Dale is now Diane

tumblr_mgva688eqs1rvdmslo1_500.jpgThis sissies name was Dale but now it is Diane. He was a married man once but now he is a sissy cock sucker. Diane has landed a boyfriend who she spends almost of her time with. Don’t they make a cute couple? This is what happens when you get a taste for cock. But then it is how it was meant to be isn’t it. If you were meant to be a cock sucker than you should become one. If you’re not a real man than you must become what you where always meant to be. This all started out as Dale cross dressing from time to time.


As you can see from the pictures he was so turned on by wearing female clothing he started wearing them all the time. He then became a sissy and only realized this when I pointed it out to him. Once he realized what I was saying was the truth he embraced his feminine side. He then became the sissy he always was meant to be.


This could happen to any of you inadequate males and should. Like Dale all inadequate males were intended to become sissies but don’t realize it. Once  you come to terms with what you where intended to become from the start, your life will become much more meaningful. You where never intended to try to please females. That job was intended for real men with real cocks not some small pathetic little tiny cock.

shame85-yz3p0-0b1578By becoming the sissy you were always intended to be, opens up the playing field for all females. They can have intercourse with real men and produce the best offspring possible. You are meant to serve real men and females in any way they see fit. You should feel privileged to be able to serve them. After all this does give your life meaning and a purpose. Cock sucking by a sissy should be looked upon as a privilege. A real man allows you to suck his cock. That is an honor in its self not to mention the honor of licking his cum out of any female.

shame85-vlxwd-088d57So all of you small cock inadequate sissies that are not men, in brace and become the best sissy you were intended to be from the start. This will allow females to have intercourse with men who can please them and make them happy. You were never intended to mate with females and marry, making their life and yours miserable. In brace your sissy side and become happy and feel good about your self.

Inadequate Sissies.

“SM” Sissy Maker


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