I made my husband were lingiree under his tux at our wedding.


Before I married my husband he confessed to me that he in joyed cross-dressing. The day he told me this I asked to see his girly clothing that he wore. He took me to a small closet in the back room of the basement. Then he pulled out a suitcase which upon opening it reveled neatly packed clothing. I asked him to model them for me right on the spot. He blushed and told me no. I acted all sadly and begged him to please let me see him cross dressed. I tried my best to convince him that I was alright with it and just wanted to see his items on him. I reached out and picked up several different items looked at them and put them back down one at a time. Then I reached over to his belt and undid his pants as he stood in front of me and pulled them down. He did not resist at all and said nothing as I ordered him out of his cloths.

Once He was totally naked I handed one item at a time as he put them on. White nylons first with a white garter belt,  By this time he had a full erection all ready, I tried not to laugh at how fast he became sexually aroused. Looking down into the suitcase I had to smile to myself and as I looked up I told him the erection was a normal reaction.  I acted as if it meant nothing as I picked up a white lacy bra and some small sponges he used as falsies. Once his bar was stuffed I handed him a sexy ruffle sissy dress which was so short it did not cover his bottom at all. Then sorting through all the panties I picked a lacy pink pair that did not contain his erection at all and finished his outfit with a pair of four-inch black heels. That was all he had for shoes other than a pair of brown flats. I knew he needed heels to complete the look and told him he needed to get a white pair. I figured telling him this would show him I was alright with how he looked cross dressed.

Once he was all dressed I took him by the hand leading him up stares to the bathroom where I took out my makeup. He asked me not to put any on him but I told him to be still he looked nice and makeup would complete the look. When I finished I stepped back and watched as he admired him self in the mirror. I could tell he liked his reflection as he smiled at himself tipping his head back and forth. Come on let’s go sit down as I walked out of the bathroom with him on my heels. I knew he was in his element hearing his heels on the hard floor clicking behind me. I also knew from his reaction he was enjoying this way to much. I asked why he had no other full outfits as we sat down to talk. He told me he mainly liked lingerie, panties, garter belts, nylons. Mostly slutty clothing from what I see, I replied. He smiled as did I, flowed by my asking if he would like to go shopping for some completed outfits? Again sheepishly he asked what kind of outfits did I have in mind? I replied, anything you want it can be dressy or slutty it did not matter to me as long as you wear it. I asked if he still had an erection and he pulled up his short dress exposing hi stiff cock.

After we finished having a drink and talking I instructed him to masturbate in front of me as I watched. I had him retrieve a towel for the mess he was going to make knowing after he climaxed he would be done and want to get out of his outfit. Once he started I timed him with out him knowing and he only lasted forty-five seconds before he blew his load. I pointed out how fast he climaxed knowing very well it would humiliate him. After wiping his mess up he undressed and put his clothes away. The next day I asked if he wanted to go clothes shopping? He acted indifferent about it so I did  not push it at all. Nothing was said about it again for two weeks when I brought it up. I asked if once we were married if he would still want to cross dress? He turned red and said no he was over it but I knew better and suggested that he continue. I also told him to bring up his suite case full of clothes and I would find a place for them which I did.

Now over the next six months I bought him all kinds of clothing items and shoes. Mostly slutty items since I knew he liked them best and I was right. He dressed almost every weekend, of cores  it was at my request. The wedding was coming up in a week and I did not have much time to finish everything I needed to do for the big day. The day before the wedding I brought out a box tied up with a pink ribbon and bow. I had several months to think about the guy I was going to marry. I had come to the conclusion that he was happier as a sissy than an any kind of man. I handed him the box and told him to open it, as he did I informed him that I wanted him to wear the items in the box tomorrow for our wedding.


He looked at the sexy items pulling them out one at a time holding them up. Pair of pink  bikini panties with lacy sides, was the first Item then pink nylons and a new matching garter belt. He told me he did not think he should wear them. I told him that he had to wear them or we where going to have trouble. He agreed to and the day came and went without any issues. Once back home for the night as he undressed I took special note to see if he had on what I had bought him. Sure enough he did so I knew from that point on I had me a sissy that I was going to mold into a sissy slut for my benefit. This was just the start of sissy slut sherry!

New sissy husband.

“SM” Sissy Maker


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