Be carful what you fantasize about.


tumblr_nltwj67now1rebnayo1_250My wife Deborah of seven years and I wanted to spice things up in our life a bit. Deb being 48 years old and me, Christopher being 32 years old. We sat down a few times and discussed our likes and dislikes then we asked each other to divulge our deepest fantasies and kinks. We agreed not to hold any thing said against the other and to be honest with each other.

She told me she want to try a big cock and the thought of having two cocks use her was a big turn on.  Her other kinky turn on was to be a dominate and have total control over me.

I agreed that seeing her have another guy fuck her while I watched did turn me on. I also admitted that I had a diaper fetish with plastic pants. The plastic pants over the diapers was a kink that I always wanted to try.  She ask me if I wanted to wet and poo them also? I told her maybe wetting but not poo at all. She laughed at me then apologized telling me she would have never guessed I would like diapers.

Over the next month or so we talked about our fetishes. She really did not want to bring another man into our marriage for sex. We both agreed that my diaper fetish would be the easiest and she could be dominant over me. This would give us both satisfaction, so we agreed to try it for several weekends only. Deb decided to order the items for me on line and I agreed to let her pick out what she wanted me to wear. I had agreed before hand that I would wear what ever she bought. A week later the first package arrived and it was several pares of plastic pants. While she pulled them out of the package and laid them out on the counter I felt my cock stiffen. She asked if I liked what she had bought and I told her I thought she did well. I had to touch a pair and then I felt my cock stiffen more. I could hardly wait for the diapers to arrive and put them on with my new plastic pants.


Three days later another package arrived with my diapers an then another package the day after that. This one had two baby bottles in it. I was at a loss since I did not ask for them but Deb told me that a baby will need a bottle from time to time. Friday had arrived and I was told to come straight home from work, clean up and she would diaper me afterword’s. Upon arriving home I was told that my bath water was waiting for me. Bath I asked? Deb told me that all babies take baths not showers, then gave me a swat on the ass and told me to get moving. As I was bathing she told me that I had to remove my crotch hair and handed me a shaver to do so. I tried to protest but she reminded me of my promise that I would do as I was told. I shaved my cock area smooth then rinsed off as I climbed out of the tub Deb toweled me off paying special attention to my freshly shaven cock area and ass.tumblr_nnrrx8ywux1rebnayo1_1280

Into the bedroom she ordered and lay on the bed. Doing as I was told she followed with baby powder in one hand. When I entered the bedroom I saw a new pair of plastic pants and diaper on the bed along with what looked like a dress or shirt with ruffles of some sort. I asked about it but Deb told me that I did not have the right to question her. I was also informed while she powered my bottom and heavily powdered my genitals I could not talk unless asked a question. My cock now was stiffer than it ever had been. Fastening on my diapers she commented that she may have to do something about my erection. Then she slid up a pair of plastic pants and told me to sit up and put my arms up as she dropped the baby dress over my head. I whimpered like a baby puppy with sadden eyes not wanting the baby dress on but Deb scolded me and told me to shut the fuck up your a baby now!


I was not allowed to stand at all only crawl on all fours. I had a soft fussy blanket to cuddle with and a stuffed bear to play with. I was given a warm milk bottle to drink before my noon time nape. I was fed mushy baby food by Deb as she told me how cute I was in my baby outfit. Seeing my erection every time she changed me told her than I did indeed enjoy being a baby. Now I was not allowed to talk so I just ate and listened to her ramble on. I was informed that the only baby she was going to keep was a baby girl so I better get used to the idea od pretty girly things and barrettes in my hair. Once I finished my noon time bottle I was jacked off by Deb before putting on a new fresh diaper. I slept like a baby after that.


This continued the whole weekend and I was asked on Sunday night as I was nursing on her tits before being put down for bed. How I liked my weekend as a baby? I told her I enjoyed it a lot. Deb asked if I wanted to continue the next weekend and I agreed. I informed her that being a baby was not what I had in mind with the diaper fetish and really did not want to be a baby girl. Deb commented on my cock being hard almost all weekend. I told her it was a big turn on but I did not care for the baby dress and being a girl. I was informed that if I was going to be a diapered, I was going to be a baby. I was also going to wear the baby dresses. Besides, she told me I look so cute when I had my afternoon nap laying on the bed sucking on my bottle of warm milk in my dress and diapers.


Since I had decided to continue she told me she would buy more outfits for her baby to wear. The next weekend it started as the last with a bath as soon as I came home from work. This time I was jacked off before putting on my first diaper. While she masturbated me, she informed me of a new surprise she had for me. She told me it was a small butt plug that she was going to insert as soon as she finished whacking me off. After she cleaned me up from my cock milking, I was told to roll over and get on my knees as she lubed my butt hole up. Then she stuck a finger in it and preceded to finger bang me. Then came the plug, even though it was small it hurt like hell going in and once I yelped from the pain she told me I had to get used to it. Powdered, diapered, plastic pants pulled on and nighty on, to bed I went.



After that night Deb took total control, it became a nighty thing. After a full week I asked if we could take a brake from it all. Deb. told me she was really liking how things where going. I was informed that we could take a brake but she really would rather keep things like they have been. I could tell that she was changing and liked the power control. Deb said we will take a brake as soon as I put on the new chastity cock cage she had bought. I sat and thought about it a bit and she asked if I changed my mind. No, I will put it on if I can get out of my baby dress and diapers. Very well she said take them off and I will help you get this on.


That was nine months ago and I now wear my chastity, anal plug, diapers, plastic pants and baby dress when ever at home. When I go to work or on rare occasions, when I go to town with Deb. I wear everything but my baby dress. Deb. controls the money and the house hold now. She keeps buying my new and more degrading girly items to wear including a small cock for me to suck on. When she jacks me off she puts the cum on her tits and I have to lick and suck them clean.The new thing now she has been talking about is having her fantasy full filled with a Big Cock or Two.


Baby Christy

“SM” Sissy Maker


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