Baby on weekends.


My name is Dean  and my girlfriends name it Tara. Tara keeps me as a baby on weekends. We met at a party and hit it off from the start. After many dates she finally had sex with me. Once she found out how small a dick I have, I became her weekend baby. We have been living together for six years now and Tara has kept me as her baby for, five and a half of the six years. When I get home from work during the week I live as a normal guy. When I come home after work on Fridays I go straight to the shower.

When I dry off I am dressed in my pull-ups and vinyl diaper cover. Tara usually slips on a onesie on me, but sometimes shorts and a t-shirt. I am kept dressed in this type of apparel for the whole weekend. On Monday I am allowed to change out of my baby cloths and into my adult work clothes. I become a normal guy for the week. When Tara keeps me as a baby, she feeds me only baby foods. I do wet myself and she changes me. I do the #2 duty in the toilet though because she will not deal with that mess. However it was not always that way, I rebelled for some time but she ended up forcing me into diapers with leverage. I have adjusted to being a baby, I look forward now to  weekend to be diapered and treated like a baby.

Baby Dean

“SM” Sissy Maker



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