Hired party sissy.

I was very horny and when I get horny I get eagerly submissive. I went to the video booths of the adult bookstore, quickly stripped off my outer clothes and stood in a booth wearing nothing but a corset and tiny string bikini panties with black stockings. This is the first time I had ever done such a thing. Small as the panties were, they still could completely cover my little cock.  I left the door open an inch or two and stood and waited. Soon the door opened and a man was standing there. He didn’t say a word, didn’t come in, didn’t close the door. He just looked me up and down and I knew he could see my small erection pointing out in my panties. The thought only made my cock throb harder being exposed for anyone walking by to see. He left the door open wide and other men walking by stopped to get a good look before moving on.  I began to get nervous and embarrassed as he stood, saying nothing, door open wide exposing me.

Finally, he opened his pants and let his cock fall out. It was huge. Easily eight inches and still fully soft. I could just stare at it, painfully aware of how small my cock was. He still hadn’t said a word. Anyone walking by could see me dressed in my lingerie, my eyes fixed on his huge cock. Finally, he stepped into the booth, took my arm and pulled me down to my knees. I did not resist, sinking to the floor, my face right in front of his cock. I heard him chuckle and in a surprisingly deep voice he said, “You like that bitch?” I couldn’t even answer. I just nodded my head yes, my eyes never leaving his cock. “Then suck it slut” he commanded. I quickly opened my mouth, took the head inside and began to suck. I was shocked at how quickly and how much it grew in my mouth. I continued to suck eagerly, even though I could only take a third of it into my mouth and even that stretched my jaws wide.


He chuckled, and continued to call me his sissy bitch. Made me pull the front of my panties down and then teased me about how small my cock was even fully erect. The humiliation just made my cock throb harder as his magnificent cock filled my mouth. It took a long time but finally his hand grabbed the back of my head, holding it down onto his cock, as he shot spurt after spurt of cum into my mouth. I gaged but managed to swallowed some of it, but the rest drip down my chin and hit the floor.

He stepped back and as he zipped up his pants, he told me to leave my panties down to mid thy. Telling me leave them like that, I had to remain kneeling on the cum spattered floor of the booth until another man came in to use me or for no less than a half hour. Smiling he left, leaving the door to the booth wide open and me on my knees inside with my panties down and my small erection sticking up.

It did not take long before another man walked up and pulled out his cock. He said you know what to do fagot and I closed my mouth around his cock sucking it and gulping down his cum the best I could.  I sucked two more after that before getting dressed and leaving. On my way home I felt so degraded but loved every minute of it. I knew I would be back to do it again.

Two weeks later I did the same thing wearing a bra, skimpy string bikini panties, garter belt and nylons. This time I left the door open enough so I was more visible by any passer by. With in two minutes some one entered my booth and closed the door. He looked me up and down than cupped my small erection feeling my cock and balls. Holding them in one hand he pulled me close to his face and asked if I wanted his cock. All I could do was nod my head yes. Then he let me go and unzipped his pants pulling out his cock. I grabbed his cock as I sank to my knees, sticking it in my mouth. Sucking eagerly he eventually filled my mouth as I did my best to choke all his load all down. He walked out leaving the door open as a few more stopped and looked at me as I stood in my lingerie before they walked off.


The next guy walked up, stood in the door and rubbed his cock threw his jeans. Then another guy stepped up by his side, both stood and checked me out.The first guy told me to come with him, as I hesitated the other guy grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the booth. As I stood in just my lingerie as others turned to look, I asked for my cloths. The first guy came back and grabbed them and then took me down the hall past other customers. Reaching the end of a short hall one guy unlocked the door and I was taken inside as they closed the door behind us.

It was a small office with a desk and some chairs, as the one guy went behind the desk he told me to take a chair. I was scared of what may happen now in a room with two guys. I figured I was in some kind of troubble. I told them I did not want any trouble and I would get dressed and leave. One laughed a bit and told me to relax they where not going to do anything, they wanted to ask me some questions. The one standing beside the door had me worried because it appeared to me he was not going to let me go until they said so. The one behind the desk did all the talking, he asked if I was interested in doing parties? I asked what he ment and he told me some clients of there have small parties and some request female strippers or dancers, some want male’s, others aske for transgenders and others want sissies. I think you would be a good candidate that my cliants would like as a sissy, are you interested? I thought a bit still kinda jittery from all that just happened. Can you tell me more of what I would have to do? You will be hired and payed a good sum of money, most make $1,200. to $1,500. a night. You will dress in what ever female outfit you want, we prefer you wear something like you have on now. You will take drink orders and deliver them to the customers. If a customer wants you to accompany him to a room for some privet time you will go with them. Other wise you continue to wait on customers, if they want to play with you be polite and respond in a positive way. What do you mean I asked? Well if someone plays with you or grabs your crotch, be polight and allow them to feel you up or whatever they want to do. How long do I have to be there is this an over night thing? He laughed and said only if you want it to be. Most party’s start around 7:00 PM with a few at 5:00 PM and last until midnight or 1:00 in the morning.

You get to keep any tips you get on top of the nights pay. The money sounded good and I was allowed to dress like a sissy which did appeal to me. Interested he asked? I asked when would I start or how soon? Depends if your selected for a party, it could be within a week or several months it just depends on the clientele. We will need some pictures of you if you choose to do this. We need them for a portfolio so clients know what they are getting. Okay came out of my mouth before I really thought it over. Alright then let’s get some pictures of you. Stand up and let me take a few. I did as asked and he took four or five then asked me to lean back on the desk and lower my panties. I did  and he took a few more. Now get your self hard and then lean back on your hands sticking you cock out. I was already stiff but I am small so I pretended to play with it and pulled on it until it was really stiff as they talked.  Then he pulled the cock out of his panties and the guest, to my surprise sucked his cock until it was hard which only took about half a minute. Then he put it back inside the panties even thought it did not fit well.

images33QL9L5D                             imagesO2R8AX1S

I continued on serving drinks until a half hour before the party was over only getting fondled twice until I was taken to a bedroom and sucked  then posed as I was told to. He took some more pictures then asked if I wanted to suck the other guy “Dave’s” cock for a few more pictures. I told him I did not really want to do that or have any pictures of me doing it. He said okay then you can get dressed and go. We will contact you when we have a job for you. He asked for a phone number and I gave it to him as I dressed then left. No one was in the hall now but some booths where busy as I walked out.

Three weeks went by, then I got a call for the up coming Saturday night party. I accepted when he told me it payed $1,200 plus tips. I was told to be at the address by 8:30 PM and be wearing sexy lingerie. I wore my black stockings a white dress with pink accents and pink and white panties. Once inside I changed into an all black see through outfit with matching panties much like the other two where wearing.  Driving to the party I was as nervous as ever but once I arrived and seen two sissies in lingerie also, I felt better.

tumblr_nn3ldebvoK1ur23y9o1_500                                 images030JQMTD                                        tumblr_okm6ej1Grp1v0kpm2o1_1280

One had a medium size cock and the other taller one had a much larger cock by the fullness of his panties. I had the smallest cock and we all where different heights. The party started with eight people but by 10:00 PM there where twelve men there. One guest grab the sissy by his big cock and he stopped allowing the guy his cock getting fifty dollars for it and his telephone number, in other tips I made another thirty dollars. I will do this again because once I relaxed and did my job I felt good walking arround in lingerie being touched and getting tips.

Hired sissy.

“SM” Sissy Maker



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