I make my husband cross dress & eat his cum.


My hubby would never kiss me after I sucked his cock. I now have him eating his cum from my pussy. This developed over some time by my stipulations. I complained about him not kissing me during sex. He told me he could not do it after I had sucked on his cock. I fixed this by slowly over time holding out and not letting him have sex. When he was so frustrated I would tell him we will have sex only if you promise to kiss me during sex. H finial agreed to it and after I sucked him to an erection I gave him a big kiss with tung. He acted as if he was going to choke and then he started to gage. I laughed at him as he carried on, we never did have sex that night. I decided to feminize him douring this time also. He accepted this just like he accepted eating his own cum.

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I continued to do this until he could accept wearing lingerie and kissing with out gaging and we had sex. Next I would with hold sex until he was so frustrated and then I would give him a blowjob but only if he would cross dress. Once I swallowed his load I would try to kiss him. This took a long time before he gave in to giving me a kiss. Slowly I would try to give him tung but this took a long time before I was able to do that. I finally succeeded in doing that and then tried to give him a snowball but he was not having anything to do with that at all. Over time and withholding sex which is a powerful tool. After all I did get him to cross dress. He gave into only the tung and kissing but nothing more. Like I said sex is a powerful tool and I finally forced him into licking my pussy only after he had his dick in me for a bit. Once more I worked on him until he one day wanted sex so bad I told him when he agrees to licking his mess out of me he could have sex. If he did not go through with it I would see to it that we waited an extra two months, each time adding it to the last. The last wait ended up one and  half years.


I informed him if he did not lick me clean afterwards I would find another lover. Not a sissy like he was with a little dick. He went down after he shot his load and I spread wide. He licked all around the outside and I finely grabbed his head and planted my pussy on his mouth grinding his face into it.  After holding him there for a bit and squeezing his head between my legs he started licking. I widened my legs so he could get full access and he slowly on lick at a time cleaned me out. The first one took a long time for the poor boy to finish but he has become used to it now.


These days he cleans me up with out hesitation and finishes up is a short time. He has to cross dress and lick me clean every time or no sex. Now going on over a year with him doing cleanup duty after he has completed ejaculation and with no complaints. Mater of fact I believe he enjoys it now and he dresses without me telling him to.  That is how I did it and I know this may not work for everyone but it did for me.

Happy Wife.

“SM” Sissy Maker




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