My wife buys me sissy clothes to wear.


My wife buys the prettiest, frilliest close for me. I get an erection when ever she tells me she bought me something. I am not allowed to wear them all the time only when she orders me to. Most of the time I have to get dressed in front of her so she can verbally humiliate me as I dress.


My cock is so stiff when she lets me cross dress. She finds it amusing that a so called man gets so aroused dressing like a girl. She tells me I really am not a man at all. No man would dress like that and get sexually excited doing so. This proves I am a sissy in her eyes. She tells me I am a phatic excuse for a man. This has been said to me so many times I agree with it and don’t mind hearing it. When I am allowed to put on my frilly girly close I am kept in them the rest of the day or evening. I am told to put on a females nighty when ever I go to bed.


She threatens to tell my parents about my sissyness and how I like dressing like a sissy. She has now found a new thing to humiliate me. I am screwed using a dildoe in my ass when I am dressed like a phatic sissy.  This is done continually until I orgasm in my panties. Then I am ordered to remove them and lick them clean. I then get a bare ass spanking and have to stand in a corner until she allows me to move. While I stand in the corner some times with an anal plug in, she periodically will asked why am I such a phatic sissy? Tomorrow is another day, The scenario will play out all over again. I am thank full that I get to wear my frilly sissy clothes.

Frilly girly clothes lover.

“SM” Sissy Maker.


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