Sissy Maid Lynn


I have cross dressed some in the past but mostly I like wearing girl panties which are more comfortable than male underwear. My life as a sissy maid started out innocently. I had moved to the city from a small town in the Midwest. I had auto mechanics in high school so I naturally worked on cars a lot. When I moved to the city I had a tree branch fall on my cars hood during a storm putting a big dent in it. Since I did not have a lot of money just moving to the city and still looking for a job. I checked around for a used replacement hood. I found a person who had one so I made the trip across the city to buy it.

When I arrived I found a guy slowly making his way to my car. We exchanged names with a hand shake greeting each other. Found out during our conversation that he “James” had been hit broad side by another car and was nursing a broken rib back to health. His wife “Lisa” was still laid up yet and this was six months after the accident. I told him I had just moved to the city and also about the tree branch. I also told him I needed to find a job as we continues with other chit chat. I changed out the hood in their drive way with a bit of help from him. Then I change a flat tire on the damaged car for him since he gave me such a good deal on the hood. We said our good byes and I left for home across town.

Three days latter I had a phone call from James who I bought the car hood from. He asked if I was still looking for a job and if so he needed some one to help around the house. His wife had returned home and still had restrictions on what she could and could not do.  I told him I was looking for a more steady job, but I would think about it. Two weeks passed and I was almost out of funds with no job yet. I called James and told him I would work for him just until I found another job. That was over three years ago and I am now their full time sissy maid. I moved in with them and have my own room that I stay in when I am not working.

How did that happen you ask? Well it seems that James saw my lacy panties I was wearing the day I picked up the hood for my car. When I bent down to change the tire he saw them. His wife had come home latter that same week after I had met James. He had talked to his wife about what he had seen. They both figured I was some kind of a sissy boy. So deciding they needed help, would give me a try. Slowly James and his wife sissified me. Lisa started by telling me I needed an apron when working in the kitchen and other little things like that.  James told me I had feminine features and joked that I would look better in a dress, stuff like that.


They both kept saying things until one day Lisa asked what color of panties I had on. This took me by surprise since I thought I had been very carful not to let them show. I told her  I did not wear panties and she called me a liar. I had no come back and was shaking now knowing she knew. Noticing this she told me to relax, James and her had know all along that I wore panties. Lisa told me only sissy boys wear panties. Then she asked what other item of clothing I have that I wore. I denied having any but she scolded me saying she would not put up with my lies. To prove I was not a sissy boy I was to show her my underwear. When she said she would call for James help to check if I did not cooperate.

Slowly I dropped my jeans exposing a pair of black panties with a lacy waist band and pink bow. Smiling she told me she knew I was a sissy and that she could help me to become a better maid. That is kind of how it all started and now I am a full time maid for them both. Lisa had heeled completely and so has James. Lisa had many other items that she no longer wore and gave me choice of items. She also had me grow out my hair, nails, eat better and helped with makeup. Lisa transformed me into a female including seeing that I am completely shaven. Lisa has me plugged and working on my ass to one day take Jims cock.  I give the occasional blowjob to James, Lisa has me lick her when ever she feels the need. My new sissy name is Lynn and I have learned a lot from them both. I do not see this to end any time soon. I am indeed a sissy and do like the transformation so far.


“SM” Sissy Maker


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