Identifying sissies early.



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Deny a young white male from all romantic and sexual contact with girls, and dating men will seem very natural and normal to him. This is how sissies white males should be raised. If the cock is small or even big, this rule should be enforced as soon as you see the evidence. This may be something you will have to force but it is in their best interest that you do this.


They transform better and accept their place faster in life the younger they are. This should become natural to them, to desire men and want to attract and please men. All sissies love a strong male to embrace them and to feel needed and loved by a strong man. They feel safe and secure with a man.


A sissy wants to curial up next to a man in bed and feel safe and secure knowing they have a strong man by their side. Inadequate white and black males should surrendered willingly to be sissified but will not do so. They are not mature enough to realize their true calling in life. This is their place among men and should be encouraged at all times to pursue, please and be desired by men.


Never should they ever be permitted to have any sexual contact with a girl. This must be enforced at the earliest possible time. All mothers who want the best for their male offspring are encouraged to watch for signs.  The important time to sissify a weak male is as soon as you identify any signs. Pre-training is always encouraged and should be considered with all sissy males.

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Mothers, you are the first person to see and recognize a sissy first hand. You should encourage you sissy sons and help them dress as the sissy you see they are. Raise them  to accept their place among men. Help them become a beautiful sissy girl who is willing to please a man. Remember this is the what they were meant to be and only with your guidance can they full fill their needs to please men. I believe every parent wants what is best for their sons. Guiding them to be the best sissy they can be is the gift you can give them.

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 They will eventually need to be chastised so they will not play with their cock and achieve an orgasm. They should be denied orgasms until accepting anal sex which should be introduced when chastised. When having anal sex is when they should become sexually aroused and only then. This will also program them to associate men and sex with men to become aroused.



One way to identify is to dress them as a girl and observe their reactions. Many are happy to wear frilly, silky, feminine clothing and especially panties. Some signs are listed below which is only a few things to look for. Remember this is by no means a complete listing.


. Small penis and balls however some even have large penises.

. Week/frail

. Small body

. Wets bed after age 5-6

. Seems to like being in diapers

. Interest in girl clothes

. Interest in girl toys

. Not interested in playing with other boys

. Fondling his penis frequently

. Gazing at men frequently

. Lazy

. Immature acting

. Sleeps late into the morning

. Watches girly TV shows

. Not interested in boy things

. Scared of things

. No interest in male activities

. Cries easily and often

. Likes to suck on things

. Often not happy

. Constantly getting into trouble

. Refusing to do as told

. etc…

Sissy Spotter

“SM” Sissy Maker.



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