Exposed during a visit to the clinic.

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I had a doctor’s appointment for a twisted ankle in which I tore some ligaments. When I arrived they told me my doctor had to leave for an emergency but one of his assistance would look at me.  I was not alarmed at all I had on shorts so my ankle was totally accessible.

Before leaving I put on my diapers with pink plastic pants and pink panties with a lace around the leg openings. I was not alarmed because there was no reason to have my shorts removed. Sitting in the waiting room they called my name. I was taken to a room, the nurse took my blood pressure and asked some questions. She left saying the Doctor would be in to see me shortly.

The door opened and attractive female Doctor entered the room. She caught my attention right away as she introduced her self and explained why my Doctor was not seeing me. I was asked what my issue was so I told her I twisted my ankle badly. I was told to get up on the exam table as she wheeled up to me in her chair. Looking at my ankle then checked up my leg as she took a slight sniff of the air. Then she asked me to remove my shorts. Stunned I asked why was that necessary? She told me she wanted to see if I had any swollen glans up higher. I still was hesitant to remove my shorts, I told her that I did not have any swollen glans. She told me to remove my shorts so she could do a thro check.


I stood and slowly  lowered my shorts exposing my pink panties. I looked t her and she said take your panties also. I did as I was told and stood in my diaper and pink plastic pants. Please remove your plastic pants but leave your diaper on she requested. Doing so she had me return to the exam table telling me to move up and lay down on it. She pushed in several places saying things looked okay.

She told me she was going to remove my diaper. While doing so she commented on the choice of diapers I had on and asked how long had I been in diapers. Three years I told her. How about the panties she asked how long have you wore them? On and off most of my life I told her.  I see, and how do you see your self? What do you mean I asked her? What are you, a sissy? Baby girl she asked? Sissy baby girl I replied. I see she said once again. Then she asked me if I had ever had any counseling on the issue. I told her no and I did not want any. I was told to stay where I was and she would be right back as she left the room.

Returning with several items and putting them on the counter and returned to me. She told me to lift my bottom as my diaper was completely removed out from under me. Then she applied some cream to my ankle and wrapped it with an ace bandage telling me to keep it elevated and wrapped. While doing this she asked if I wet myself or defecate in my diapers. I told her no on the defecating my diaper but some times wet myself. I see was her reply then telling me to turn over on my stomach which I did. She looked at my rear and commented that I had no diaper rehash. Then she applied a liberal amount of lotion to my rear. She told me she had a new diaper for me which was an adult depends I think. I was instructed to roll back over as she placed it and held it to my rear. Slightly pulling my legs apart she powdered my privet parts heavily than taped the diaper on. Retrieving my plastic pants she helped slip them on having me lift my bottom again as she pulled them up.


While I still was laying on the table she told me there are several help groups that could be of some help with my fetish to be diapered. She said she could get some phone numbers together for me if I wished. Saying no that I was alright she told me to return in four days so she could take another look at my ankle. I was told to finish dressing and she would see me in four days. I left thinking when she took the little sniff she may have smelled my baby powder that I used so heavily while dressing. Which then led to her checking me higher up for swollen glans.

I returned four days later only to have my regular Doctor doing the follow-up. I was kind of hoping that his assistant would do the follow up. When I asked about her he said she had the day off. I think if I ever have to see the Doctor again I will request her.

Sissy Diapered Baby

“SM” Sissy Maker


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