Mom kept her son diapered all the time and now his wife does the same.

2010-05-18-69190Mother raised me on her own. I was always put in diapers every day. That was the type of under pants that I wore. I was home schooled and did not have any friends. We lived out in a rural area. I remember I wet the bed until I was fifteen. Once I stopped wetting the bed I asked why I still had to wear a diaper? I was told I may have and accident, one never knows. Mother kept me diapered until I started dating at age 21. Meeting my wife I figured my diaper days where behind me for good.

imagesto4ck4lxOnce we married my mother had already talked to my wife and she agreed to get me back in diapers. Mother was behind it and my wife was all to happy to follow threw with it once she found out. When we went on our honey moon I was introduced to diapers and plastic pants of all colors. I refused to wear them but my wife made it clear that I was going to or else.

tumblr_ohysruxlgp1rvchiao1_500Well three years now and I have wore diapers and plastic pants every day and night. Mother is happy and tells my wife that I was always easier to handle when I was in diapers. I did not talk back and was more dossal doing what I was told.  My wife agreed and has seen that we live in a wife lead marriage. Heck I had only been out of diapers for about a year so I am comfortable wearing them any way.

“SM” Sissy Maker


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