Coming Out as a Sissy cuckold

Coming Out as a Sissy cuckold I am.


“Sweetie come down here, the girls want to meet you.”

Those words from my wife made me feel sick to my stomach, for a moment I was frozen sitting on the edge of the bed. I looked down at myself wondering how on earth my wife could expose me like she was now going to do.

A shiver went through me and my penis tingled but was quickly bitten by the steel of my chastity cage. It had been a permanent part of my life for six long weeks now and punished me every time I had a naughty thought which meant it was almost always biting into my cock. “We are waiting!” Came a very stern and angry voice. What are you doing she hollered at me, trying to hasten my arrival. Panic swelled as I carefully clicked down the hall towards the gathering of her friends. There was a stunned silence after Beth had introduced me as Joni, her sissy cuckold maid. I bore no relation to John the male they had known as Beth’s husband.


“Beth what have you done to him?” All of the women in the room now spoke asking questions as I stood there quite and submissive in their presence trying not to appear to be leering at the five sexy beautiful females that were now talking about me as if I was nothing but a slave at auction. But the sight of so much nylon coated legs and heels and the heady scent of slutty perfumes and risky dresses was causing my frustrated little penis to swell in its confines.
As Beth lit a cigarette and then spoke to her friends “We have been a circle of friends for about a year now. All of us have been cheating on our husbands when we go clubbing with the hunks that we meet. We have covered up for each other as we had our adulterous adventures. I decided I wanted more and to cut out the pretense of being a contented wife. I decided that John should know and accept his place in our union and only live to serve me and make me happy. He’ll be under no illusion that “real men are fucking me with cocks that deserve the name.”

There was a ripple of agreement from her friends as they looked at me with a new understanding. Beth said “I will now show you why I decided John should become Joni. She looked at me and ordered me to raise the front of my maids dress. I dreading this moment but with shaking fingers gripped the lace hem of my maids dress and raised the material so my chastity encased penis was on show for all to see. Her friends now knew that I was no longer a man and lived my life to serve his wife as a sissy cuckold!


Now there was full attention as Beth’s friends got their first look at a locked up penis and not an eye left my groin as Beth went on. “As you can see Joan penis is very small so I decided that it was too small for sex. I was getting sex from real men so he had no need for erections or cumming unless I decided he was to get off or stiff as for that matter. Joan has now been in chastity for six weeks and the poor little sissy is frustrated out of his mind. So today I wanted to take off the cage and let you girls see how utterly pathetic he is as a man and why you will agree he needs to be as he is”. The silence in the room was painful. The girls watched as Beth took the key to my chastity lock from around her neck. She motioned me over to where she stood and unlocked me than slipped the cage from my penis. After six confined weeks my penis swelled, helped by the sight of five sexy females. Then there was the tickle of my wife’s red-painted nails on my little testicles and there it was – all erect three slim inches of my manhood.

Janet drew in a gasp “My Lord I did not know they came that small!” she stammered “little boys have bigger dink than that”. There were mummer’s of agreement and words like Pathetic, joke, useless were banded about. Then it happened, I could not help it. The torment, the humiliation, everything of these past weeks swept though me. My little penis started to jerk in the thin air than all of a sudden some weak little shots of seamen shot out. All five women watched in amazement at the unaided and unauthorized ejaculation.

we drip

I hardly had time to enjoy my cumming as terror swept though me and I heard a very stern voice pronounce. “You’ll pay for that, you disgusting little pervert!”. I felt a wave of shame burst over me. She was right – I had been a disgusting little pervert. I had no time to ponder her words of, you’ll pay for that and I did not see her clench her fist as she punched me straight in the testicles. I was aware of the other women gleefully watching the show that was being put on for them and there were nods of approval at the pain inflicted on me for the unauthorized spurting. Quickly and without hesitation, fearing even worse punishment I licked my watery sperm off of the floor.

I shuffled forward and started begging for forgiveness and how sorry I was for being such a failure. I could do nothing but watch in horror as Beth reached down beside the sofa and picked up one of the black  whip.  Holding the one end she  told me to put my hands on the wall as she administer a vicious crack on my ass. I screamed and started to cry due to the searing pain that was now inflicted on my tender ass cheeks. The girls in the room were now clapping and laughing and encouraging Beth to punish me harder and she did not for one moment disappoint her guests as she landed blow after blow on my ass. I stood their sniveling like a little girl.


I was told to go do the laundry while the girls talked. Still sniveling I curtsied to my wife and said, yes mama trying to hold back my tears as left for the laundry room. I looked down at the pile of sexy panties I had to wash and lifted the first silky delicate pair. As taught by my wife, I lifted the gussets of the first pair to my mouth and licked the material. Beth insisted I did this with every pair to remove the heavy deposits her lovers sperm draining out of her cunt made of her panties. This pair was heavily soiled with one of her lovers sperm and the taste of Beth’s pussy and the males fuck cream flooded my mouth as I licked and sucked on the dirty gusset. My locked penis reacted and swelled In it’s chastity cage.


After Beth had locked me back up the other night, she had informed me that it would be a very long time before she condescended to allow any more erections for me. I would just have to behave myself and try to block my perverted urges.
I cursed myself for being born less than a man with a tiny penis. To me it just seemed to stop growing when I had reached puberty and even the hair on my groin had been thin and sparse. As an adult I had never been able to muster more than three slim inches when erect. I had no staying power even when masturbating. I only lasted a dozen strokes, even less if I had been looking at naughty pictures of scantily clad women. I knew that Beth had not married me for my ability to have sex. It was more the lifestyle I gave her, the nice house, clothes and car from the business I once had. Beth had made me sell my business when I was offered a very large sum of money. Then to add to that was the inheritance I had received.

One day Beth told me quite bluntly that she was seeing another man for sex! This had shocked me to the core. I felt as an utter failure and I was hurt, I loved Beth. No, I worshipped her. Beth was sexy, powerful, dominating, sweet and cruel at times. Beth told me she was having better sex elsewhere, I knew I did not want to live without Beth. She expressed  she still loved me but wanted a husband that did as he was told.  Who she could use basically as a slave to control and amuse herself with. She let me think about it but also reminded me of my lack of endowment. No woman would want someone with such a small dick. I had no one else in the world to turn to so I agreed to letting Beth do anything she wanted just to stay married.

By allowing her to have full control and to do what ever she want to do I have become a sissy maid with no say. I realize I lost any masculinity I had left, even though I had very little to start with. Now I am degraded and transformed into the sissy I will always be. I will never live the life of a male ever again.

I am a sissy cuckold maid.

“SM” Sissy Maker


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