Confession of an excaped sissy.


I have cross dressed since a young age. I had several girlfriends that took me farther and into public dressed as a girl. One wanted me to suck cock, which I had done a few times but she never knew it. She took control once she knew I cross dressed. I was ordered every night and weekends to dress as a girl. I greatly enjoyed it until she told me she was going to transform me permanently into a sissy.  She laid out her plan to me and figured in a year and a half I would be a full-blown girl. Throwing all my male cloths was the start. Than I was to start on hormones after the first three months of constant feminization.


She started training me on how to walk in heels and wiggle my ass as I walked. She told me how to talk and dance in public. She made me do it all naked and would point out my erection I would get when she talked about making me into a sissy girl. Then she started telling me that I would need to suck cock and had me practice on her dildos. Then she wanted to penetrate my rear. I stopped her and would not agree to it telling her it was to big. She bought a smaller one and used it on me telling me this is what I had better get used to. After a few time it felt good, when I climaxed from it for the first time she told me I was a true faggot.

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She had a friend with a big cock and she kept threating me to call him up and have him come fuck me. I did not want that and I was certain she was not kidding. One night I confessed that I had sucked around five cocks in my life time. The next day  the door bell rang and I was told to answer it. Dressed like a slut just as she instructed me to dress. I opened the door reluctantly only to see a well-built man standing on the other side of the door. She came up behind me and told “Jim” to come on in. Jim was her “big cock” friend that she always talked about. I felt like a little sissy faggot dressed like I was. He smiled and walked in and gave her a hug and a kiss on the lips.

She introduced him to me and told him I was the faggot she had been working with. Today was going to be the day I sucked a big cock for her. She told him I lied to her by not telling her I sucked cock. Since I confessed to sucking five cocks in the past. Now I will become a full fledged cock sucker in front of her. She wasted no time and I was sucking his cock within twenty minutes of his arrival. She enjoyed the show immensely she even took pictures.


That evening I dressed in one of my girly outfits that did not make me look like a whore and left during the night. I enjoyed being a sissy but realized I did not want to be one the rest of my life. Several years later and in a different state I married my wife who knows nothing about my past.

Escaped Sissy

“SM” Sissy Maker




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