Caught & Transformed


I was caught by my wife like most men are. This was something that progressed over time. I always wore string bikini underwear but they where still men’s underwear. I found skimpier ones on E-bay and bought them. I started wearing them in front of my wife who told me they where skimpy and looked like panties for a girls. I assured her they where men’s panties and showed her the E-bay posting. I also started to shave all my cock hair off telling her, I liked her shaved pussy and wanted to have mine shaved also. She just looked at me and said nothing but I could see she had questions.

What I did not know was she had been checking on my internet usage to see what sites I had been visiting. I normally deleted my searches but once in  while I would forget. She seen the ones when I forgot to delete them when she searched my computer. I even found out later she had been on the sites and was posting questions on other sites asking about my fetishes. The other people she talked to, gave advice and told her to check out other placed on the web that had information on such fetishes. This all had been happening over the last six months. That is when she confronted me about all of it. She even had me read some of the emails people had sent her.


She was very calm when she asked me about my fetishes. I tried to explain but only managed to confused her more to the point where she flat-out asked me if I was a masturbating sissy? I stammered a bit with my explanation but managed to say No! I was shaking now knowing she had found out about me.  I was jacking off to tranny porn, sissy porn, cross dressers, and shemales. I enjoyed looking at this type of sex because it gave me a nice erection. Yes, I was turned on by all of it and I liked it.


Over the next several weeks we talked about it and some times she became frustrated with me an would not talk any more. She asked if I would like to cross dress as a girl?  I told her, No! She asked if I wanted to dress in sexy lingerie? I kind of hesitated and then stammered out a quiet, no while looking down. I knew she did not believe it but she went on asking other questions. Was I gay? Was I interested in men, along with other questions. I told her, no to all of her questions. The next evening when we talked she asked. If I was not interested in any of the things she had  questioned me about. Then why was I looking at such degrading and pathetic non-sense? I told her some of it just turns me on. She asked what stuff turned me on and I confessed to some, later regretting it. I said I liked the stories of women turning men into submissive females. I also told her, I like some of the sexy panties they were made to wear. Not much more was said after that confession.


A few weeks later all the issues seemed to have passed. She had me sit and watch a movie with her and I was thinking she had accepted my kinky fantasies. (If I have not mentioned, I lounge around wearing only my underwear). So when we where watching the movie, some hard erect cocks were shown many times along with nude wet pussies. My wife looked over at my crotch and seen my erection. Well she said, it looks like you get turned on by big erect cocks. I told her it was the naked women in the film that got me aroused. Not convinced she asked if I would be willing to see a Psychiatrists?  Tired of fighting, I agreed to it. I had many visits before he told me he was finished and would contact us with his finding in a few weeks.

When the Psychiatrists finely contacted us, he had a meeting with my wife and I telling us about his findings. I had no idea what he was going to say to us. When I heard him say I had female tendency’s and was sexually excited by seeing a mans erect penis. He also thought from the results of some tests I took, I could be a female trapped in a male’s body. This shocked me because he had not indicated any of this during our talks. He also referred her to a couple of places that dealt in such things. My wife asked which of the facilities would he suggest for my issues. He told her about a hospital which worked with such problems.

When we left I told my wife I was not going to a hospital for anything. She told me I could go for help or we could get a divorce and she would be on her way. Knowing she would receive almost all of my net worth, leaving me with almost nothing.  I did as I was told and she took me to the hospital recommended and I was admitted. She did all the talking as usual telling them which  Psychiatrists referred us and they could have the results of his findings. This turned out to be a very disturbing visit which I was submitted to things against my will.  

I was told the Psychiatrists said, I was more of a female because I associated with being female more than a male. I was told this when I was in my room naked and the doctor and nurse had me standing before them. I was also told I reacted sexually to males more than females. Having a smaller penis may have made me feel inadequate as a male, the doctor said. He told me they would be running some tests the next day. These tests would give them a better picture of how to go about treatment. What I did not know was I would be monitored 24/7 by cameras recording my every move along with sound. I was completely cleaned of all my body hair the next day, except what was on my head. I also was given some pills when my breakfast was delivered. Two guys stood and watched me until I swallowed the pills.   
I was given a number of different tests and shown a naked gay male shows on my TV. I was kept in sheer skimpy underwear almost all the time. I was told if I fondled my self at any time I would be locked in chastity. While watching the naked gay male show I became erect and did start playing with my cock. The next day I was strapped down to a gurney and taken to a room what I will call an operating room. Now I was getting scared wondering what they had in mind. I was then given a shot which made me so relaxed I could not lift my arms. The Doctor then applied a chastity cage to my cock locking it in place. Taken back and locked into my room, I was shown Transsexual movies all day long. Once the drug worn off my cock strained against the chastity cage to get out with no avail. Frustrated and my cock sore from trying to get erect, I finally went to sleep. This continued for the next two days until the Doctor asked if I was ready to have it released? By now I was going craze and all but begged to have it removed. Strapped down again and wheeled back to the operating room they took off my cock cage and it sprang to full erection. To my surprise they had a sissy dressed in lingerie and a short sissy dress came in and suck my cock. I shot my load in less than a minute as she gobbled it all down. It felt so good to climax. This kind of treatment continued with many more tests and movies relating to sex with sissy males, gay males, transsexuals and the likes.
 I was recorded with an erection for over one hour at one point. After I watched a large cock male screw a another male with a smaller penis. One day I was shown a show of transsexuals which gave me another long-lasting erection. I was always careful not to touch my cock or I would be put in chastity even longer than the last time. I was taken to an exam room where I was given a rectum exam. I also was fitted with a small anal plug which was surprisingly comfortable since it was not very big. It had a vibrating effect which was controlled remotely by who ever was monitoring me. After several minutes of vibrating I would get an erection. This proved to become more regular and more often keeping me in a sexual aroused state.
When I was in such a sexually aroused state I would be brought different types of lingerie on a rack and leave them in my room. I would go over and examine the articles as my anal plug vibrated on full speed keeping my cock fully erect. This happened about every other day but I never took items off the rack. Then I was exposed to a naked man who had a large cock. I was able to witness him play with him self until he masturbated to a full erection. I also got an erection watching this and was told I was showing good results from the tests. Good as in what way I asked? You know very well what you are, and we do also. We will make you choose your destination.
Then I was taken to the exam room and fitted with a larger anal plug.  This one was stretching my ass, I could feel it. That must have been why they gave me a shot to numb my rear. I walked a little softer with this inside me. When it was activated it gave me almost an instant erection. The third time I climaxed from it within seconds and it was turned off as soon as my climax subsided. This happened three different times before a rack of sissy clothes was brought into my room and left.  I was looking at them from a distance when I got an erection. I went over to take a closer look at some frilly ruffle panties when the anal plug went into full stimulation and my load was shot all over. I grabbed the frilly panties and imminently four people came in and strapped me to a gurney rolling me away.


I awoke some time later dressed in what I would call slutty sissy clothing. Full lingerie heels and short sissy dress comming only to my hips.  I was laying on a bed when a nurse came in just as I sat up and realized what I was wearing. Well Missy she addressed me are you ready for some play time? I felt drugged but for some reason I was eager to go play, as she called it. Leading me to a room were four other males were dressed as I was. I was told to take a seat and wait until some one comes to get me. We all looked at each other and knew this was now our fate.  I could feel something pinching me genitals. I tried to adjust it when I had a shock hit me making me scream and almost pass out.  I knew it was some kind of shocking chastity device which would make me do as I was told. We all were taken to separate rooms, there where two males that entered my room. Disrobing I could see they were buff with muscles and could make me do anything they want me to do.  The speaker announced we had reached our true calling and now would submit to real men and please their sexual needs.
I was raped and had forced anal sex with both only after sucking their cocks. This was repeated twice a day for who knows how long. It was known as the fuck and suck time. They left sissy clothes in my room every day now and I went over and put on all the sissy clothing. Knowing they where watching and listening to me I told them I know now I have always been a sissy and I have always craved men with big cocks. I was taken to a sissy parlor where my nails, makeup and hair was done. I was treated like a real girl who I did enjoy but looking into a mirror I could beleave how beautiful I looked. That was the moment I truly knew I was a sissy and accepted it knowing this was my life now. When I was all done and perfumed I was taken to a photo room.  Pictures of me dressed and looking like a complete sissy. Other pictures were taken with me sucking a big cock, another of me being screwed like a sissy whore. Others were taken of me climaxing as I was being screwed by a big cock. I felt like a real girl now but in reality I was a true sissy. 
My pictures were put in an album and given to me to present to my wife the day of my release. I was a little ashamed of what I had become. However I did realize this was for the best and it was what I had always dreamed about. I was escorted to where she was waiting and I was told to tell her what I had been rehearsing for the past week. When I approached my wife she did not even know it was me.  I walked up to her and while handing her the picture album, I told her how sorry I was for miss leading her. I continued to say, I was and always will be a cock sucking sissy who wants to please men with large cocks. I curtsied to her and asked if I could do anything for her. She burst out laughing for what seemed to be forever. Then when she regained her composure she asked me a question. Did you like my boyfriend fucking you and how did his cock taste you sperm guzzler? 
That is when I found out he was the man I had been having sex with during all my training.  She told me I could come home now and be the cleanup sissy for the both of them. My cock started to get hard hearing these words. I was hoping once we got home she would remove my chastity cage off my cock. I rode in the back seat and when asked anything I answered like a sissy should by addressing her as mam. When we arrived back home there was a small party for my returning home and becoming a sissy. She had all my male friends there and a few others I did not know. Total there where eight men and I had to tell them what I become and apologize to them. Then I gave each a blowjob and ate all of my rewards without missing a drop. Sucking the cum out of a cock and licking the shaft clean is a reward in it’s self.
Sissy Cock Sucker Cum Slut.
“SM” Sissy Maker.

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