My sissy hubby.


My sissy husband likes to wear lingerie, he told me before we were married. I thought it was funny at first but became used to it after a while. I even enjoy it now days because he seems more in touch and we have fun wearing matching lingerie. There are other advantages also, like him helping do household chores.

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I am the dominant one in our marriage and have been since learning of his cross dressing.  I have many pictures of him and he enjoy wearing lingerie. I do call him a sissy and he knows I think of him as one. After getting past the stereo type that all cross dressers are categorized in, like being gay, or called faggots, etc…. It does not bother me at all and I like buying lingerie for him and seeing him wearing it. I make sure I buy the frilliest and laciest sets I can to make him feel more feminine.

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I could not imagine him not wearing lingerie now after all this time. This has not affected our sex at all since he is adequate in that department.  He needs some one to guide him in his cross dressing and that is where I help him. He does on occasion go out in public as female. This only happens when I tell him to and he goes completely dressed as a woman with full makeup and a wig. He is passable when I do his makeup, but I only allow this on special occasions like his birthday and some holidays.


He is not interested in other men, yet that is. I am not interested in them either, for now that is. He enjoys his lingerie and he has no male under garments at all only feminine lingerie, I saw to that. My sissy husband may be in for a change because I have researched sissies a lot. The more I read on the subject the more I feel a change is due.  I have also opened up my own horizon when reading about this fetish. I know it is more than just a fad or fetish. I intend to take it to the next level because I believe it is time.

Dominant Wife of a sissy hubby.

“SM” Sissy Maker


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