Wife had me trained to be her sissy maid.


I was married for less than one year when my wife discovered my cross dressing secret. To keep the marriage, which by now was in divorce proceedings. I agreed to counseling for my problem. She had set the appointment for the up coming Saturday. She drove me to the city one hour from our home. My wife was from the city, that is where I met her. When I met the counselor I saw a female who was good-looking just as my wife is.

During the first session she told me she would help me with my cross dressing issue. She told me when we completed the six month cores I would be a new person. The session started with her asking when I started cross dressing? I told her I started cross dressed when I was in my last two years of high school at age 16.


She asked why I cross dressed? I told her the clothing felt good and I was always in a state of sexual excitement. I was asked to explain the state of sexual excitement I was referring to. I did not know how to explain it. I was assured every thing was confidential and nothing I would say would surprise her. I decided than to just say it. I have a very hard and intense erection where my cock is really hard. Does that feel good to you she asked? Yes I told her.

Are you wearing panties or any kind of lingerie now? No I replied. I was told on my next appointment I should wear something that excited me so she could evaluate the excitement. After some more questions such as if I masturbated when I was in the heighten estate? Usually after playing with my self I answered. How long before you climax she asked? Around a minute I answered. Very well, that is all I need to know for now and I was excused. When I walked out she asked my wife if she could see her in privet for a moment.


When my wife returned she seemed to be in a happier state. I was informed that the next visit would be the up  coming Wednesday evening and she would stay open late for me. Before leaving for the appointment Wednesday evening. My wife had me go with her to our bedroom where she had a new pair of white panties  and matching nylon stockings for me to put on. The counselor told her that I was to wear something that excited me sexually. I was erect as I put on the lingerie. I wanted to protest but new better. When we arrived the counselor asked my wife if I was in some type of lingerie? Yes she answered. Very well let’s get started and she opened the door.

hard_cock_panties_116 - Copy - Copy    I was no more in the room and the door closed when she told me to remove my clothing except my lingerie. I did so slowly and when I stood in front of her in only my panties and nylon stockings I had a very stiff erection.  I see your stimulated as you described in our last meeting she replied. I was told to go and relax on the lounge. She kept asking me how I felt? I kept telling her very aroused.  She was transfixed on my state of arousal which all question revolved around. Before ending the session I was asked if I wanted to ejaculate before getting dressed? No that is ok I don’t need to I told her.


When I returned the next Saturday she had me strip naked and applied a cock ring to my genitals which made my erection reappear. I was kept naked and asked questions about my arousal state that I was in. I was then given a towel and told to re-leave myself as she observed my reactions. I told her that I did not want to ejaculate and that I was feeling nauseous. Alright she told me I was a sissy and I will be referred to as a sissy during our counseling sessions. Then she asked how I felt about that? I told her I was not a sissy and I did not care for the stereo typing me as such. Upon leaving she told my wife to keep me in a constant state of sexual arousal by keeping a cock ring on me, also only to refer to me as a sissy.

On our way home I started to cry but did not let on to where my wife would see it. She was talking away when she looked and seen the tears rolling down my face. Oh is my little sissy feeling hurt she asked? No I replied. She asked if I had an erection and I told her no. When we got home I was given a cock ring and panties to wear which “you guessed it” made me erect.  My wife called me a sissy every time she talked to me. When the next session came around for counseling I did not want to go but was reminded of the agreement. This type of thing continued during each visit.


After the cock ring keeping me in a sexually stimulated state for over a month, she had my wife chastise me. The cock cage was hooked to a leash and my hands cuffed behind my back. I was led around by the cock leash in the house and sometimes hooked to the bed post or a door knob keeping me tethered. I was let out occasionally to be cleaned then re-chastised all the while still wearing lingerie.  After not being allowed to masturbate or have any relief of any kind. I was introduced to a small vibrating dildos which was used on my ass. After this became a regular thing I was introduced to a larger one.tumblr_ob3wnjvuTc1uxozg1o1_500

The next step was to remove my chastity device and bend me over to have my ass penetrated. I was allowed to jack myself off as she used the dildos on me. Then my wife got a strap on dildoes bigger yet and started using it on me but I was hand cuffed behind my back. I was sexually violated by  her strap on until I dripped sperm or ejaculated from the prostate massage.

I knew that all of this from the start was bull shit, but went along with it to see where it was going to go. The last session was referred to as the cock stubbing which did work. While wearing my chastity device I was allowed to hump a pillow but not allowed to climax. This was an ongoing ritual every day, all day long. I was allowed to rub my cock through my chastity cage and a diaper that I had to wear for the remainder of the training which did shrink my cock some. I am not sure how that worked but none the less it did. We are still married and I have not had sex with her since she found out I was a cross dresser. I am still cross dressing but it is required of me now since I am the sissy maid and house keeper.


Wife’s Sissy Maid

“SM” Sissy Maker


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