I make my hubby dress like a girl.


My hubby is so cute in his panties and other frilly female clothing that I buy him. He wares it because I make him now. See the picture above, it is how I have him dress along with the other pictures in tis letter. Notice how hard his cock is wearing sissy clothing.

This all started on a bet that he would not wear my panties. Our washer was broken and the repair man did not come when he was schedule do so. The results where he ran out of underwear. I told him he could wear mine but being a man he just laughed it off as a joke. Then I bet him that he could not wear a pair of my panties to work for all day. This made him rethink it and he took the bet.


He did wear my panties and won the bet but not before I pointed out how sexually aroused he was. I asked why he was so hard? He told me he did not know and took them off. The next evening I asked him to put another sexy pair of my panties on. He refused but I told him it would be only for ten minutes then he could take them off. I offered to have sex with him afterwards. That was all it took and he slipped them on. I sat and talked to him glancing every so often to see if he got an erection. Sure enough he had a raging boner with in a few minutes. I pointed it out to him but he said it was from knowing he was going to get sex. Not from wearing panties.

imagesxios93x1A week later I told him, he must enjoyed wearing panties because he always had an erection when wearing them. He denied it so I asked him to prove it. Put a pair of panties on and we will see how you react to it. After much talking I finally persuaded him to do so. Sure enough, his cock was growing before he had them all the way pulled up. I told him how sweet it was to see he enjoyed panties. Trying to deny it he kept saying it was not the panties. I told him if he could try on a pair every night for a week and wear them for half an hour with no erection. I would believe him and drop the subject. However if he did get and erection every time I was going to throw out all his underwear. Then he would have to get rid of his underwear and only wear panties. To my surprise he agreed and so it started.


Over a weeks time he had an erection every time he put them on. I threw all his underwear and now he only wears panties. I have even put him in all kinds of lingerie and he always has an erection as you can see. I make him wears all girly clothes when ever he is at home now. My sissy seems to enjoy the pretty frilly, dainty clothing I buy him. I call him “Sissy Boy”.

Happy wife of a Sissy Boy.

“SM” Sissy Maker


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