Fantasy to reality.



I am a 38-year-old guy who now is dressed as a sissy girl in diapers and plastic pants every day all day. This started out as a fetish that I had for many years wearing diapers and plastic pants. When I married my wife she knew nothing about my kinky fetish of me wearing diapers and plastic pants. I continued to wear them when ever I could behind her back when she was not around.

We slept in different bedrooms because she liked her mattress better than the one I used. Mine being a firm one and hers being very soft. So most nights when I was feeling a bit kinky I would put on a diaper and plastic pants before going to bed. Since she left for her job before I did and got home after I did at the end of the day, I could get up and change without being caught. This worked out very well for me and I got to enjoyed my fetish when ever I was in the mood. Getting home before her after work gave me a chance to buy new ones and stash them before she came home.


One day I got sloppy picking up after myself before leaving for work. Getting up to get ready for work I took off my plastic pants and diaper leaving them lay like I always did in the middle of my bedroom. Before leaving for work I would pick them up and stash them. This particular day I totally forgot all about them. My wife came home before me this day and found them on my bedroom floor when she went to put socks in my dresser drawer.  She did not say anything about seeing them when I came home. I saw them laying on the floor and kicked them under the bed right away. Thinking she had not seen them yet, I was relieved to have them out of sight and carried on like nothing had happened.

Now my wife is a little taller than I am and she makes way more money than I do with a master’s degree in her field. She has always taken the lead role in our marriage. That has been no problem for us and I personally did not mind not having to deal with bills and other issues. Me being somewhat smaller than her, I liked the arrangement and did not mind her dominance. With that being said, she is wise and took to the internet researching my diaper and plastic pants fetish. Noticing it corresponds with adult baby fetish she researched it deeper. I never knew any of this until she had every thing she needed including a plan.

Drawer        23

Some where around a month after she had seen my diaper and plastic pants on the floor, she confronted me about it. I was like a dear in the headlights of an oncoming truck, “Shocked”!  At first I acted like I did not know what she was talking about. She walked over to me and looked me straight in the eyes and asked again. Why do you wear diapers and plastic pants? I stammered a bit and became scared, then blurted out “because”… Because why she asked? I don’t know I guess I just like it I answered, not knowing what else to say.

We need to talk about this and we need to talk now she said. She laid it out in what became known to me later as the first phase. She started out saying she was very worried about me and my fetish. This could lead to much more issues in years to come. I assured her it wouldn’t and I knew this because I had been doing it for many years and it has not progressed to anything else. That is when I knew I had said too much because of what she stated next. You have been doing it for years and never told me anything about it? I find out years later my husband is an adult sissy baby? Well if that is the case then you will from now on be wear them 24/7 and I am going to get rid of all your underwear. I tried to protest but she shut me down with saying, your lucky I am not filing for a divorce and kicking your diapered ass out! If you don’t want a divorce then you do as I say under stand? Looking down I answered, yes. YOU will address me as Mam, from now on understand baby boy? Yes Mam.  Now go get all of your diapers and plastic pants and any other sissy baby items you may have hidden and bring them all here now! You have four minutes. I scrambled to retrieve all of my stash, putting all of it in front of her upon my return.


Well, well, well, she said with a stern face. Your quite the little baby in diapers aren’t you. This tells me you’re a sissy boy with possible girly tendencies. She would not even let me answer. You’re a sissy baby and it is time you are treated like the sissy baby you are. Now strip naked and put on your diapers and your pink plastic panties. Tears started to form in my eyes as I removed all my clothes and put on my diaper and as I pulled up my plastic pants, she said. You never powdered you bottom. Go bring me the powder from the bathroom cupboard. I knew she was watching me as I walked slowly feeling ashamed of my self. Hurry up, let’s get moving she said as she clapped her hands making me pick up my pace, and don’t forget a towel.


I returned with the powder and was told to take of my panties and diaper and lay down on the towel. She powdered me heavily and put back on my diaper and plastic pants. This is how I was dressed when at home and when I went to work. I had no male underwear any more. Well over a few months had passed when she told me we where going out. Now I had never worn my diapers out in public other than going to work under my work jeans. I complained about having to wear them when we went out and for the complaining I was doubled diapered and that really showed I was wearing a diaper under my jeans. Tears rolled down my face as I was heading to the car. Seeing this she implemented her second phase of my sissyfication.


When we where up town she took me to the women’s lingerie section of the store. When the sales lady came over to help she asked for something with rows of ruffles on panties for my husband. I felt like I was going to faint hearing her say that to the sales lady. The sales lady turned and looked at me and I must have turned beat red as I looked at the floor. We would not have anything like that, however I do know of a place that may have what you looking for. She gave us the name and address of the store saying, they are more into fetishes such as your husbands. Thanking her my wife took my hand and led me out of the store like a child.


We drove straight to the address the lady gave us. Entering the store it was obvious they catered to the fetishes of most anything. My wife asked for panties with rows of ruffles, something that could be used for a diaper cover for my husband. I again just looked at the floor as they talked as if I was not their. She took us to a section which had dresses and panties, everything related to fetishes. She pulled out several pair including a pink pair. My wife said we will take them, in fact we took five pair.

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The clerk told my wife they had some lovely sissy dresses, they are the short baby girl dresses for your sissy. My wife was delighted when she seen them and we picked up three short sissy baby dresses for me. I felt as if I was going to get sick, I never cross dressed before and had no interest in doing so now. By time we left we had panties, dresses, shoes, socks, tights, bows, and a couple of baby bottles.

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That was how it all started back three years ago. I am kept as a sissy baby from then on, wearing the outfits she had bought. Since then my ward robe has increased significantly filling almost my whole closet. I was forced to quit working and remain a sissy baby still to this day. My wife keeps me a secret due to her status in her company. I do have a baby sitter who is one of her girlfriends. The day she had her come over and see me completely dresses as a baby girl I thought I was going to get sick. I hated this and hoped she was just kidding but she wasn’t. When she had me lift my dress and pulled down my panties and diaper to show her friend my chastised cock, I figured I had hit an all time low and depression/anxiety.

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Now her friend watches me every day when my wife goes to work or when ever she goes out. I am sure my wife has been dating other men but I have not asked and she has not told me. Her going out late and coming back sometimes the next day tells me she is getting sex from another man. I believe it has been somewhere around four years since we had sex. My relief is when her or her friend unlocks my cock and masturbates me. This does happen once a week, all other times my cock is locked in chastity. I am not allowed to touch my cock at all. This is what has become of my stupid fetish, on the other hand I have no worries since I am taken care of 24/7 by some one.

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Sissy Baby.

“SM” Sissy Maker




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