Boy raised as a girl.


No names have been mentioned to protect our identity.

I was changed from a boy to a girl. My mother decided when I was seven I should be a girl and home schooled. She had told me I was going to be one for the summer which I thought she was joking. I was wrong because that summer when school ended it started. I fought it with no luck on my part. I think by rebelling it happened much faster than it normally would have. I was trans formed after one week of being put in panties and a girls dress. I stewed the who week and by the next weekend I had no boy clothing only girl things. I had to go to town dressed like a girl to buy more outfits. Mother told the store sales clerk it was my choice to become a girl. She thought it was sweet and showed me all the frilly clothing a girl could ever want.

Within a few weeks I had a full closet full of girly clothing. My dresser held my girl shorts, panties, socks, slips, and under shirts. I had couple pair of shoes one in black and two styles in white. Mother had me grow my hair out and by four months I has bows in my hair. I was taught how to match my clothing which I never caught on to very well. I did get used to the satin panties and when I was around ten I started getting erections. Mothers answer to this was to have me go to the doctor and put on estrogen. She told the doctor I wanted to become a real girl. When the doctor asked me if this was true, I said yes I have always wanted to be a girl. I did not know what estrogen was and by now it did not matter. By time I was twelve I had small breasts and no real stiff erections.


When I was fifteen I dated boys that mother had set up for me. Soon I was meeting more and more guys. Mom told me it was time for me to learn how to make a boy happy. Now I had been told a little about this and Mother had milked my small cock back when it used to get stiff. Mother told me there was more to it than that and I started my training on sucking dildos and having her penetrate me.

When I turned seventeen mother had me get naked in front of a boy who she instructed to take me sexually. He screwed me after I sucked his erection as Mother directed the event. His cock was bigger than the dildos that Mother used on me and it hurt some. Mother told me it was all part of becoming a women.  She told me after it was all over there would be many more nights of boys having sex with me. I remember telling her I really did not want to have sex with boys. She told me it was what a woman has to do to please them. I would have no choice and I was to do it willingly.

That is when I basically became a whore for mother to make money. I was seeing eight to twelve men a week at the peak of my prostitution. I only had two outfits for being in public which did not make me look like a prostitute. Most outfits where skimpy and reveling. Garter belts and nylons where always worn with high heels. Most of the time my skirts did not cover my bottom. My breasts where full and filled my bras nicely. Most of the men became regulars and one who was tall dark and hansom had a big cock. I liked sleeping with him when mother let him stay the night.

f98520b2907894976824a2b338880f98 - Copy.jpg

When I was twenty I married my tall dark and hansom stud. We have a good marriage and he treats me like a lady, most of the time. I sometimes think of when I was a whore and miss it but like being a wife more. We have been married for ten years now and sometimes he still makes me dress like a slut when he takes me out clubbing. I always get the looks and whistles from admirers. My husband likes it so I do not mind it. I figured as long as it makes him happy I will keep doing it. I kind of like being a sex object when out in public with him. I love him very much and I do believe he loves me just as much. When I look back at what mother changed me into, it makes me happy now. I have no regrets and would let her do it to me again. I have everything a women needs or could want. My husband is a successful business man and we live very well. I am a happy women with a hansom husband.

Happy Wife.

“SM” Sissy Maker


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