When, I turned sissy.

First a short bit history on my growing up.

I was raised in the country on a farm until I graduated from high school. I became a cross dresser at a very young age, before I ever knew what a sissy was. I cross dressed most of my young life and did not know any thing about cross dressers. I took my sisters closes, ones she never wore. I  stopped when I started dating chicks in school. Having sex with girls, I was no longer interested in panties and sexy lingerie.  That only lasted for the last three years of high school.


Once I graduated and I did not have a girl in my life, I started picking up girly lingerie and over a short time obtained quite a collection. This became an exhilarating thing to do when in distant towns. Once home I could hardly wait to strip down and put on my new lingerie.

Then I saw my first transsexual in a magazine. I thought how beautiful she was and how nice it would be to have a sexy body with tits and a cock.

images8pe5zlxoI fantasized about being her a lot and jacked off to her picture many times. This led my fantasies in all kinds of directions. I purged several times getting rid of my lingerie, but always went back to it.

Then I met a girl and we got married so I told here my secrets.

 I married at age twenty-one and was happy as could be. However when I saw my twenty year old, wife’s sexy panties and other lingerie I was all giddy. We had been married about six months when I confessed my secrets. She surprisingly was alright with it and I started wearing some of her sexy panties around the house. After some time she decided I had worn to many of hers and bought me my own. Well how much better can it get other than her buying me all kinds of closes which I had her do. Over the next five years our great sex life need a change. I encouraged her to take on a sex partner, another guy. This ended up taking a toll on our marriage. We divorced and I went back to being a cross dresser in privet all the time.

imagesovq51w76Then I met a girl and we lived together for four years and I told her right up front I was a cross dresser. She was ok with it and even helped me progress and make me passable in public. I went out many times in the larger towns that were hours away. After all I did not want to see anyone I knew while cross dressed, even if they did not recognize me. This was great but after four years she became less interested in a cross dressed and more interested in other men and we broke up.

The next girl friend was a 10 and I was over achieving I felt.  I did not have any intension in telling her I was a cross dresser and take the chance of loosing her. After one month of dating and her pretty much living with me she ask what my deepest secret was. Not wanting to confess I said I had no secrets. She said everyone has a deep secret and I will tell you mine if you tell me yours. I confessed to being a cross dresser and she wanted to see my stash and have me try on every item. Well naturally I was very reluctant at first, but she made it a little better telling me she had another friend who she helped cross dress.  “Her secret was she had been a drug runner at one point in her life”.


She accepted my cross dressing and asked what kind of cross dresser was I? Sexy, slutty, tramp, high-class, what? Slut I told her as she smiled at me saying, I thought so by the closes you have. She helped me go farther than I ever had before. She showed me how to use my own boobs to make cleavage by taping together. How to walk, talk, dance, and act like a girl. She even insisted I dress all the time while home, what she called a sissy. Sissy? I was no sissy, they where the weak boys in school. You’re a sissy she told me so you better come to terms with it. She insisted that I confess, I was a sissy. Say it she said as she was getting pissed. Sadly I agreed to what she was saying, after all I did not want her mad at me. “I am a sissy” I said while sitting on the couch dressed from head to toe in girly clothing looking like a slut. I guess I was a sissy I thought to myself. No guy would be dressed like this and not be accused of being a sissy.

The longer we stayed together the more dominant she became. I was now doing what ever I was told to do. She was in control now and pointed that out to me in no short terms. I was asked if I was interested in guys? I told her no I never have been. She said straight out she did not believe me. She kept degrading me when ever she could. I was now not allowed to be dressed as a guy unless I was going to work. She even told some of my friends that I was a cross dressing sissy. This just about made me sick to my stomach having my friends know what I really was.

One day I came home from work and was told to go change into what she had laid out for me. Normally I picked out what I wanted to wear so this was a change. I was to come to the living room so we could talk. I knew what ever it was could not be good.

I dressed in Taupe color stay up nylons, black thong panty, black tube top, and  black 4 inch heels, nothing more. Once I entered the room she grinned and patted the couch for me to sit next to her, saying come her my little slut and sit down.  I did as told and she hesitated then looked me in the eye and said, “I am going to throw away all your male clothes”!  Stunned looking back her in fear, I asked why? I was told so she could buy me all new wardrobe of girl clothes. I asked what was I going to wear to work? She said they have girl blue jeans and blouses that I can wear to work. She would pick up several pairs for the work week when she picked up more skirts and other tops for me.  I was asked if I wanted all bikini panties, what kind of bras and if white anklets where ok? She would buy more sexy lingerie on the next shopping trip when I could be along.

Her” I see your alright with this so maybe you can help me now she said. “Me” what do you mean I am okay with it? “Her” Well I had you dress like you are so I could see if the idea would turn you on. I can see by your erection you like the idea. “Me” no I do not like the idea, I need my cloths for work and when I go out in public.  “Her” you will have the clothes I buy for you sissy. No more discussion. Have you thought about what I asked you last night? “Me” (tears now starting to well up in my eyes) I asked what?  “Her” I asked you what size dildo you wanted. I guess I will just have to pick one out for you. (Looking at me she seen tears running down my face).  “Her” oh my, is sissy crying?  {Then she reached over and cupped my cock and balls in her hand). “Her” oh baby don’t cry your going to look so lovely in your new sissy clothes. No more crying as she rubbed my cock or I will buy some diapers for my baby.  I stopped crying knowing she would do that. My erection wilted as soon as she took her hand off of it.

Lets get started cleaning out your closet. I followed her into the bedroom and we grabbed all my clothes removing hangers and folding them in piles. I felt sick to my stomach knowing shortly I was indeed going to be a sissy for ever. Things seemed to be moving fast and in directions I never thought of. I managed to dress as a male the next day to g to work. When I returned she asked for the clothes I had on. I went to my room and had only my sissy clothes taking the place of my normal male clothes. I knew there was no turning back. What am I to wear tomorrow to work I hollered out to her. She came in with a pair of girl blue jeans and a plain yellow T-shirt. I thought I might be able to pull it off if no one looked close at my jeans.


The next day I dressed in what she told me to wear to work. When I left for work I drove around until I knew the office personal was at work. I walked into the lobby and asked to see the human resource manager, “who was female”. I waited for twenty minutes before I was told she would see me. I walked in closing the door and as I stood in front of her desk I told her I was quitting my job. She looked up from her paper work and leaned back in her chair. Looking me up and down I knew she noticed my girl jeans. She asked, what was going on? Why did I want to quit? With a long pause she then said, we do have counseling available for you if you would like? Fighting back trying not to show my emotions, I told her no thanks and turned walking out the door.

I went straight home from there and went in the house pretty quiet like. I could hear her on the phone so I stopped and listened to what I could here. She was laughing and after a bit I figured out she was talking to another woman. She was telling her the dildos was to be her by this weekend, and she wanted me trained in a few months. Then he will be ready for the real thing. Not knowing what the other person said, mine said I know of someone and “he” has agreed. A few more words were exchanged and she hung up. At that point I came walking in making some noise. She come around the corner and asked “why is my sissy home”? I quit my job I answered. She told me it was best that I did so we could spend more time on my training.

tumblr_nqet3rcvgw1uy21s4o1_1280We moved to another state shortly after I quit my job. I was transformed into what I call a real sissy once we settled into out new place. She used a strap on and anal trained me. During that time I was also was forced to eat my own semen when ever I ejaculated. Then came the chastity and orgasm denial, all the time I was dressed like a prostitute. I do enjoy the dressing up and learning makeup. I am still perfecting that but I am good enough at it to go out in public.  We do not get much attention when we  are in our normal everyday girl clothes but when we dress like slut’s to go clubbing we get looks.

I have not started any hormones but we have talked about it a few times. I guess it will happen at some point. I have few regrets how my life has turned out. I do think this is what I was supposed to be. Now that it has become normal for me I am much happier. Any one thinking about becoming a girl should do it. You do not want to wait to long. I took ten years before making the switch, I wish I would have done it sooner. If I had not been forced I probably would not have taken the plunge. I know it helped me to have some one by my side the whole time pushing me.  Well I have to go now, our dates are here.


Sissy slut C.

“SM” Sissy Maker

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