, first I am going to dress up and go stand  on the street and wait for a black man to stop and pick me up. I am so excited to take my first steps to having a black boyfriend. I know I will love this journey and can hardly wait until tomorrow.

White boi sissy.

“SM” Sissy Maker

My sissy hubby.


My sissy husband likes to wear lingerie, he told me before we were married. I thought it was funny at first but became used to it after a while. I even enjoy it now days because he seems more in touch and we have fun wearing matching lingerie. There are other advantages also, like him helping do household chores.

tumblr_oly98xczrS1snpnn0o1_1280                            tumblr_ocvv74tezJ1udnjbao1_500

I am the dominant one in our marriage and have been since learning of his cross dressing.  I have many pictures of him and he enjoy wearing lingerie. I do call him a sissy and he knows I think of him as one. After getting past the stereo type that all cross dressers are categorized in, like being gay, or called faggots, etc…. It does not bother me at all and I like buying lingerie for him and seeing him wearing it. I make sure I buy the frilliest and laciest sets I can to make him feel more feminine.

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I could not imagine him not wearing lingerie now after all this time. This has not affected our sex at all since he is adequate in that department.  He needs some one to guide him in his cross dressing and that is where I help him. He does on occasion go out in public as female. This only happens when I tell him to and he goes completely dressed as a woman with full makeup and a wig. He is passable when I do his makeup, but I only allow this on special occasions like his birthday and some holidays.


He is not interested in other men, yet that is. I am not interested in them either, for now that is. He enjoys his lingerie and he has no male under garments at all only feminine lingerie, I saw to that. My sissy husband may be in for a change because I have researched sissies a lot. The more I read on the subject the more I feel a change is due.  I have also opened up my own horizon when reading about this fetish. I know it is more than just a fad or fetish. I intend to take it to the next level because I believe it is time.

Dominant Wife of a sissy hubby.

“SM” Sissy Maker

Hired party sissy.

I was very horny and when I get horny I get eagerly submissive. I went to the video booths of the adult bookstore, quickly stripped off my outer clothes and stood in a booth wearing nothing but a corset and tiny string bikini panties with black stockings. This is the first time I had ever done such a thing. Small as the panties were, they still could completely cover my little cock.  I left the door open an inch or two and stood and waited. Soon the door opened and a man was standing there. He didn’t say a word, didn’t come in, didn’t close the door. He just looked me up and down and I knew he could see my small erection pointing out in my panties. The thought only made my cock throb harder being exposed for anyone walking by to see. He left the door open wide and other men walking by stopped to get a good look before moving on.  I began to get nervous and embarrassed as he stood, saying nothing, door open wide exposing me.

Finally, he opened his pants and let his cock fall out. It was huge. Easily eight inches and still fully soft. I could just stare at it, painfully aware of how small my cock was. He still hadn’t said a word. Anyone walking by could see me dressed in my lingerie, my eyes fixed on his huge cock. Finally, he stepped into the booth, took my arm and pulled me down to my knees. I did not resist, sinking to the floor, my face right in front of his cock. I heard him chuckle and in a surprisingly deep voice he said, “You like that bitch?” I couldn’t even answer. I just nodded my head yes, my eyes never leaving his cock. “Then suck it slut” he commanded. I quickly opened my mouth, took the head inside and began to suck. I was shocked at how quickly and how much it grew in my mouth. I continued to suck eagerly, even though I could only take a third of it into my mouth and even that stretched my jaws wide.


He chuckled, and continued to call me his sissy bitch. Made me pull the front of my panties down and then teased me about how small my cock was even fully erect. The humiliation just made my cock throb harder as his magnificent cock filled my mouth. It took a long time but finally his hand grabbed the back of my head, holding it down onto his cock, as he shot spurt after spurt of cum into my mouth. I gaged but managed to swallowed some of it, but the rest drip down my chin and hit the floor.

He stepped back and as he zipped up his pants, he told me to leave my panties down to mid thy. Telling me leave them like that, I had to remain kneeling on the cum spattered floor of the booth until another man came in to use me or for no less than a half hour. Smiling he left, leaving the door to the booth wide open and me on my knees inside with my panties down and my small erection sticking up.

It did not take long before another man walked up and pulled out his cock. He said you know what to do fagot and I closed my mouth around his cock sucking it and gulping down his cum the best I could.  I sucked two more after that before getting dressed and leaving. On my way home I felt so degraded but loved every minute of it. I knew I would be back to do it again.

Two weeks later I did the same thing wearing a bra, skimpy string bikini panties, garter belt and nylons. This time I left the door open enough so I was more visible by any passer by. With in two minutes some one entered my booth and closed the door. He looked me up and down than cupped my small erection feeling my cock and balls. Holding them in one hand he pulled me close to his face and asked if I wanted his cock. All I could do was nod my head yes. Then he let me go and unzipped his pants pulling out his cock. I grabbed his cock as I sank to my knees, sticking it in my mouth. Sucking eagerly he eventually filled my mouth as I did my best to choke all his load all down. He walked out leaving the door open as a few more stopped and looked at me as I stood in my lingerie before they walked off.


The next guy walked up, stood in the door and rubbed his cock threw his jeans. Then another guy stepped up by his side, both stood and checked me out.The first guy told me to come with him, as I hesitated the other guy grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the booth. As I stood in just my lingerie as others turned to look, I asked for my cloths. The first guy came back and grabbed them and then took me down the hall past other customers. Reaching the end of a short hall one guy unlocked the door and I was taken inside as they closed the door behind us.

It was a small office with a desk and some chairs, as the one guy went behind the desk he told me to take a chair. I was scared of what may happen now in a room with two guys. I figured I was in some kind of troubble. I told them I did not want any trouble and I would get dressed and leave. One laughed a bit and told me to relax they where not going to do anything, they wanted to ask me some questions. The one standing beside the door had me worried because it appeared to me he was not going to let me go until they said so. The one behind the desk did all the talking, he asked if I was interested in doing parties? I asked what he ment and he told me some clients of there have small parties and some request female strippers or dancers, some want male’s, others aske for transgenders and others want sissies. I think you would be a good candidate that my cliants would like as a sissy, are you interested? I thought a bit still kinda jittery from all that just happened. Can you tell me more of what I would have to do? You will be hired and payed a good sum of money, most make $1,200. to $1,500. a night. You will dress in what ever female outfit you want, we prefer you wear something like you have on now. You will take drink orders and deliver them to the customers. If a customer wants you to accompany him to a room for some privet time you will go with them. Other wise you continue to wait on customers, if they want to play with you be polite and respond in a positive way. What do you mean I asked? Well if someone plays with you or grabs your crotch, be polight and allow them to feel you up or whatever they want to do. How long do I have to be there is this an over night thing? He laughed and said only if you want it to be. Most party’s start around 7:00 PM with a few at 5:00 PM and last until midnight or 1:00 in the morning.

You get to keep any tips you get on top of the nights pay. The money sounded good and I was allowed to dress like a sissy which did appeal to me. Interested he asked? I asked when would I start or how soon? Depends if your selected for a party, it could be within a week or several months it just depends on the clientele. We will need some pictures of you if you choose to do this. We need them for a portfolio so clients know what they are getting. Okay came out of my mouth before I really thought it over. Alright then let’s get some pictures of you. Stand up and let me take a few. I did as asked and he took four or five then asked me to lean back on the desk and lower my panties. I did  and he took a few more. Now get your self hard and then lean back on your hands sticking you cock out. I was already stiff but I am small so I pretended to play with it and pulled on it until it was really stiff as they talked.  Then he pulled the cock out of his panties and the guest, to my surprise sucked his cock until it was hard which only took about half a minute. Then he put it back inside the panties even thought it did not fit well.

images33QL9L5D                             imagesO2R8AX1S

I continued on serving drinks until a half hour before the party was over only getting fondled twice until I was taken to a bedroom and sucked  then posed as I was told to. He took some more pictures then asked if I wanted to suck the other guy “Dave’s” cock for a few more pictures. I told him I did not really want to do that or have any pictures of me doing it. He said okay then you can get dressed and go. We will contact you when we have a job for you. He asked for a phone number and I gave it to him as I dressed then left. No one was in the hall now but some booths where busy as I walked out.

Three weeks went by, then I got a call for the up coming Saturday night party. I accepted when he told me it payed $1,200 plus tips. I was told to be at the address by 8:30 PM and be wearing sexy lingerie. I wore my black stockings a white dress with pink accents and pink and white panties. Once inside I changed into an all black see through outfit with matching panties much like the other two where wearing.  Driving to the party I was as nervous as ever but once I arrived and seen two sissies in lingerie also, I felt better.

tumblr_nn3ldebvoK1ur23y9o1_500                                 images030JQMTD                                        tumblr_okm6ej1Grp1v0kpm2o1_1280

One had a medium size cock and the other taller one had a much larger cock by the fullness of his panties. I had the smallest cock and we all where different heights. The party started with eight people but by 10:00 PM there where twelve men there. One guest grab the sissy by his big cock and he stopped allowing the guy his cock getting fifty dollars for it and his telephone number, in other tips I made another thirty dollars. I will do this again because once I relaxed and did my job I felt good walking arround in lingerie being touched and getting tips.

Hired sissy.

“SM” Sissy Maker


Cuckold husband agrees to sucking cock.



I was not always into the cuckold lifestyle, my husband was not into it ether as much as I can recall. This all changed one day when I came home early from work. I walked in on him and another young man naked having sex. Turns out the other young man was the new pool care taker. My husband of five years, was very surprised to see me standing in the door way as he and the pool boy where in a sixty nine passion sucking each others cock. My husband got up right away and tried to explain. I stopped him short and told him there was nothing to explain. The rest of the week he continued to try and explain but I did not want to hear any lame reason why he was sucking the pool boys cock. I made him sleep in the guest room from then on.

The weekend came and on Saturday I sat him down and talked about the issue. He climes to have never sucked another cock until the pool boys. He and the pool boy had been playing with each other for the past two months. He also told me he had always wondered what it would be like to suck a cock. He had never acted on it in the past because of how everyone stereo typed anyone who did such a thing. Now since he had done it a few times he was no longer going to do it again. I shut him down right there and told him I think he was born a cock sucker, I proceeded to tell him I thought he had waited until he was married so no one would suspect him of it. Before he could say another word I said I needed the next week to think about what happened before I make a decision. He asked what decision?  If I decide to divorce him or live with a cock sucking husband. I said I would give him my decision next Saturday after I thought about it more.

After I researched the topic I found a lot of other things I never knew about. I found out some men are better used as sissies than to pretend they are a man. Some are born to be cock suckers and once a male has sucked cock a few times he develops a taste for a mans cock and semen. Among other things I red up on gay males and their tendencies along with fantasies which some males like to try out. After reading on various subjects I gave it more thought. I decided to keep my cock sucking husband and make him a cuckold husband. This way I would have a better chance of having a lover with a bigger cock than my husbands and I could switch lovers at any given time. My cock sucking husband can suck cock as I watch. I also have decided to put him in chastity so his playing will be limited to when I decide he has earned release.


The Saturday had came and since I knew what my plan was, it would be up to my pervert husband if he would agree to it. Figuring since he was a cock sucker already he most likely would go along with it. If he agreed I would not take him to the cleaners even though it was very tempting to do so. He came into the kitchen and I pored us some coffee as we both sat down at the table. He never said a word so I started by telling him I had made up my mind to stay with him. He let ought a heavy sigh of relief. Then I told him he had two choices to make. One we could divorce and go our own way but I pointed out to him I would be getting my share of everything we owned.

The next choice I told him, if he decided to accept it would be we stay together but he would be a cuckold husband.  I asked if he knew what a cuckold was and he told me he did. I asked if he under stood I would be in charge and I would take on other male lovers. Once again with hesitation he said yes. I proceeded to tell him I would be putting him in chastity and in order to get any release he would have to earn it. I continued telling him I would lay down the rules and if at any time they where broken I had the option of divorcing his ass. He agreed to it all and when I finished talking I asked if he had any questions for me. He told me no and he would live by any rules I laid down. I said good, I will start writing down the rules next week and we will go over them one week from today. Mean while I expected him to  start doing more house work around the place since he no longer had a job. He agreed and started in right away with cleaning up the kitchen.

The week flew by and Saturday was once more upon us.  While we sat going over the rules I seen his head drop on several rules. One being I was going to take on other male lovers and I pointed out to him, I was going to look for some one with a cock larger than his. I also told him it would be his passion to suck all my lovers cocks to get them hard before I had sex with them. I would excuse him once he did that so I could have sex in privet. Now that he had agreed to being my cucky husband, I would also be verbally humiliating him in front of them. I asked if my little pervert was alright with all the rules as of now and he nodded yes. Good, I said there will be more to come as I think of them.


The first six months where a little challenging. I only dated two men and only slept with one because it had been a while since I had sex. My cuckold husband did his job by sucking my lovers cock hard. I found it to be very sexuially arousing watching him take a mans cock into his mouth and suck it hard for me to use. Now it has been one full year and I am very happy my pervert cucky husband agreed to the deal. I have two men who have large cocks which I partner with for sex. My cuckold hubby seems to have adjusted to his duties very well. I let his little cock out for relief once for every five fuckings I receive from each of my lovers. My cucky seems to enjoy sucking big cock, he is ready to do his duty as soon as my lover and I head to the bedroom. I have him eating my lovers cum out of my well used pussy when they finish. If I did not let him do that, he would never get cum to eat other than his own and he is a cum gobbling pervert.

Happy Wife.

“SM” Sissy Maker