How I ended up a Transsexual.


You start out as a so called normal boy buy you are far from that. You enjoy playing with you cock and jacking off. Looking at sexy females on the internet makes your cock become rock hard and your now masturbating daily. After some time you become bored with the usual porn. You start looking at other porn and read stories. You come across articles where men are put into panties. You read them and become obsessed with them. Looking at the pictures of their hard erections incased in frilly lace and ruffles. You find your self sneaking glances at female lingerie when in stores. Your a pervert and it is thrilling to see all the different panties. In time you find your self out of town in a store that sells lingerie. You finely go and look at the panties and act as if you buying for your wife, but you have never been married. Once you have selected several pairs you ask the cashier if your wife can return them if she is not happy with them. This is only to make it look as if your buying for a female and not your self.

Once your back home you hurry and strip down and put the panties on finding you cock is very hard from the thrill of wearing something so sexy. Now your trapped, you will never be the same again. You find your self buying more and more female panties. Then it happens, you start buying other female clothing. You have become a cross dresser and when you dress you dress like a whore. Each time you dress you masturbate and can not feel whole unless your dressed.  In time you can not have an satisfying climax unless your cross dressed. During this transission your reading stories all the time now. You cross dress and read them as you play with you erection. Thinking how you would like to be like they are.

This has become who you are a cross dressing, masturbating pervert. One day you catch your sperm and lick it up, eating it out of your hand. You do this more and more until you want a real mans cum. Eventually you start using a dildoe on your ass. You start with a small one and slowly work up to one the size of a real mans cock which is bigger than your own. One day you find your self in the city inside a porn store. You find the movie rooms where you suck your first cock. No turning back now your a cock sucker. You want more cock and find your self out in public dressed like the cock slut whore you are. You find several men during the evening and suck their cock. You have become a cock sucking faggot and can not stop. You find your self looking at pictures of naked men and your getting erections from it. You know your a faggot but do not want to admit it even though you have found your true calling.


Your aware of your own perversions and try to change back to being a normal male.  You find a girl friend and for some time you forget your cross dressing. You pick a girl who is slutty because that is what you want to be your self. Thinking your cross dressing is now behind you. Your now fucking your girl friend regularly and start talking kinky to her. She joins in and the two of you are having great sex enjoying your kinky talk as you hump her pussy. After many months you start having urges to wear panties again. One day you talk to your girl friend and confess you have been a cross dresser in the past.  She don’t believe you and insists you show her. Finally you give in and take her to your privet stash of clothing. She wants to see you dressed up in your female clothing, when you strip she sees your stiff erection. Saying nothing she watches you put on your lingerie then your skimpy clothing and heels.imagesz             no_hands_cum_sissy-4_tmb

Once cross dressed she tells you to keep it on and she says you look nice cross dressed. Her kinky side has accepted your perversion. Your cock is so hard it stays like that for hours. You walk around in front of her dressed like a whore knowing she is looking at you. It becomes very exciting to you and it becomes the normal routine when your at home by her request. Your more than happy to cross dress having some one looking at you. Your always excited to get home and cross dress for the evening. Slowly over time she turns you into a sissy by having you lick her pussy after you have filled it. You resist at first but as you both watch videos on the internet of sissies and males eating cream pie pussies you give in. You even look forward to eating your own cum from her pussy every time you have sex with her. Then over time she talks you into going out in public dressed like the cum slut whore you are. You find your self in a club with men and women along with some other cross dressers. Once back home you both agree it was exciting and fun, you both want to do it again.


During this time your out clubbing she tells you she wants to take a stud back to the hotel and fuck him. You agree to it only if you can watch and she is alright with it knowing she is going to have a real mans cock for a night. You dressed as the faggot you are watch them have sex as you strip and masturbate wearing only your lingerie. When he blows his load she tells you to come and lick it out of her. You resist until she tells her stud to fuck your ass, not wanting that you agree to eat his sperm out of her swollen cum filled pussy. She knows now she has you where you belong and does not see you as a man any more. She will have you doing this more and more and you go along with it being the pervert faggot you are.


One day she tells you she wants to put  you in chastity and pretends to make it like a game. Both of you being kinky and she being dominant, you let her put it on you cock. For the first few times it is only on a short time and then she takes it off. Each time becomes longer and longer you wear it. Your both watching porn but it is about sissies who love cock and cum you do not even notice she has changed the videos you watch to insure you will do what she wants. Your thinking of nothing other than sex and cross dressing. She is molding you into the cum slut sissy she sees you are. She asks if you ever wanted to suck a big cock? You deny it but your erection tells her different. When the two of you go to the city she locks up your cock. Your dressed like the slut you have always been but find you cock being confined and not able to get erect. When the night comes to a close she picks a stud to take back to your room as usual.

This time your still cock locked so you keep your outfit on. Your girl friend tells her stud your her sissy boy friend. She also tells him your cock is locked up. This is humiliating to you but you find your cock straining to get hard inside the cock cage. She orders you to strip her lover naked and you do as she orders. Then she tells you to suck his cock until it is hard for her. Hesitant you do as your told or suffer the chance of him fucking you. You take his cock and lick at it then she orders you to open and suck it. You open you painted lips and close them around his cock and suck like you have always done in the past and his cock grows in your mouth. She tells you to stop when she see her stud start humping your mouth and your enjoying it. Once he mounts her sticking his cock deep in her pussy you go and lick her pussy and his cock as they have sex. You do it with out even thinking about it.


You realize now this is your place and you want to please them both. This time when they finish you suck his cock clean and lick her cum filled pussy clean with out her telling you to. After some time passes you automatically go and suck his cock hard again as she smiles watching the pleasure it gives you. This time you keep it up until he fills your mouth and you swallow it all with out gaging or missing a drop. You look at her surprised expression when you finish licking his shaft clean. She now knows you have sucked cock before, you can tell by her reaction. She calls you a cock sucking faggot in front of her stud. You smile and agree with her name calling. Before long she is using a dildoe on you, this is something you had done before so you ass is accustom to it. Finding your actually enjoying it she see you pushing back on it to make it go deeper. You know it is just a mater of time before she has a stud fuck you.


During the next drive to the city for the weekend she tells you to find a stud of your own. You tell her your not comfortable with the thought of having your own stud. She reassures you it will be alright and you both will have fun. She points out you already suck cock and swallow, you  take the dildoe with ease now and enjoy it, so it is time you become the girl you are. That can only happen if you have a stud fuck you and you want that don’t you she asked? Yes, I want to feel like a real girl. Do you think he will like me I asked? Find one that will she said and you will have the time of your life.  While she drives you think to your self it is really happing, your becoming a girl. The subtle changes at home such as the soap you use which she switched since loosing your job. The perfume which used to be men’s clone, even the sheets are flower patterns and the towels are pink. Your now using face creams and scented lotions that only girls use. You turn and look out the window smiling to your self thinking about how much has changed and how far you have come.


That night you both return to the room with a man. You both had this planned so you have a room with each your own bed. Before long your both having sex with your studs. Both of you are moaning like sluts in heat. With each thrust of his cock your climax builds. Before long you feel his cock swell in you ass as he lets his load fill you up. Pulling out you feel like a real woman with cum running out of your ass and down your leg when you stand up to wipe off. You have released your own watery cum at the same time he did. Switching partners you suck the others cock tasting her pussy cum mixed with his salty sperm. Continuing until he shoots his load into your throat as you swallow it all down. When it is all over you both take your own stud to bed and curl up next to him. It feels right to be with a manly, man knowing there are no traces of you ever being a male other than your cock.


When the two of you return home and reflect on your past years together, talking about the lovers you both have shared and the men you both have slept with. When she suggests to you too start hormones and become a real transsexual you think how nice it would be to have real breasts. Once you have thought it over you agree and she makes all the arrangements. After a year you have full breasts, a girly figure and more feminine looking. This has been a long journey and you could not have made it if she had not helped push you. Your happy with the result and tell her you would like your own boy friend, even though hers has been fucking both of you for the past year and a half. It has come time for you to take on your own lover. You find him with in a few months, and he is what they call a manly man. You reflect back when you where a male and realize you never were a real man. You have always been a sissy and now your a real transsexual as you admire your new body in the mirror. You have a hansom man by your side who loves you for who you are. You have fallen in love with him for the man he is with a cock you love to play with.


That was my journey.

“SM” Sissy Maker.


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