Ma- ma’s boy is her little pervert.


You may call this sick, but everyone has needs and I have mine to.


I was married for forty-three years when my husband passed away. My husband had a very large cock and I knew I would never find another man to satisfy my sexual needs. I never dated after his passing but he had taken a few nude pictures of me when we where at the beach.

One day I was putting away my sons clothes after washing them while he was at work.  He stayed living with me after high school since I had no one else. While putting away his clothes I found the picture of me at the beach nude in my sons bedroom. I do not know how long he has had the picture but I am sure he has been masturbating to it. I felt so in barest when I found it and a mad at the same time. I took it and left his room thinking about what he must have thought of it when he saw it. Then it dawned on me that he must have liked what he saw since he took it and kept it.


Now I have not seen my son naked since he was young. Even though I have morals I could not help but wonder what size cock he may have. Thinking about it made me wet and I actually returned the picture to the place I found it. He came home at his usual time and I knew the first thing he would do was go shower. When I heard the water running and the music playing I walked in. Not sure what I was going to do but I knew I wanted to see his cock size. I pulled the shower door open slowly and he had his eyes closed while he washed his head. He did not even know I was standing they’re looking at him. I was very surprised to see his cock as big or bigger than his fathers.


 I closed the door and sat on the toilet lid until he came out of the shower. He saw me and jumped back asking what I was doing? I told him about finding my picture n his drawer. He stammered a bit trying to find an excuse why he had it. I told him it was alright and I wanted to see his cock size. I told him to come out of the shower and get his towel which he did. I told him  he had a bigger cock than his fathers. At that point his cock started to get rigid and he grabbed the towel to cover him self up. I left the bathroom and told him he could keep the nude picture of me.

The next night when he went to bed I entered his room and removed my robe then got in bed with him. He knew why I was there and after I played a bit with his cock he mounted me. Since that night I have transformed him into a sperm eating sissy pervert.  I figures I had his big cock and to keep it for my own use so no other girl got it I would sissify him. This was slow at first to happen but I planed every step and once he was used to having sex with me I used it against him. I withheld sex until he would give in and were items of female clothing. Mostly panties and lingerie around the house when he was at home.


I then incorporated other kinky things to make him only have sex with me. I had him jacking off looking at my swollen pussy. He seemed to enjoy doing that so I enforced rules for him to eat his cum whenever he climaxed. If he did not eat his sperm he did not get my pussy. When he did get my pussy he had to eat it then also. So as I said every time he climaxed he had to eat it. All this kept him from wondering astray for young pussy. I reinforced him being a sissy by telling him he was a sissy pervert. I also told him that other girls would not want a sissy pervert that eats his own cum and fuck’s his mother.


This all took less than a year to convert him, the use of with holding sex works wonderfully. Now it has become a daily routine for him to dress in lingerie after work. Twice a week he is allowed to masturbate over my nude body and lick his mess off of me. Then I let him nurse on my tits until he tires or I take them away from him. If he is obedient all week he gets to have intercourse with me. Then he must lick me clean when he is finished. All this has made him bond closely with me and I have no fear of loosing him. He is a ma ma’s boy now.


Ma ma’s Boy

“SM” Sissy Maker


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