Married and forced to be a cuckold for life with wife’s black lover.


My wife is very good-looking, I knew I was getting a Hot Wife when she agreed to marring me. We both where very young in our mid twenties. She was fucking Black Cocks before we ever met. One thing that had to be agreed on before we married was she would continue to have black lovers every so often. I was alright with it after all I wanted to watch. I had several girl friends that took on lovers while we lived together. I always liked to watch if allowed to. The only difference here was none of them where Black Men.

279641My wife told me to consummate the marriage she wanted to have one of her Black Men fuck her before I had the chance. Normally I like having sloppy seconds and actually prefer it. However this being our wedding night I was a little up tight about it. I was told that she would decide what would and what would not happen in our marriage. If I did not like it I could find someone else to marry. I reluctantly agreed to her demands and told her that I was ok with it as long as I got to have her when they finished. Oh you will she chuckled looking at me with an evil smirk.

10251Well the wedding day came and all was well until that night. I wanted to be in the room as she fucked her Black Lover after our marriage. She told me she had gotten a-joining rooms and once they finished I would be allowed to come over. She told me I could listen to the a-joining door if I liked.  I did listen and it took two hours before I was allowed to enter. When the door did open her Black Lover was standing naked on the other side. My first time ever meeting the guy and I could see why she liked him. His cock was at least twice as big as mine. I After looking at his Big Cock, I made eye contact with him and smiled saying thanks. He asked thanks for what?  Not knowing what to say I blurt out, thanks for fucking her as I looked down and entering the room. My wife laying on the bed in only her bridal lingerie and legs still spread showing her used pussy, started to laugh at what I said.

qOnce I was in the room he closed the door and told me it was my turn as he smiles. Still looking at her wet used pussy I striped down and headed over to her bed. She smiled and said I had to clean her pussy first which stopped me in my tracks. I looked around asking where was towel? They both laughed at me and she said, you silly little boy come lick it up. I could feel my gut turning in knots as my small cock went limp. She said if you want some of this as she patted her pussy you will need to lick it clean first or go back to your room and we will continue with out you. I slowly climbed on the bed as I looked at the et pussy with juices running out of it. Come on she ordered get going we do not have all night if your going to stick that little white thing in me. Her Black lover sitting now laughed at her words. Once my face was close to where I could smell their sex she put her hand on my head forcing my face into her wet pussy as she said “eat it”! I did and she told me not to quit until she said I could.


They talked about friends and other people they both knew just as if I was not their. Every so often I would give a little slurping sound and she would say “good boy, get it all”. I continued to lick her until she climaxes two more times. She then told me to stop and go wash my face then being them another drink. Doing as I was told, upon my return he was laying beside her on the bed kissing her. I made them a drink and gave it to them. My wife asked how I liked eating her lovers cum? Mm I don’t know I answered. Well get used to it because you will be cleaning me every time he is done. I knew right then that I was going to live a cuckold life style.


Over the years she has had many Big Black Cocks fuck her. Select ones fucked her every day for a week straight as they stayed with us. This usually happened just before I came home from work so I could lick her clean once I got home. This assured a good full pussy for me to eat. When one  stayed all week he was the one to sleep next to her in our bed. I had my room next to it and doors where always left open so I could hear them have sex. Then when they finished I could hear her call me to clean up. This led to me having to also clean her lovers Cock. I would get to sleep with her when ever her lovers where not visiting. I was feminized around this point in our marriage. I was told if I sucked cock I must be a sissy faggot. She took pride in feminizing me. This became the normal life style and I adjusted to it well.


One day she told me she was pregnant. I asked if she knew who’s it was because even though I had a small cock I did get to fuck here from time to time. She told me she was sure it one of her lovers because she did not think I had enough jizz in my little cock to impregnate her. Once our daughter was born, my wife was surprised to see that she was an all white child. This made me happy and my wife over the years kept her lovers but would not bring them as often. I became a full sissy before our daughter was five. Over the years we hid my being a sissy and my wife’s lovers from her. She grew up being a beautiful as her mother.

Our Daughter &  her Lover

My wife encouraged our daughter to date Black Men as she became old enough to date. I only know of one guy that was white, all the others where Black. By time she graduated it was well-known to her that her mother had Black Lovers. My daughter would bring her Black Lovers home and I could hear them having sex in her room. I never said anything but would tell my wife. My wife was all too happy to here she was fucking Black Cocks. My wife told me it was for the best and made me agree. I was told to encourage her to bring her boyfriends home and brag up the Black Race. I remember one night when the two of them where talking and my daughter asked her mother if I ever fucked her? My wife laughed and said the last time she allowed me to fuck her she became pregnant. My daughter looked at me smiling and asked, so sissy boy do you like doing the cleanup after moms lovers. Shocked I looked down and could feel my face turn red. I never knew she knew I was a sissy let alone that I did the clean up.. Her mother stepped in and told her, of cores he does why do you think he stays with me. With that my daughter said some day she wanted a sissy husband just like me.


Cuckold sissy for life.

“SM” Sissy Maker


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