The night I became a sissy cuckold.


We were going to a big party my wife had been invited to. Mostly her friends, some work friends, people I had met but didn’t really know well. She made me wear panties and nylons under my pants, but nothing too overt or obvious and I was very grateful.

I knew there were several men she worked with that she was interested in. I didn’t think she had cuckolded me yet, but she had talked about it many times. It was easy to tell which ones she was interested in. She smiled a lot, touching them, flirting with them as she talked with them. Her other girl friends would glance at me and smile and I knew she had told them how much she dominated me and feminized me.


After a few hours, with the men standing close to her, and with no warning she pulled up the hem of her short dress. I was shocked to see she had no panties on. Grinning widely, she told me to come lick her ass, to show everyone who was in charge of our marriage. I knew the drinks where making her bold infront of everyone. I was shocked, but knew better than to refuse. Kneeling behind her, totally humiliated, I spread her beautiful cheeks and drove my tongue deep between them as I heard the men laugh and the women giggle. “See” my wife chuckled, looking up at the men she had flirted with, “You don’t need to worry about my husband at all.” I knew that the next time my tongue was on her body it would be tasting the cum of another man.


She pushed me away as she walked hand and hand with a coworker to the bedroom. One hour later I was told by one of her girlfriends that it was time to go clean my wife for the next suitor. I felt my face turn red as she tolde me to hurry up another man was waiting his turn. Once in the room she lay naked with her pussy full of cum from the man laying next to her. Feeling so humiliated I licked his cum out of her pussy as he laughrd at me. He then got up and dressed then left the room. My wife told him to send in Rick, he is next. I started to cry when she told me to strip down to my panties. Now go stand in the corner and watch Rick fuck me. Just then the door opened and Rick entered.

imagesa5mmyb77I cleaned her up after Rick finished climaxing in her as he dressed and walked out leaving the door open. Once I finished I was told to go get her another drink wearing onlu my panties. Doing as ordered everyone laughed at me in my panties. Little did I know until one of her girl friends pointed out I had a full erection. I knew that this was only the biginning of my cuckold life.

Cuckold sissy.

“SM” Sissy Maker





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