Steve’s Christmas Gift



Mum, your Christmas gifts arrived the other day. Thank you for the outfits you sent me. I am sure that my boyfriend Bill will like the swanky outfits. The one leaves nothing to the imagination.

Steve also loves the one you sent him and could not wait to try it on. He was all horrified when he found out that you knew of him being a sissy and that I had a boyfriend. Once he opened his gift from you his attitude changed. He obtained an instant erection when he seen his new pink frilly’s and could not wait to try them on.


I snapped a quick picture which I have attached. The second one is him wearing just the garter belt and panties. I later caught him playing with himself again and had to whoop his ass. The picture of him standing in the corner shows his red ass after receiving his whooping.


I have ordered a chastity device for his little cocklit in order to control playing with himself. I should have his playing under control by time you come to babysit him.  Bill has the vacation all planned and we will be gone for a full week. If you need to discipline my little sissy hubby while I am gone, I will make a list of disciplinary actions you can take. I will see you in three weeks.


“SM” Sissy Maker


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