Tricked into being castrated by wife.


I was talked into being castrated by my wife who now enjoys other men and their cocks. This all started after my wife of seven years was told she had cancer. This turned out to be a big lie as I look back on it now. It was terminal I was told by her. Devastated she and I made plans for when the inevitable would take place. She told me the doctor told her, she only had six months.

One of her requests was for me to get castrated before she passed away. This was justified by her because she did not want to lay on her death bed knowing I may at some point take up with another women. I was of cores devastated by her having a terminal disease and would agree to anything she requested to keep her last months worry free  and comfortable. This however I did protest to but very weakly, and did give in to her wishes.


Two months into her last six months I had the castration procedure done. Laying home sore for a couple of days with minor swelling,  she seemed very happy that I did indeed go through with it. After a few days I went back for a checkup to insure no infections. Shortly after we where into month three of her six months and her attitude and spirit was well above what I would have expected. She actually seemed as good or better than before she was diagnosed with cancer.


During the end of the third month she came home and told me that the doctor had misdiagnosed her. She did not have cancer after all. She was diagnosed with some type of fungal disease. With some antibiotics over the next month or two, she regained her original health back. Mean time I was now an emasculated male. After much time had passed and still taking what I assumed where pills to keep infection away then hormones to replace what I had lost. Turned out they where female hormones to have me more feminine.


This was over a year ago and I now wear panties, and look more feminine with small budding breasts. She keeps me as her sissy now and dresses me as such. I do not engage in any kind of sex with her or her lovers. I am a sissy with no balls and she is quick to point it out to me. She justifies having sex with other men because I am as she puts it, “a sexless sissy”. She has told me no female would want me as I am. I may have a chance being a women for a man but that would be it. I believe she is correct in what she is saying so I live as a sissy now. She has her male lovers that keep her sexually active.

I know now this was her plan all along.  I have accepted my fate being her emasculated house sissy, taking care of the daily house chores. I was not smart enough to see through her lies until it was to late. She tells me that she did not plan this but I think it is another lie.

 Emasculated house sissy.
“SM” Sissy Maker.

One thought on “Tricked into being castrated by wife.

  1. That sounds absolutely delightful! I envy you! I like to envision that your wife is breathtakingly gorgeous and with a body that would make straight women bi-curious? Does she let you serve as her handmaiden and help her to get ready and to look her best for her men, I hope? Please tell me that she requires you to dress to the nines as a sissy maid then cook and serve gourmet breakfasts for her and her men, then wash her bedding then re-make her bed while she savors a steamy, libido-fueled, romantic breakfast or brunch with her men that you so submissively and subserviently slaved over and cooked to perfection and that you are forbidden from eating hearty breakfasts or other meals like the ones you provide for her and her men and are restricted to a bare-minimum daily caloric intake…pretty much just enough food to stay alive, healthy yet girlishly slender with an hourglass figure? I do hope she requires you to wear a tightly-laced, overbust corset 24/7/365 and that whenever you begin to move as though you are comfortable in it she has one of her strong, manly, masculine, muscular men re-tighten your corset? And when those men re-tighten your corset they laugh at you, call you a “pathetically effeminate sissy fairy weakling”, remind you that: “You never were and will never be anything close to the tiniest bit masculine let alone any kind of man” then punch you or knee you in the balls? And I certainly hope she loans you out to her female friends when they need a maid or cocktail server for a party of theirs and that you have a closet full of costumes from Vegas Showgirl to Tinkerbell, to Southern Belle to Fairy Princess, to Snow White to Sleeping Beauty from which her female friends may select the outfit that they desire you wear while you serve as their pretty prim prissy perfumed pantywaist party maid? And when you serve her friends as a maid I hope they require you to wear a nametag that says: “Please Call ME Sissy!”? Idealy, any visitor is allowed to lift your petticoats and pull down your panties or tell you to do it so that they may photograph or just look at your permanently and irreversibly emasculated genetalia. And I do hope that while she and her men are going at it hot and heavy in bed you are kept busy washing, drying, ironing and folding her clothes and that while you do so you get to hear her squeal with orgasmic delight while one of her manly, masculine, muscular men pounds the daylights out of her pussy?

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