Boy to Candy


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My story starts back when I was around age eight and I was always in trouble. When I was twelve my parents could not deal with me any more. It seems I was  in trouble with almost anything I did. My parents came from large families, however I was the only child. Some of my aunts and uncles where Doctors, Construction company owners, and a lawyer which is why I stayed out of jail.


My parents had done everything they could to keep me from trouble but it did not help. I remember the day I had a doctor appointment. However it was not at the doctor’s office but at my uncle’s house where he had a small medical room. I was always told it was for privet patients who did not want to go to a doctor’s office in public. I found myself on his exam table with only my underwear on. Hearing my parents and him talk back and forth they agreed something they talked about over the phone would be best for me. I had no idea what they where talking about.


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Then I was told he was going to give me a vacation shot which I fell asleep shortly after that. I awoke at home in my bed not knowing how I had gotten their. When I moved I noticed some discomfort and dizziness. Mt mother came in and said she was happy I was awake. She told me I had to take some pills which I did. These I was told would help me from getting into trouble.  “A pill will keep me from getting into trouble”?  I took it and continued to do so for years to come. I ended up being transformed into a girl. I was given big tits and dressed as a girl against my will which was soon broken.


 My uncle who was a doctor examined me every month. I was taken into his home office and left with him for hours. I remember the first time he penetrated my rear. I was told I would get used to it since I was going to become a whore for my parents. I was given a new name “Candy” and that is what I was. I ended up being my parents whore who they collected money for my sexual use. Almost every night and some days I was whored out to men to molest me. When I turned twenty-three they sold me to an older man. He raped me daily and kept me confined to his home where he had weekend parties of six or more men over. Sometimes they played cards and some times they took turns and played with me. When they played cards I gave the winner a cock sucking until the next winner won. All this time I was under the table sucking on someone’s cock.


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When he passed away I ended up the beneficiary of his fortune. I now live a good life as a transsexual. I am finally secure and I am now a part-time dominatrix which I enjoy. I no longer have to answer to anyone and I am my own person. I do not think you would know I was once a young man since I look completely famine. I some times wonder what life would have been like as a male, then again I figure I would have ended up in prison. Looking back I think being a transsexual has made me become the better person I am today. I now have no regrets as I did when I was young and being prostituted. I do remember the torment I had at the hands of my doctor uncle who abused me and molested me at his pleasure. Those days will always stick in my memory only to remind me of why I was transformed into a girl.


“SM” Sissy Maker



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