Transformation school for Melvin


I was born with a little cock that never grew. I was dating Christy that suggested I go to boarding school and learn how to become a girl. I was not interested in being a girl at all but she made me change my mind. She pointed out that she was the only girl I had ever been with and she confirmed I had a small cock. She told me I would be lucky to ever get another girl friend. If I did, once they seen my little cock they would surly leave me. She kept telling me how small I was and I should give in and become a girl. She kept it up so much I would cry when she would start in about my small cock. She never let me penetrate her but only jack me off as she degraded me. I became used to it and did not notice that being degraded turned me on until she pointed it out to me. Standing naked, she said I was the smallest cock she ever seen and my cock looked like a little boys cock. My little cock stood straight out when she started humiliating me.

After many months of degrading me and humiliating me, she convinced me I should attend a school for inadequate boys. Not knowing the full story behind the school teachings I agreed to it. She took me to the school the following week once arrangements were made. I was introduced to a stern lady who trained me to become what she called a sissy. There where four others starting the same time I did. I don’t think I ever cried so much in my life. Because two of us where such babies about transitioning, we were diapered at times and kept in them all day in front of the other three boys.


Christy was allowed to come and visit me once a month. I begged her to take me out of here. She told me this is exactly why and where I belonged as she laughed at my baby outfit.

Three months into school came the day when we were introduced to boys that had been their for some time and about to graduate already. They where wearing girl clothes and walked around dressed like girls in heels and all. When introduced to them each had to stand in front of us five and lift the front of their dress, they said their name which was a girl’s name. I could see the outline of a little cock in chastity pointing out under the girl panties.


They each said they wanted to be a pretty girl and please men. They all recited the school motto. “I am a sissy girl. I am a cock hungry cum slut. Can I suck your cock or would you rather fuck me sir?” I thought that was kind of funny but being dressed in pretty dresses, lacy panties, bras with budding tits, garter belt and stockings with heels, it was what they wanted to do. The last one Angel had no panties at all and very short micro dress on which did not even cover what was a very large cock hanging well below her dress hem. Her top was just a tube top and fitting tight you could plainly see her protruding tits and very hard nipples.  The instructor pointed out Angels large cock and hardly any clothing. She told us that Angle was here on her own admission and was a prime example of a sissy ready to please a man.


Then she told her to remove her top and revealed her budding tits.

Once all the sissies had left and the instructor walked out for a moment we chuckled about the sissies and their titties. Now none of us expected that we would ever get to that point but became very worried. Then the instructor reentered the room telling us that we will all soon be a lovely as all of them. More training will be needed she told us and the desires to want to become a lovely sissy is what she was going to be working on. The next several weeks went by fast and now we where seeing that we would be just like the other sissies. Then the day came when we were put into panties and a pretty dress just like the other boys before us with full lingerie and given a girls name, mine was Melissa. Then chastity cock cages were installed on each of our cocks. This was because without even trying we all got erections when put into lingerie. When Christy came for her next visit she was very impressed how I looked which did make me feel good.


This chastity kept us from playing with ourselves when unsupervised. The cage also kept us from getting erections during classes. We were let out of them to shower and to be milked under supervision of cores. When milked and we ejaculated we where force-fed out own cum. Once we licked it all up we were given a pill to keep us from throwing it back up. After six months of this we come to find out they where female hormone pills. The clue was the budding tits we all where growing. The five of us then learned to do makeup and walk in heels how to eat daintily, what colors to  wear since we where not boys any more and not born female we where to wear yellows, pinks, reds, white and flower patterns. Our hair was getting long now so we were instructed to have our hair styled and makeup on every day.

 We were encouraged to play with each other and try out what we had been taught on one another while being supervised.  We had anal plugs introduced to us and instructed to wear them unless told we could remove it.

Once we became comfortable playing with one another in front of others and with our selves and eating each others cum. Angel was brought in and each of us one by one was penetrated in our ass by her big cock. Angel was allowed to have one of us each day for for fucking. Angel enjoyed fucking us and before any of us relized we also started to enjoy it and even got erections during our fucking. By now so much time had passed and the sex was all we really wanted.

The day came when the five of us had our turn to stand in front of new school boys and lift our dress showing our chastity cock, dressed in full lingerie and markup telling our name and that we wanted to please men. then recite the school motto,  “I am Melissa a sissy girl. I am a cock hungry cum slut. Can I suck your cock or would you rather fuck me sir?” You know it hit me then that I truly did want to please a man.

Then we where introduce to men which we all where eager to please. We are let out of our chastity cages to encourage sex with our male dates.


The first man I was with had a large cock and he fucked me on our first meeting. Then finally came the time to graduate from school. The finale test was to parade around in front of our instructors and Christy was there along with a few other men and women interested in the new sissies about to graduate. They had to decide if we had what it takes to become cock sluts. We had to strip to our lingerie and heels and model for them then recite the school motto. “I am Melissa a sissy girl. I am a cock hungry cum slut. Can I suck your cock or would you rather fuck me sir?” Then Angel came in, then we had to please her cock and lastly let her fuck our ass. When Angel was done I gave her a big deep kiss with tongue.

I became a cock hungry cum slut and really liked to be jacked off while being fucked by a big cock. I graduated and was already set up with three men to please. I lived with each for a day or two before going to the next one rotating between the three of them. I did tell Christy, Thank You for talking me into enrolling in sissy school. She told me she knew I was destine to become a sissy.

                             Cock craving cum slut Melissa.

“SM” Sissy Maker


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