Forced diapered

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I was dating a girl who would wet the bed if she got real drunk. I told her the second time it happened that she needed to get diapers and wear them so she would not wet the bed anymore. She did and the problem was solved because I knew she would not stop getting drunk. She continued to wear diapers while we lived together.

Then when we broke up I figures she had taken all of her things with her. I never checked her side of the closet but evidently she had left a full package of diapers behind. These where the pull up kind for adults. I started dating a girl six months or so later. One day after dating for around three months she decided to spend the night. She had spent the night other times but never brought over any extra clothes. This time she brought extra clothes and put them in the closet where the diapers where.  She had seen them but never said anything about them. She figured they where for my own use and did not want to bring the issue up.


One night I got drunk and told her I was going straight to bed. Now I had told her all about my old girlfriend who used to wet the bed. I still at this point did not know about the diapers in the   corner of the closet. When I hit the bed I passed out and did not wake up until the next day. When I got up I was wearing diapers and could not figure out how that happened. My girlfriend was already up and in the other room. I walked out wearing the diapers and asked how I ended up in diapers. She told me she put them on me so I would not wet the bed. Referring to the story I told her about my ex-girlfriend using them. he asked if they where actually mine and I told her no. I asked where she got them from and she said from the bundle in the corner of the closet.

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While I was sitting in them and we talked she told me she knew they where mine and that I wore them. The story I told her was to cover up me being the one who wore them. I told her that was not true they where not mine and I did not wear them. I was asked why I was still in them as we had been talking for over fifteen minutes and not once did I protest or try to take them off. I assured her they where not for me. But he would not believe me and from then on made me wear diapers. Now your thinking why did I go along with her having me wear diapers if they where not mine. Well she made it clear that if I did not wear diapers she as going to let everyone we knew that I wore them. Then she stated since I was a diaper wearing boy she had say on what took place. I was clearly not in charge being a diaper boy.

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I ended up wearing diapers full-time with plastic pants over them which are her orders. I wear them under all my male clothing and if I don’t she has threatened me she will buy adult girly outfits for me to wear. I  usually only wear diapers and plastic pants. Some times I wear a diaper cover of frilly ruffles over the rear which she likes me to be in around the house. I have many pair of plastic pants and I have no male underwear at all now. She has taken full charge of the house hold and I do as I am told or get punished. I have learned by being a diaper boy, I have a very easy life. Living more like a baby than an adult and I really do not mind it. If I disobey I get a bare ass spankings and don’t care to have any more of them.

Diapered 24/7

“SM” Sissy Maker



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