Black Sissy Girls?

tumblr_nd70dcEUOz1u0m3vgo3_400.jpg                             tumblr_neup1t65591the4kuo3_540                       tumblr_nac3mh9a881sixu0no1_540

Many people are under the impression that all sissies are white males. This is far from the truth as there are many inadequate small cock black males that are also sissies.


Yes not all black men have big cocks some have small cocks. These black sissies are not as numerous as white sissies but none the less there are black sissies.

tumblr_o5xz8nw9mi1vrnpcoo1_1280         tumblr_nd70l9IAMx1u0m3vgo2_400.jpg                    tumblr_nmgl9dlVTb1u0m3vgo1_540.jpg

Some do have big cocks but still desire to be a sissy girl. The larger cock only poses a problem when trying to tuck it.

tumblr_o8istvivcg1vx7yc8o1_1280       tumblr_o8itavczGQ1vx7yc8o5_540.jpg     tumblr_o8il734ut31uo84k7o1_1280.jpg           tumblr_o8mbjdexrk1vx7yc8o4_540

As these pictures show the black sissy girl prefer Big White Cocks. White cock satisfy the black sissy girls and most black sissies prefer white cock over black cock. In any case these sissy girls are beautiful as they should be.

tumblr_oa3xx0eane1smsobko8_540                                  tumblr_o8mdccNQqC1vx7yc8o2_540.jpg

None have chastity cages on their cocks even though the cocklit is small enough to have it contained. Most black sissy girls prefer to show their erections while having sex with a real man. This shows how sexually excited they become having a white cock in their black pussy.

tumblr_ofnqgrczqi1us9djso1_400              tumblr_oczqvsquo61tmti00o1_1280

We are starting to see more and more black sissy girls as they come to terms that they also are not men. They have embraced their true calling to become cock sucking sissy faggots just like  white sissy faggots. I am pleased to see black sissies since we know that not all blacks are superior males. I hope we see more of these beautiful girls in the future.

Black Sissy Girls

“SM” Sissy Maker


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