Diapered Baby Boy.

hqdefaultI have always had a baby fetish since I was around eight years of age. I used to stuff my underwear with rags or what ever I could find to make them like diapers. Once I was on my own and out of school I met a woman who was into baby adult boys. We set up a meeting and she was much older than I. I am 20 and she was 35 but she assured me she knew how to take care of an adult baby boy. I was to think it over and if I wanted I could go visit her home and see her nursery.

71c06a45bd3998ced007780ddb918d12Two days went by and I could not stop thinking about the nursery, I had to see it. I arrived at one in the afternoon after calling to check the nursery. Now as I was walking up to the door I felt butterflies in my stomach. I knocked on the door and she opened it inviting me in. I felt so nervous as I stood at the door when she took me by my hand and led me to the nursery. This would be your room little baby boy. You would sleep in your crib and eat in your high chair. Over here we have your changing table where I will change you. The diaper table is complete with powders, oils, diapers and plastic pants along with t-shirts. Diapers and T-shirts is what you will wear most of the time. I do have some outfits for you and only a couple for taking you in public. I expect you will be sucking on your pacifier most of the time so I have quite a verity of them.

images358idispSo what do you think she asked? I was speechless and only shook my head yes. So you like it? Yes, it makes me feel very babyish. Well lets put you in some diapered and a T-shirt and you can play a few hours before making up your mind. Would you like to do  that she asked? I nodded my head yes and she walked to the changing table and told me to climb up on the table. I did it as if in a trance and she stripped me naked within a minute. A diaper was placed under my butt and I was powdered heavily before she fastened it snugly. Then she slipped a pair of plastic pants on me and a t-shirt. Their she said having me turn on my tummy as she patted my butt. You lay still and Mommy will be right back. I lay there feeling very comfortable and my snug diapers made me feel so secure and comfortable I got and erection.


She returned wearing a skirt and a bra that looked to be to small for her tits. She came over and helped me up and off the changing table. Taking me by the hand she led me to the living room and she sat on the couch having me lay down beside her . I was surprised when she caressed my crotch saying my little baby has a stiffy don’t he? I just nodded my head yes as she looked down at me. Are you ready to nurse she asked? My eyes where as big as could be when she opened her bra and her big tits fell slightly. Here you go baby you suck on mama’s titties as she sat back an settled into a reclined relaxing passion. Then she took her tit and put it to my mouth and I obliged by nursing on it for her.

41a68d327ac94c3276626d531c52f775My little cock was so stiff and I could hardly believe how nice and comfortable I was. This all seemed natural as I kept sucking on her tit. She spoke softly telling me this would be part of her baby boys daily routine. She told me if I suck a bit harder she will lactate for me and she expected her baby to suck her tits dry a couple of times a day. With that I sucked her big nipple as hard as I could when she let out a sigh as she petted my head. That’s the way she said as she smiled down at me. You nurse until you fall asleep I will change you when you wake up. With that I sucked greedily and drained her tit after a half and hour then she switched tits and I started on it. I must have fallen asleep because when she wok me up, it was four thirty already. My baby have a good nap she asked? Yes I did, and thank you for letting me suckle on your breasts, they are very nice. Why thank you little baby boy, you know that is part of having a baby. You must suck mama’s tits several times a day. Baby likes that and it feels so nice sucking them I told her.

wholesale-fuubuu2203-yellow-m-1pcs-incontinence Lets see if baby is dry she said as she put her hand down the front of my diaper and touching my small cock. Yes, I believe little baby leaked in his diapers when he had his stiffy earlier. Lets go change you little boy as she helped me by the hand to the nursery all the while her big tits where exposed. While she changed my diaper and heavily powdered me again she asked if I had made up my mind yet. I told her I felt so safe and secure in my snug diapers and I relay like nursing on your tits they are so lovely. Smiling she asked, so you have decided to stay? Yes, mommy I think I will like it here and she slipped my plastic pants back up around my diaper.

Diapered Baby Boy

“SM” Sissy Maker




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