Husband to Transexuial over three and a half year period.


My wife and I had an invitation to a costume party for Halloween. We decide that we where not going to go because we had some business to deal with out-of-town. The day of the party we finished our business early but where over in the next state and would not make it back in time. We ended up in one of the bars which was throwing a costume party that night. The owner asked if we would be the judges for the evening party. We decided to do so but did not have any costumes to wear. We left and went back to our room, on the way back my wife suggested we switch our clothing. She would dress as a man and I would dress as a woman, since we where almost the same size. Once back in the room we only had two hours before needing to be back to the bar. She dolled me up looking slutty and her as a neatly dressed guy. She noticed how sexually aroused I became once I was in her panties, bra, garter & nylons.

Back at the bar we had fourteen costumes to judge and they included me by popular demand. My wife and two others where the judges and I won.  She had picked another costume to win but the other two picked me so she was out numbered. Being the winner I not only won one hundred dollars but we both received free drinks until the bar closed. The next day we headed back home but my wife insisted that since I passed so well as a woman, she insisted I wear the same outfit as we headed home. Over my objection I ended up dressed like a slut for the ride home. Once again my wife pointed out my sexual arouse meant from dressing like I was. We made about four stops on the way back home in which she made me get out of the car so I was exposed in public dressed like I was. This attracted many looks but I was so passable my wife told me no one knew I was a male. My cock became rigid again thinking about how I look.

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Back home my wife enjoyed how I looked and loved to humiliate me. First it was only on weekends she dress me up and humiliate me as much as she could for her amusement. This became the norm and I was getting accustom to looking like a slut along with being humiliated. I could hardly wait for the weekends came around. Over time she included more and more feminization of me and during these two years I lost my job. She was the main money maker now and made enough to where we could both live on it.  Now she humiliated me and made me be feminine the whole time. She had me admit that I liked being a sissy and especially looking like a slut. One day she sat me down and discussed hormone treatment for with me which would help grow my breasts. I reluctantly agreed I would be interested as my cock became rigid hearing this. I was dressing as a maid for house work and when not in a maids outfit she kept me dressed like a slut which I liked. By now I felt at home being a girl and dressing as such.  One day she came home and told me I was to feminine looking to ever work again. She had decided to further my feminization including hormone treatment. She told me she might dress me up and send me into a gay bar to earn some money to make up for my lack of income! She said this openly showing her amusement at the image that statement created in her head.


“Once I’ve totally feminized you so you’d never be looked on as a male again. I might start dating other men since you are now a sissy male. I might even set you up with a date of your own and we could double!” I was feeling more and more humiliated because everything she was saying seemed to make me feel more sexually excited.  I was to the point even the slight movement of my panties over my erect cock felt like it was going to make me cum. After lying down along side of me she began to gently move her hand over the obvious lump in the front of my dress. She didn’t apply enough pressure to make me come, but just enough to tease and frustrate me.

“Why didn’t you tell me the truth about yourself earlier” as she playfully rubbed my dress and slip over my panties. “I didn’t know I would enjoy wearing girls clothes!” I said. She prompted me until I added. “And I was really a little sissy!” She seemed pleased hearing me say that, she told me I was a good girl for being honest and answering her like she wanted me to.  We had discussed several times in the past about me becoming a sissy slut. She then told me she had made a doctor’s appointment for me. I knew what it was for, the time had come to finish my transformation once and for all. Without even asking, she told me it was for me to be evaluated for my hormone treatment just as we have talked about. I expect that a sissy such as yourself will easily be granted  treatment. I know this is what you desire am I correct she asked? My answer was, “Yes”. Yes what she asked? “Yes, I want to be a sissy slut”. Good she said as a smile grew on her face, I can’t wait to finish your transformation.


After eighteen months of hormone treatment I have become a full transsexual slut. I now live on my own but my wife and I do enjoy being with men. She invites me over when her has one of her boyfriends over letting them have their way with me. Although I do enjoy a man’s body as much as her, I also like the intercourse I have with them. Nothing in my wildest imagination would I ever thought I would become the Transsexual that would crave the attention and cock of a real men. Thanks to my wife for transforming me into what I am.

Transsexual Slut.

“SM” Sissy Maker.


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