My wife had been cuckolding me for a year now.


From the very beginning she always laid me on my back as soon as she got home, straddled my face and forced the cum from her well fucked and filled pussy into my mouth. Often she would talk, humiliate me, tell me how big he was, tell me how much she enjoyed it, tell me how well he pleased and satisfied her laughing as my little cock got hard as my tongue eagerly explored her swollen, well fucked pussy, tasting the cum of a nameless stranger who had enjoyed my wife in ways I was not allowed to.


This time I had my tongue pressed as deeply inside her as I could. I could feel the hot sticky cum slowly dripping down my tongue and into my mouth when she asked if it made my little dick hard to know that she told all her girlfriends that I lick her clean after her dates.  I could not answer with her cum smeared pussy pressed tightly to my face, but my cock jumped and twitched at the words.

Laughing loudly she said, “Apparently you do like that. From now on, everytime you see one of my friends you won’t be able to stop thinking they know you are my little cum licker. They know your sweet little wife fucks other men and you eagerly lick their cum from her. They also know why, all of them know how tiny your cock is.” Laughing more, grinding her pussy harder against my face she said that she would bet that my tiny cock got hard next time I saw any of her friends, just from thinking those things.

tumblr_nf5bktszzx1rpzvp7o1_1280Grinning widely, she mused that maybe she would reach down, squeeze my pants when I next saw any of her friends and see if I was hard. She chuckled above me as I finished cleaning her and made her cum several times. I knew that my exposure and humiliation were about to take a more intense turn.

Sperm eating cuckold

“SM” Sissy Maker


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