I make my husband eat his sperm!

I make my husband eat his sperm!


That sounds nasty doesn’t it?

When I met my husband I thought he was weak even though he tried to be manly he wasn’t. We talked about our sexual likings and he told me he liked to eat pussy but wanted it clean shaven. Over time I over looked that he was not the manly man of my dreams.  Once we married he continued to eat my pussy at great lengths.  Although I thought he was wimpy for a male I never pointed it out to him. He has always taken care of me and seen to it that we lived comfortably. Over time I started going out with the girls, at least that’s what I started doing.


After a few times going with the girls I met a strong man named Ted, and after a few drinks left with him. We ended up having sex and I liked that his cock had some girth to it. Once I returned home my hubby Steve was in bed already since it was after midnight. When I climbed into bed and still half under the influence of the alcohol. He woke up and started to play with me.  I figured he would notice I had sex being so wet and our marriage would be over. I tried to make him stop but was more interested in going to sleep. Once he felt how wet my pussy was he wanted to eat it. I gave up and let him, knowing he was licking Teds cum out of me. All I wanted to do was go to sleep and after he started eating my pussy that is what I did.

imagesrmsnx0t3The next morning Steve was up and gone before I woke up. Fearing for the worse I tried to prepare myself for the confutation that would take place when he returned home. To my amazement when he came home all seemed to be normal.  The talk was small talk and the only words spoken about last night was about how wet I was and how he liked it. He told me too bad I fell asleep but he enjoyed my soaked pussy. He also said if I get that way from going out with the girls I should do it more often. I asked if it tasted good and he told me it was the best he has ever had. I was surprised he could not tell the difference but assured him there would be more nights like that. He smiled with lust in his eyes. I kept in contact with Ted who screwed me once or twice a month over the next year. Steve ate my pussy like a starved animal every time I came home, never putting two and two together.

During this year I slowly all but stopped having sex with Steve. I had no interest in his little cock and I had more climaxes when he ate me out than having intercourse with him. I thought about leaving him but other than our sex I loved him and how he treated me. I started to make a plan on how to cuckold him to where he had to accept the terms. One night he wanted to have sex with me but it had been over two months since our last time. I figured that it would be a good time to start to mold him into a cuckold. I told him only if he ate my pussy when he was done. That did not appeal to him at all so we never had sex. I told him if he wanted sex he had to eat me after he was done so I could have a good climax. A week went by then two and he finally agreed to it. Once he finished his five minutes of screwing me I ordered him to eat me out. He first refused but I insisted or next time I would have to consider this before allowing him to have sex with me again. Reluctantly he went down to lick me slowly and hesitantly but did do it. I told him I needed to climax at least once or no pussy next time.

imageshhsg085vAfter some time of this being the routine and me holding back before climaxing, he began to do it automatically with out my telling him. When I don’t want to have sex with him I will make him jack off into a shot glass or a spoon so I can feed it to him. This keeps him in the mood for the taste so when I do let him screw me he would eat it without complaining. I refer to it as his feeding which he still doesn’t like to here. I knew I could get him to eat his own cum. I figured from the first time he ate Teds cum from my pussy and liked it, he would be my cum eater. He still eats my pussy when I get home from screwing someone with out him knowing about it. He has not figured that one out yet and I have no plans of telling him any time soon. He continues to believe that I get that worked up from being out with the girls. How do you brake a good thing when he is so naive about the whole thing.

Once I figure out how to tell him with out destroying what we have. There will be a period where we will need to heal but I will have all the cards in my hand by then. Once that passes and I get him to accept the truth I will introduce him to the art of cock sucking. Having him as my cuckold is the ultimate goal for me. I will continue to screw other men with his knowledge and he will continue to clean their cum from my pussy.


“SM” Sissy Maker


2 thoughts on “I make my husband eat his sperm!

  1. you may want to start using a dioldo on his ass and then progress to something larger all while jerking him off. While you do this talk about other men and having him clean you after or during the sex. Start slow and work towards having him associate pleasure with submission and other men

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