13 of the best ways to make him eat cum.

10Your chastity slave should always recycle. That is a basic rule and one my key holder implemented since day one. Here is 13 fantastic ways my key holder had made me eat my cum. please share and enjoy.

1) Body shots- Tell him where to cum on your body and he has to lick it up

2) Hand Fed- He cums in the cup of your hand and he slurps it out of your hand


3) Fresh from the tap-  Flip his legs over his head so his cock is directly in his face. ( if he isn’t that flexible its something you may need to work on this over time but for the begging use a wall or a couch to help ) This position allows him to cum right in his own mouth and as well give himself a facial

4) Creampie- For those rare times his cock is in your pussy let him cum in it. Then he is forced to eat your pussy clean. (This method can also work if you cuckold him make him eat your bulls creampie)


5) Dinners ready- Make him his favorite meal and before sitting down for dinner make him cum all over his own meal.

6) CUM CUBES- Its exactly what it sounds like every time he cums make sure its in an ice tray and freeze them (this may take awhile) once you have your desired amount of cum cubes you can feed him anytime


7) Cumsicle- pick up your own popsicle maker from the dollar store (this make some time) Every time he cums its in here until you have a full popsicle 

8) Cum Kiss-  If you can bare it suck his cock till he cums in your mouth (he will probably be in shock) but not as much as in shock when you force that load down his throat with your tongue when you make out with him.

9) What the doctor ordered- pick up a medicine syringe from the drug store, He can cum where ever you may choose. Then use the syringe to suck up the cum and feed it to him like medicine (My key holder does this every time I get sick of any kind)


10) SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS!- Make him cum right in a shot glass and take that shot of cum… * No chasers allowed.

11) Milk in your coffee?- Oh no! we are all out of milk. Oh well guess we will have to milk your cock for your coffee.

12) Cummy cock- Make him cum all over your dildo and slurp it all off. You can also make him cum on your strap on (right after good peg) and make him suck the cum right off

13 Used protection- This method can be used in many different ways. First Jerk his dick off with a condom on and after he cums in the condom either A) pour the cum into his mouth B) put the whole condom in his mouth and make him chew on it. AS WELL if he is a cuckold save that bull cum filled condom after your date (this is even better because the cum will go stale by the time you come home in the morning)

“SM” Sissy Maker


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