My Birthday Selibration.


I have always been a sissy male since my wife confronted me and insisted that I was one. Despite my denials she was convinced that I was a sissy because of things I did and how I reacted to things. Because of this I was slowly over time feminized to her preference. More for her amusement than or any thing else. I do take care of the household chores and see to her needs over the years.

When my birthday arrived she had me bend over as she held on to my cock pulling it back between my legs, then she used a ruler to spank me 40 times for how old I was. Since I complained about how it hurt I was stood in a corner for time out until I thanked her. Threats of not celebrating my birthday was all it took to get me to thank her. Then she told me my  sissy brother was going to be coming over for my birthday. I was so happy that I was going to have a playmate today.

My brother and I are a year apart but we are both kept sissies. We have been this way for a long time but every so often we get to have play time together. This play time is more of entertainment for our wife’s who enjoy having us as sissies. We are allowed to strip and play with each other as they supervise. The things they like to watch us do is suck on each other in a sixty-nine style and to mount each other. We both have become accustom to our incest but only because we have been forced to accept it over the years. Now we look forward to our time together.


My wife told me to put on my pink party dress since they would be here soon. Once he arrived we got our picture taken just as we where warming up to strip each others clothing off. Oh yes, I am the older and taller one of us two. Once the day ended I was told to clean up the house before going to bed. I really enjoyed the day seeing and playing with my sissy brother.

Sissy Bobby.

“SM” Sissy Maker




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