Ordinary guy who was dominated.


I was a typical guy with a job and a simple life. I met Sue at a convention in a major city which we both where attending. The convention ran one full week and I met her on the second day. Sue was working the fourth display booth down from mine. We went out to eat together every night and on the last two nights she stayed over night in my room.  Sue was attractive and wore tight fitting close which left little to your imagination. She was a Hottie who I was very happy to be associated with.

After the convention was over I stayed another day ad so did Sue so we could spend the day together. We have a lovely time running around the city and she did some shopping. While she shopped, she made me go with her into the stores. I would never had normally have gone into these stores since they catered to the females and had no male clothing at all. We went into one and she took me straight back to the lingerie. As she held up many sext panties and teddy’s along with other items I could feel my self turning red. She would ask me it the item she was holding up turned me on or not. At first I tried to blow it off by saying they all looked nice and sexy. She told me she needed a straight answer so she would know what to buy.


I started answering honestly as she held each one up I tried to picture her sexy body in it. Some I did not care for and others where very sexy. She picked out three panties with mating bras, two garter belts, several different nylons and three bed time teddy’s in different colors. I figured tonight I was going to get a show with her modeling the items she had bought. When we finished we dropped the shopping bags off at our room and we went out to eat. Then we hit a bar where we drank until we both where silly and headed back to our room around 11:30 pm.

We had another drink back at our room and started to kiss. The clothes came off and we ended up in bed. After sex we both passed out only to wake up around 7:30 am. We each showered and packed to leave when I told her I never had the chance to see her in the lingerie she bought. We had discussed the day before that we would like to keep in touch with each other. Sue told me to take the lingerie home with me and it would be at my place for when she came to visit. We had not talked about getting together so this was a nice surprise to here she wanted to come visit. I told her okay than asked when she planned to come and see me? She said who knows it may be next weekend. We hauled our bags down to our vehicles before we hugged and kissed, saying good by to each other.

I called Sue that night to see if she had made it home alright and she had. We must have talked for an hour about how much fun we had and how I could not wait to see her again. Over the next week all I could think about was her. I was all giddy when she told me she wanted to see me the following weekend. She arrived on the following Friday night around 8:00 pm. She was a beautiful as I remembered her to be and just as happy as I was to see her. She told me she came straight from work and it was a four hour drive. She asked if she could shower and change so I showed her where everything was. I reminded her about the lingerie I had brought home for her. She came out dressed in lingerie different from what she had bought and I now had in bags in the closet. Still sexy and made me want her even more and making me forget about the items she had purchased.

preview_mp4The next day I asked her what she wanted to do? Sue told me she had a long week and would like to stay home, relax and spend time with me. I was alright with that especially since she was only wearing a sexy teddy with matching panties that she stayed in all day. She has several calls that day which she took in privet. I could only imagine they where other guys she knew and wanted to spend time with her. After the fourth caller when she came back to the room I asked kind of jokingly how many boyfriends did she have? She told me they where not boyfriends but work associates calling with questions. Sue told me she had to stay on top of a completive business if one wanted to succeed in it. I agreed and said no more as she sat down beside me and started rubbing my crotch. Talking softly in my ear she told me she was very hornie and wanted to know if I was going to do anything about it. What do you think I did? Yep, I took her into bed and had great sex with her as I did the day she left.

Over the next six months we both took turns visiting each other once a month. She continued to take calls in privet when ever we spent time together. I started thinking how many customers had her phone number and why would they always call her on weekends instead of week days. During this time I also noticed not once did she ever wear any of the lingerie she had bought when we first met. She insisted I keep it at my place incase she ever forgot hers or if she came with out any. I accepted her logic and never brought it up again. Then one time when I went to here place she started saying different things to me which she had never said to me before.  Such as when she was walking around in lingerie she not only asked how I liked it but would say, I bet you would look just as nice wearing it.


I just blew it off each time but she was saying things like that almost all the time so I asked her about what she meant? She told me I should wear  lingerie like she does around the house so she also had something sexy to look at. This took much talking on here part but she slowly broke me down and I tried on a pair of her panties one time. That was the start of my down fall. She told me how nice they looked on me and how happy she was to see me in them, not to mention the hard on I had when wearing them. This continued for the next two months and then she dropped the news on me. I had a choice to either get rid of my tighty whites and wear panties or she was going to find some one who would.


Well I had been in panties for a few months now when ever we where together so I figured what could it hurt. She threw all of mine away on her next visit and I could tell she had become more dominant in her actions, her tone of voice and what she was telling me to do. It turned out the clothes she had bought when we first met where for me all along. They have become my outfits when I am at home. She quit her job and moved in with me. She takes me to work and picks me up every day. She has taken total control over me. I always wear panties under my clothing. The telephone calls still come, several a day. They turned out to be her side job, which turns out to be a dominatrix service. She makes good money doing it and likes to practice on me. I have adjusted to this type of life style and still happy to have met Sue.

Panty boy.

“SM” Sissy Maker


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