Vacation Sissy.


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I would like to give a bit of back ground history. My name is Dave, I have been cross-dressing since age of 12. I married my wife when I was 20. Christy was age 22 when we married. Chris knew of my cross-dressing and would let me dress on weekends. We have been married for three years…

This started when I wanted to take a vacation to the Black Hills for a week. Chris was not interested in the mountains and preferred we go to the Gulf Coast instead for the week. I begged her to go to the Black Hills and she finally agreed. She packed for both of us and we departed on Saturday morning.

We checked into our room one day into our trip. When I took my shower after we came back from eating. I was stunned when I came out to find the only clothing she packed for me was my cross-dressing outfits. No male clothing at all other than the shorts and tank top I arrived in. While I was in the shower she took all my male items I had worn and locked them in the car trunk including my tennis.

I was told when I asked what the hell was going on, that if she had to come to do what I wanted I had to do what she wanted. I would be dressed in la-fem the whole time on vacation. I told her I would not pass as a female and I had never been in public cross-dressed. Chris told me she could add some makeup to make me passable. I was thin and did have a kind of girly figure with very little hair on my arms and legs with none at all on my chest. I could go for three days before I needed to shave a shadow of any hair on my face.


My outfits which she had bought more of consisted of Wigs, Short skirts, short shorts, yoga pants, tights, camisoles, T-shirts, panties, socks, sandals,  girl tennis, and some heels. I had three nighties with matching panties for bed time. I thought I was going to have a panic attack as my vacation seemed to fade away. After settling down just a little she showed me what she could do with my hair and a little makeup. I was surprised how passable I looked. Still not convinced I removed the makeup and put on one of my nighties and we went to bed.


The next morning I dressed for the day wearing short shorts, tennis and a tank-top. My hair, makeup, and nails all polished including my toe nails. I was still nervous going to the car to leave and when we stopped to eat. When I realized everyone seen me as a girl and gave no reaction, I felt better. By time we arrived at our destination and checked into our room I was feeling a lot better. Knowing I pulled it off made me feel more confident in myself.

The next day we where going to head out and do some sight-seeing. Beings it was a cool morning my wife suggested I wear my yoga pants. I did as she suggested with another T-shirt and tennis. We traveled the whole day seeing beautiful sights. The day did warm up to the high eighties and it was hot. My wife took a couple of pictures of me and I took some selfies, the day turned out to be a lot of fun other than the heat.


The next day was going to be even hotter, into the nighties. I wore my panties short skirt, socks and tennis with a tank top and a sports bra under it. I found myself wearing just the sports bra and when a breeze came up it would blow up my skirt exposing my pink panties. I learned to hold it down even though it only happened twice, I wished I had wore shorts instead. I did get some looks from some young men which made me feel embarrassed but happy at the same time.

The week went on about the same way until we went to a local bar the last night we where their. I protested and did not want to go out to a bar. I was going to wear my yoga pants but every thing was dirty so I has to wear a pair of very short shorts. I had been avoiding to wear them due to how short they where. My wife told me with a camisole I would look hot, which was what I was avoiding. I had a dressy tank top I wore instead.

13                     11

We had a couple of drinks and just as we where finishing the last one, two men came and asked if they could join us. My wife said yes with out so much as a hesitation. They asked where we where from, and other small talk. Now my voice was not girly sounding so I just smiled and answered shook my head avoiding talking. After one more drink I was ready to go and my wife sensing this by my actions told them we had to leave. They asked if we could go to another bar across town? My wife smiled and told them we had to get up early tomorrow and leave for home. They insisted and my wife gave in saying okay but only for one drink.

The tall guy Tim, took my wife’s hand and the other guy Ben, put his arm around my waist as we walked to our car. Ben said you shure don’t talk much. You don’t need to be afraid of us. We just want to go out and enjoy some company while doing so. We drove our own car following them. I asked why she accepted the offer? She said they mean no harm and since it was our last night we should enjoy it a little. Arriving at the bar, we found out they had a live band. The guys ordered us all drinks as we sat and they talked, me not saying anything.

10We continued to drink and after three more I was feeling no pain  and I could see my wife was slowing down taking smaller sips. Then Ben asked me to dance? Slurring the words I said no thanks. Ben grabbed my hand and lead me to the dance floor before I could finish saying the words. We danced a slow song and he held me tight, but before we finished he had his hands on my ass squeezing my butt cheeks. By now the booze took over and I let him do it without trying to stop him. We walked back to the table and sat back down. Tim asked if we would like to go out and have a bite to eat. Chris told them no thanks and we had to be going.

Getting up I was a little unstable and Ben took ahold of me, helping me walk to the car. Once at the car he turned and hugged me and gave me a kiss on my lips which I responded kissing him back in return. While driving back to our room my wife said, I see you kissed Ben with no resistance. Did you like it she asked? Yes, I said with a slur. It was alright. Giggling my wife said you would become a slut if I let you wouldn’t you? Probably I answered. Well maybe your chance will come on our next vacation Chris said. I was about to fall asleep when we arrived at our motel.

When the morning came and we where getting ready to leave, Chris told me to wear my mini skirt and a camisole for the ride home. Feeling the effects of last night I was not going to argue with her so I dressed as she asked. Riding in the passenger’s seat she asked me to hike up my dress so she could see my little panties bulge. I did as she asked and she started talking about last night. Asking about the kiss and my ass being grabbed, it did not seem like I tried to resist any. No I didn’t, I told her. Maybe we should have taken them back to our room. Would you have liked that she asked? No I answered. Are you shure? It looked like you where enjoying it all. Now my cock sprain to attention and she pointed my little tent out to me.


Now I knew why I was to expose my panty covered bulge. Maybe on our next trip you will change your mind, because I can tell you want to Chris said.

I am afraid to go on another trip with Chris. I know all to well I will be having sex with a man.

Girly Dave.

“SM” Sissy Maker


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