My ex-boyfriens is now our dog /slave.


My boy friend Dave and I broke up and I met another Man Randy who is a Manly, Man. He also is kinky and had a small sex room in his basement. I really enjoy his cock, it stretches my pussy and fills it nicely. He is at least twice the size of Dave. Sometime he straps me down so my pussy is pushed out for easy access. I am always totally naked but some times he has a dark hood over my head so I can not see and ear protection so I can not here. I am kept this way, some times for hours and Randy enters me with his Big Cock at any given time which feels amazing but scary at the same time. I never know when my pussy will be penetrated. All at once a cock enters my pussy and fills it in one thrust as I gasp for air because of the sudden penetration.


 When the hood and ear protection is on me, I never know who has their cock in me. Sometimes it is one of Randy’s friends. I know because the cock is not as big as Randy’s. Randy never lets me know who fucks my pussy. He only tells me that it is my place to please who ever he wishes and not to question. He told me this before we ever hooked up that I was only going to be his sex toy. Once we became more acquainted we became more than just sex partners. I am still Randy’s sex toy to use as he deems appropriate. However we do live together now and share more than just sex.


He talked about being a master to a male but did not know of one who he could turn into his personal sex slave. The one he had before meeting me, he sold to a friend. Now Randy had no owners contract for me so I was free to leave at any time. One day my old boy friend Dave contacted me and wanted to meet up at the bar we hung out at. I do not know why but I went to see him. Since it had been six months since we broke up I was wondering what he was up to. We meat and he was the same as when I left him. No job, no plans, and no ambition just as before. I asked why he wanted to see me? He told me that he had not had any pussy since we broke up. I informed him that I had a new boy friend that kept me well satisfied. He asked if I would consider having sex with him for old time sake. I told him I was not interested but there may be a way he could have sex with me. He would have to be willing to come and visit with my boy friend Randy. He said no at first but by time I was ready to leave, he asked where I lived incase he changed his mind. I gave him the phone number and informed him to call first and I would give him the address and I left.

Three weeks later I got the call from him. I had informed my Man about my old boy friend and told him that he had nothing and would make for a good sex slave. He told me to have him come over this coming weekend and he would check him out. My ex-boy friend showed up on time just as I asked him to. I met him at the door and  invited him in. I introduced him to Randy and they seemed to hit it off right away. After some chit-chat Randy offered Dave room and board, in return Dave would have to work in Ricks small sex room in the basement which he took Dave down and showed him. Well Dave could not believe this opportunity was being given to him and jumped at the chance. Dave did not even ask what all it this would encompass. He was happy to have a place to stay for free and all he had to do was work having sex?


Randy told Dave that he would have to sign a contract that would free us from any legal action taken against us for what ever reason. In other words Dave could not hold us responsible for anything that was not to Dave’s likings and he would want to leave or back out of the contract. Dave did not even read the eight page contract, he just asked where to sign. Once the contract was signed it was time for a round of drinks. Randy made a toast to the new member of the house.  We had a couple of rounds before Dave was passed out. Randy told me he had put some knock out drops in Dave’s drink. He was surprised that they worked so fast. Lets get him striped down, washed up, & shaved clean. Once the work was completed, Randy put a color on Dave, then inserted a small remote control anal plug in his ass, lastly a chastity cage on his small cock. Then strapping cuffs on Dave’s ankles and wrists he locked the right hand to the right ankle and the left hand to the left ankle. Once all was completed he put Dave into a small dog cage and locked it.

Dave woke up an hour later yelling and wanting out. Pissed as hell he was but still groggy from the medication. Randy informed him that he had willingly signed the contract to allow us to keep him and make him our pet dog. Dave was pissed even more until Randy quieted him some by using the remote to give Dave a shock in his ass from the anal plug he was wearing. What a yelp he made when Randy pushed the button. Once Dave calmed down so Randy could talk to him, Randy informed Dave what was going to happen in detail and how he was going to train him to obey.  Like hell you are Dave protested, just then another shock zapped Dave’s ass which put him in tears this time. Randy told him he will not put up with any rude and misconduct on Dave’s part. The more Dave resists the harsher the controlling treatment will be. Dave yelled again and once more Randy hit the button but this time he zapped him so hard he pissed all over. After that Dave settled down and just cried as he sat in his kennel. I knelt down and whispered in Dave’s ear, “and you thought you where going to fuck me”? You’re the one getting fucked doggie. Randy obtained Dave’s attention, informing him that his new doggie name was “Champ” as he affixed the name tag to the front of the kennel.

The next day Dave or I mean Champ was tamer than the night before. Randy told me to feed Champ and give him a bowel of water. After lapping at the water Champ became tired. Randy said that the sedative he had put in Champs water would be just enough to keep him calm as he started his training. Over the next nine months Randy trained Champ until he would obey any command instantly. Champ was kept on a leash which led to a locking expanded anal plug which would not come out unless unlocked and screwed down to retractable size.  Champ would watch as I was fastened to the rack and Randy would use my pussy for his pleasure. Champ would whimper and try to come to me but his locking plug held him chained to the wall. Once Champ learned the routine he was allowed to lick all of Randy’s cum out and clean my pussy up good with his tung.  When Champ did a good job and obeyed his commands Randy would unlock his little cock. Than jack his little dick off for him only to have him lick up his own mess once he climaxed.

Champs use was not limited to just those rituals but also to many others which Champ never knew from one day to the next what was in store for him. Randy also enjoyed fucking Champs just to reinstate who the alpha male was in our house. Over time Champ has proven to be a very obedient doggie and seems to have adjusted well to his new life.

Dog named Champ.

“SM” Sissy Maker



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