Cross dressing husband



I was a young cross dresser as I grew up until I married at age 23. One day I broke it to my young wife of twenty that I liked wearing sexy panties. She was ok with it and started to buy me my own panties once we had a disagreement that I wanted to keep a pair of hers for my own. Well I felt since I wore them more than she did they should be mine. So she actually bought me my own along with some short hot pants “short shorts” I would wear them all the time when at home and wear my panties all the time even under my work clothes.

She started buying more and more clothing but it was all the slutty kind of clothing. When she bought me a short skirt that did not even cover my ass I asked her why all the slutty clothing. You’re a slut that is why she told me. What do you mean I am a slut? Your a slut, I know because of the items you dress in and walk around the house wearing. Don’t worry honey your secret is safe with me. I like you being a cross dressing little slut with your bulge visible and ass showing. Your cute baby.


Then came the garter belts with nylons, and some shoes and tube tops that I was told to wear as dresses. She had bought see through blouse and a few bras along with a couple of halter tops for me. By the end of the next year I had several full outfits to wear and many lingerie items.. I was being told now what to wear around the house. I was always dressed as a slut but the more accurate word would be Whore. I still wore panties 24/7 since I has no male underwear.

My 25 birthday was coming and she had made plans for us to go to the city and celebrate it. I was looking forward to it and took Friday off from work so we could get an early start to the weekend. She had the room with a Jacuzzi in it reserved for us. She had all the plans made for the weekend but would not tell me. They where going to be a surprise for me and a birthday I would remember she said. I tried to get it out of her on our drive to the city but she would not say anything about it other than I would be surprised.

Now I was really looking forward to it and she knew it by the way I was acting. She would just laugh at me when I started begging to know what was planned. Friday after noon we made it to our room and with in the first hour of being there we where in the Jacuzzi sipping drinks naked. We had room service and did not leave the room all night. When Saturday came around we lounged in our nighties until one in the afternoon. Then I was told to put on my white string panties made of satin, my short skirt that did not cover my ass or bulge, a tube top and sandals. Then I was given athletic shorts  put on over them and a T-shirt. She told me we where going to go out and do some shopping. First she wanted to stop by the porn shop to look around to see what they had she said.

Once we found it we went in and looked at the toys they had on hand and some porn movies. She told me she wanted to see some of the coin movies they had in the basement so we went down stairs. We had many shows to choose from and she picked a transsexual movie which caught me off guard but I was alright with it. We both went into the booth and started to watch the show as she fondled me through my shorts. By time the movie expired I had an erection. She dropped more money in and as the movie started she told me to take my t-shirt off and drop my shorts. Shocked at this knowing what I was wearing I told her no way. Then no blow job for you she said.


I did as she said standing in my cross dressing outfit. While she put my clothing into her purse she told me that the first cock that came through the hole I had to suck to completion. I thought she was kidding but she was not. Shure enough a cock came poking through and she stared at me  with a pissed face saying get to work slut. Now we had never talked about anything like this and I had never had any desires to suck a cock. She pulled my long hair forcing my face to the cock which was good size. Go on slut suck that cock or I will leave you here she said. Stunned at what all was happening so fast I licked the cock. That’s it slut now suck it I was told. I opened my mouth and closed my lips around it.  I was very surprised how soft the mushroom cock head was as I swirled my tongue around the head. That’s it slut , go down on it show me you like it she whispered. Go faster and suck it harder she coached me until he cum’s I was told. Then she said you better eat it all and spill a drop or you will do another one.


He climaxed in my mouth and I thought I was going to puke as I gaged. Swallow it slut she sneered in my ear. My gag reflex kicked in and I pulled off as he continued to shoot cum all over my face. He pulled away and my wife looked at me and said your going to learn how to swallow if it takes all day. I asked for a kleenex to wipe my face off and she told me no! You wear it until you swallow a full load and only then can you wipe it off. By now the next cock was poking through the hole. She pushed my head to the cock and told me to get busy.  Some what smaller than the last one but bigger than mine I locked my lips around it and sucked it until he shot his load. Once again I had to pull off and let the cum hit me in my face. My wife told me I had to relax my throat and swallow as it shot in my mouth. Do not waste any more she scolded or I will walk out and leave you here and you can find you own way back to our room.  The next cock came through the hole as the tears streamed down my face. Crying will not help you, now get on it she ordered or I am out of here. This time I did better but still gaged but did my best in trying to  swallow it. See she said, I told you that you could do it.  She said Happy Birthday cock slut as she handed me my t-shirt to wipe my face off. Now it’s not that bad was it she asked? I continued to cry until she told me to get ahold of myself.

Taking my shirt away from me and putting it back in her purse she grabbed my hand and opened the door pulling me out of the movie room into the lobby where five or six men stood. Me dressed like a whore, she asked loud enough for them all to here. Do you want to suck any of these guys cocks? Pouting and looking down I said no! I knew everyone was looking at me as she said, it’s his birthday guys. He is now and official sissy slut she told them. While she pulled me up the steps she told me every one is going to see the sissy bitch I married and what kind of cunt you are! When we reached the main floor there must have been ten people now in the store as I walked through and out on to the sidewalk. Pulling me three blocks as some people looked at us with a few whistling and others yelled obscenities at us.

Once in the car I felt safer and sick at the same time I thought I was going to throw up. I was told that my day was not over as she headed back to our room. Once back in our room I was instructed to shower and clean up we had the whole evening yet ahead of us. I told her I felt sick but she was not going to stand for any of that. She had the evening planed and we where in the city to celebrate my birthday not sit in a room. After showering I was dolled up with fresh makeup, a wig, and change of clothing. We where going to go clubbing for the evening.


Cross Dresser.

“SM” Sissy Maker


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