Doctor Visit



I have worn female clothing since very little taking my sisters cloths. I became a cross dresser when I moved out on my own. Buying panties was such a scary thrill. I have had so many panties that it became normal to wear them every day. One day I went to the doctor for a checkup for nose surgery. I had a blockage and this was just a normal first visit checkup for blood pressure, heart, lungs, etc…I was then told to remove my clothing which I was not prepared for. Naked only in lacy panties the doctor asked if I wanted to tell him something? Removing them I told him it was just a fetish that I had partaken to. Once finished with a complete physical that I did not know I was getting. The doctor talked to me as I dressed asking how long had I worn panties? I told him for a while as I could feel myself turning red. Once dressed he asked if I ever had bisexual sex? I told him no, but I remembered experimenting with a boy once when I was young but did not tell him about it. The doctor told me that I should have it looked into. He referred me to a shrink that deals with this kind of thing. I thanked him for his concerns but reassured him I was okay and did not care to visit the shrink.
The operation took place and I had to have several visits to the doctor for follow up checks to make sure that all was okay. On the first visit out of two he asked if I had given any thought to visiting the shrink? I told him no, he then handed me some literature about transsexual’s and what different programs the clinic offered. He told me that procedures and medications have come a long way in feminization development. I looked up at him as he told me he thought once my nose healed I would be a good candidates for feminization. Now as embarrassed as I was sitting there, hearing those words made my cock spring to attention. I just wanted to get out of their without any more embarrassing moments. As I got up to leave he said something that made me think. He said, you have a small penis and that is a deciding factor among most transgenderism that he has helped. Once home the words stuck to my mind as I stripped and looked into the mirror. I seen a small cock that became erect as I thought about it. Knowing this excited me immensely, I masturbated to the thought of it. Over the next week before my last schedule visit I thought about it constantly. The time came for the final checkup visit, un taping it and checking it over the Doc. said it looked good. He handed me a mirror so I could take a look at his work. He pointed out that it looked thinner and more feminine, due to the cartilage that had to be removed. I was actually pleased with the results and told him so. He said he was pleased that I liked it and asked if there was any discomfort. I told him no and he said that he was done unless I had something more? Hesitating a bit he could sense I had something on my mind, he sat back down asking me what was wrong? I explained about how sexual excited I got thinking about what he had told me on my last visit. I continued to tell him that I was uncomfortable talking about it. He asked if I would prefer talking to a nurse instead. Oh no I told him, it’s just hard to admit that I… as I stammered thinking of the correct words to say. The Doc. said, you’re a female in a male’s body? Well kind of, yes I guess so I replied. Then he asked me several questions to determine if I was sexually aroused at the thought of it or was I actually female?  He told me that I could make another appointment with him or there is this place you may find to your liking. He wrote an address down and as he handed it to me saying, give them a visit just to check what they do. I normally don’t do this but sometimes I make exceptions. You can visit this place and I am sure they can help you determine what you really feel you should do. Taking the address I thanked the Doc. and left.

The next day was a Saturday and I decided to check out the address in the city about thirty minute drive. I found the place in a building down town and when I arrived at the desk I was asked who had referred me?  I gave my doctor’s name and the receptionist said okay you can take a seat and some one will be with you shortly. I seen another person sitting reading a magazine, I was wondering to myself if she was a boy made into a girl. Picking up a magazine I noticed they all had to do with transgender or trans sexual, cross dressers and such. Looking at one it actually showed the before and after make over of males to females. They looked good and I figured if I could look as good I would consider doing it. An assistant came out and asked for Terri to come back, she followed her as the door closed. Then just as I returned looking at my magazine  someone called out for Todd. I looked up to see a very attractive lady standing at the door. As I was heading back I could not help but think what this would be like. I was escorted into an examination room and informed to sit down as she took my blood pressure and asked if I had any allergic reactions to anything? I am thinking that this was just the same as my visit to my Doctor before. As she left I was told that Miss Hansen would be with me shortly.
I waited for about four or so minutes when the door opened and a very good-looking well dressed lady in her forties, entered the room. Introducing her self as Miss Hansen she asked what I was here for. I told her my Doctor sent me to see her and she asked about what? I could feel I was turning red as I searched in fear for words. Miss Hansen as she stood looking at me asked if I was a sissy, gay, or a cross dresser? Before I could answer she told me that she does not run a conventional doctors office. In fact it is not a doctor’s office at all but more of a school and a training facility. We help convert boys to girls by doing what ever it takes to make them complete. Once you have completed schooling we start the transformations, when that is completed we place them so they can be productive in their new lives. We have a ninety-seven percent placement. No one here is held against their will and no one is forced to transform. This facility is for sissy boys who have girly tendency’s or are trapped in a male’s body or who want to become female. We do no operations here but are linked to a hospital who will if it is requested. Are you interested in being transformed into a female she asked? I don’t know I answered. What stage of feminization are you in she asked? None I replied. Then your what we call a sissy male who is probably cross dressing or having male on male sex but wishes to be female, which is it? I cross dress a little I answered.
She asked if I was okay with a few simple tests to see my feminine potentials? I told her that I did not know if I could afford it as I continued looking at the floor. There is no coast at all the expense’s are picked up by the Clients.  Not knowing what that meant I said I didn’t know if I was ready for that. Well why are you here wasting my time if you don’t want to test? I do have people who do want my help, this is not a place to just come and look, waste my time and leave. People come here for my help not just to waste my time. Are you going to test or not? Yes, I said not knowing what I had just committed to. Well than let’s get started, you will need to undress and get up on the exam table she said as she left the room. By time she returned I was naked sitting on the exam table with my hands hiding my penis. She told me not to be shy since she had seen many small cocks over the years. Wondering how she knew, thinking my Doctor must have said something. I was told to move up on the exam table and lay back with my hands by my side. Doing as I was told she was putting things on a small cart then wheeled it over to the exam table. She called someone on the phone for assistance and a younger girl came in the room as Miss Hansen put on some exam gloves. She introduced her as Beth and told her she needed her to document the results of her findings.
Miss Hanson then reached over and picking up my limp penis saying, I see that you have stunted growth in your penis and testicles as well. This is common among males with low testosterone and higher than normal estrogen in their system. Then she asked if I ever had my prostrate massaged or anal intercourse? I told her no and that I have not had any sex with a male. She asked if I cross dress all the time or if I had any female or gay tendencies? I told her I cross dressed a little and that is why my Doctor sent me here. She only said, I see as she lubed her gloved hands with some jell. Smearing my cock and balls with the jell then started masturbating my cock while she caressed my balls with her other hand. She asked my age and I told her twenty-three. My cock jumped to attention while she spoke and continued pulling on it. Taking a measurement and repeating it out loud, three inches erect penis and on the orchidometer the testicles are a 4. Your very small for your age, I understand why you were sent to me.  She told me she needed to see what my sperm flow was like as she resumed jacking me off until I climaxes. Two millimeters as she held the cup up to the light. Very low amount of semen she commented.
Get up and turn over on all fours and bend down so I can do a rectal exam. Doing as I was told she lubed me up and inserted a finger asking if I had any discomfort? I told her no as she continued probing her finger in me. Then she inserted another and asked again if their was any discomfort? I told her it was okay. She tried for three fingers but I felt the pain right away and told her so. She retracted her fingers saying one to one and a half-inch hole as she toweled me off. Removing her gloves she told me to get down and stand up. She asked what kind of sissy I was?  I asked what did she mean? She asked if I sucked cock or go in public cross dressed? I told her I did none of that as I stood facing her during her questions. I asked if I could get dressed and she said not yet.  She asked what kind of outfits I wore when I cross dressed. I told her it was mostly lingerie. Such as what she asked? Garter belt, nylons, panties, bra, sometimes heels. Your Panties and other lingerie, are they ruffle, lacy, plain, with flowers? Some are plain some are lacy as I started getting and erection trying to cover it with my hands. Remove your hands or I shall spank you she told me. Doing as she told me to, my three inches stood straight upwards. What colors are they she asked? Pink, white, yellow, some are black I answered. Beth please record this, subject gets sexually aroused easily by talking about lingerie. She stood up and walked over to the counter picking up a book of some sort. She opened it and told me to go pick out and item of clothing that I would like to wear if I had the opportunity to do so. I seen a nice selection of frocks covered in lace, ribbons and bows all in different colors. Stunned at the beauty of them I realized my cock was now throbbing as I was looking through the book. They all had numbers along side them and all came in different lengths with all matching under garments. I picked out a pink one covered with white bows and lace. Number six Misses Hansen asked? Yes, I answered her. You may sit down now she said as she asked if I would like to go any farther with the testing? I don’t know…  Did you wish to continue she asked again? Sure I answered.

10_4958710 She told Beth to bring a number six container in, Miss Hansen told me she would be right back.  Beth will help you dress when she returns. Beth returned with the container as I sat blushing with my hands covering my groin area. Beth opened the box and told me to put on the white lacy top nylons, then the pink garter belt, pink lacy panties, pink and white training bra, and the pink frock with white lace and bows. Just as Beth finished adjusting my garter belt Miss Hansen came back in the room. Beth what do you think Miss Hansen asked her? Very lovely and feminine Miss Hansen as she picked up the packing paper.  How do you feel she asked me? I managed to stammer out a squeak in my voice, good as I looked at the floor. Miss Hansen told me that I chose the sissy outfit that best reflects my demeanor. I am assuming your little penis is at full erection right now correct? Yes, Miss I answered. How would you like to see a movie? It will only take about twenty minutes and you can return here right after it is done. I said okay.
Miss Hansen told Beth to apply a condom to my small cock. Lift your dress she instructed me. Beth will pull down your panties and put a condom on your little cock. He will need a number two she told Beth. l am having her put a condom on your little cock incase you squirt. We do this to all the sissies to avoid messes. You will be taken to the theater to view a short movie and we will continue the interview once you return here. Beth you can take him down to the theater, other sissies of various ages will be joining you. She then gave me two pills telling me they will relax you so you don’t climax from the excitement you may experience. Handing me some water she told Beth to escort me to sissy theater two. My cock was throbbing with excitement and I was glad to take the pills to calm me down. I was scared walking out of the room but at the same time I felt free to be out cross dressed like I was. I asked Beth what was going on? She said this is a part of the preliminary interview to observe your reactions is all.
Beth took my hand as we went down a hallway then boarded and elevator which took us to a lower level. When the doors opened I could see two theaters numbered as such. Beth said here we are as we entered theater number two. I was told to sit down and relax as she reclined my lounger. Beth then fastened each wrist with a leather belt to the arm of the lounger. While she buckled them down she told me this is to prevent any fondling of yourself during the movie. Misses Hansen doesn’t like the messes that boys intentionally make. Then I counted eleven others escorted in and fastened down just like myself. They where all dressed in various sissy outfits as I was. Two were dressed in only lingerie with no dress of any kind.
Once everyone was strapped down the curtains opened. Standing on the stage in front of us was Miss Hansen. She addressed us by saying, “Good afternoon, your all here because your cross dressers of various stages. You are all inadequate as far as being males and all of you chose outfits that correspond to the type of sissy your demeanor is. This means you all want to flaunt your sexuality as females. NO Man would be dressed like any one of you are right now. Your all here for one reason and that is because you do not fit in as males in the real world. No you are not males at all, instead your all sissies and that is what your true identity is. Some of you are here by choice because you have realised this.Others have been referred to me and some your mothers have brought you knowing that this is where you belong. Even though you may not realize it your more female than male. This show is about twenty minutes long and your hands have been secured to keep you from masturbating. Condoms are on each of your inadequate cocks to prevent messes that some of you may have while watching this show. You will be released once the show is over and returned to rooms for evaluations”. Enjoy the show. Leaving the stage the lights dimmed low and the movie started.
The show started with an introduction. Being a sissy means your inadequate as a male to the normal population. You have gay tendencies which are similar to females. You will see other sissies in various stages of transformation, sexually explicit situations and feminization.  I looked around in the dim light from the show I could see some of these sissies are nice looking girls with makeup on. Watching the show, males being transformed into girls before our very eyes, some sucking cock, some having anal intercourse. While the show continued I looked at the others in the room seeing two where wiggling around bucking their hips. These where the same two who only wore lingerie. The picture showed cocks being sucked and sperm shooting in open mouths and on faces. My cock was pulsing at the sights of males looking like beautiful girls with breasts and erections. The show finished and everyone was released from their loungers. I noticed all the assistants had paddles when they reentered. The two who were bucking their hips in the air wearing only lingerie were released and instantly grabbed their cock. They where paddled right there, smacking panty covered asses while Beth led me to the elevator. Three other sissies and their escorts rode up with us, one looking very pretty with makeup and all. I believe she had real breasts, I thought they where very impressive.
Back in the exam room Beth told me to lift my dress as she pulled down my panties telling me to step out of them. My swollen erection standing straight out she removed the condom from my cock. Laying it on a tray on the counter, she picked up a camera and took three pictures of me standing with my erection. One from the front, one from the side and one when she told me to lay down on the exam table letting my erection stand straight up. Then she engaged with small talk about where I was from and what I did for a living as if we where long-lost friends just catching up on the past. She was so easy to talk to and I caught myself rambling on. She asked what I thought of the show and I told her I actually found it kind of arousing, more than I thought I would. I even told her that I thought the girl in the elevator really looked good. I could not tell if she had been a boy at one time or not with those big tits. Then I asked beth why the two in the theater only had on lingerie and nothing else. Beth told me they had anal plugs in and where in a special class that was training them for a person in europe. They are committed to becoming party favors for clients he entertains. They are very sexually active. After what seemed half an hour or so Miss Hansen came in asking for a full report? Beth said she had the pictures and the condom is on the tray. He confessed to me that he enjoyed the show very much. He also felt that sissy Sharon was very attractive and commented about her large breasts. I think he has desires to reach full feminization. He also inquired about the two in transition for the european client Miss Hansen told her to make sure that she logged those comments.
Well lets take a look here at your condom Miss Hansen said putting on rubber gloves to handle it. She told Beth to record the findings. Cutting it open to examine it she spoke out loud her findings. Some sissy secretion from the penis, more than expected from such small cock and testicles thus confirming subjects excitement from the “Cocks in the Movie”. I feel this subject to have strong tendencies for sexual encounters with male cock. I was stunned by what I was hearing. Lets take a look at the pictures you took Beth. Removing the chip Beth put it in the computer and brought them up full screen. I could see them clearly from where I was laying. Then after paging through them Beth posed them all side by side as Miss Hansen looked close at each. I see no drooping of the penis at all in fact it is very full and erect. How much time had lapsed before the pictures were taken she asked Beth. Four minutes or so she answered, maybe five. Miss. Hansen walked over to me and said lets take a look as she lifted my dress. Still some stiffness and some secretion from the tip. Beth please hand me a wipe she asked as she put her exam gloves on. She continued looking at my cock touching it ever so lightly to hold my erection from movement from the throbbing pulsating through it. Beth did as asked and Miss Hansen wiping the head of my cock off with a cleaning wipe which made my cock jump. She told Beth, please record subject is aroused very easily and would make for a very sexual admission.
Very good she said as she told me to sit up. How do you feel about the outfit you’re in? I told Miss Hansen that I liked the clothing very much and my erection was sticking straight out now. I see, she said witnessing my excitement as my cock bobbed slightly after poking out from under my dress. How about the movie? Well looking down at the floor I told her that I did not mind it. Miss Hansen asked how I felt about sissy Sharon in the elevator? Still looking down I said she was pretty. Would you like to look like Sharon she asked me? Well maybe a little was my reply. Sharon is not a real girl, she is a she male. She has a small cock and large breasts. Sharon is one of our soon to be placed graduates from our felicity. So, do you want to stay here for the night? We can reevaluate you in the morning after I have a chance to review our findings and we can go from there. I would like for Mr. Thompson to evaluate you in the morning id that is alright providing you stay the night.Also we can then fill you in on how our schooling works and you can decide what you want to do at that time. We have some very nice teddy’s you can wear for bed or some sissies prefer to be diapered for bed time. You can choose what ever you prefer to wear. If want to leave right now you can and be on your way.


I do not know why but I felt like this place was for me and maybe a dream come true. I chose to stay the night and wear the teddy. Miss Hansen told Beth to escort me to my bedroom and have him pick out a teddy to wear on the way by the lingerie shop. Don’t forget to record the nighty. Okay Beth said as Miss Hansen left the room. Beth told me to put my panties back on and follow her to the lingerie shop. We entered the elevator and went up two floors and the door opened up to a complete lingerie and clothing shop catered to sissies and cross dressers. So many beautiful items my cock became hard again as we walked past racks of lingerie. Beth took me to the back of the store where  we were greeted by an older women dressed very nicely. Beth told her that I needed to pick out a teddy for the night. The clerk asked if I needed diapers and she told her no not this time. Very well you can pick from the racks on the wall over there as she pointed to the left of us. We walked over and I was over whelmed with the selection, it almost made me dizzy looking at all the pretty garments. I picked out a peach color open front with small flowers embroider on it with matching pansies. Beth said nice choice and we headed off to the elevator. I asked what kind of schooling will I get if I stay here. Beth told me it will all be disclosed tomorrow after breakfast. Once in my room Beth told me to strip and hand her the lingerie and frock I had been wearing. She hung it in the closet as I put on my teddy. Before you put on your panties I have to lock you cock she said. I asked what she meant and she retrieved it from the drawer of the bed side stand. It was chastity cage for my cock that she helped me put on. Then as I put on my panties she pointed to a small camera in the corner of the room. I was told not to playing with my cock or balls, no fingering of my ass. She told me that I was being monitored at all times and if I was caught doing either one I would be punished. Beth advised me not to ever get punished because I will not like it. She reached into her pocket telling me to take the sleeping pills it will help me sleep. Doing as she instructed I laid down dozing off shortly after.
I woke up to a speaker advising all tenants to rise and shine, get dressed and meet for breakfast in the cafeteria. I had no more than put on my lingerie and dress when Beth came in and asked how I slept? Very well I replied, thanks for the sleepers they really worked. I am happy to hear that she said. We must pick up something to eat before Miss Hansen arrives for your follow-up. Beth took my hand and as my heels clicked down the hall way we entered a small room with two other cross dressers in outfits similar to mine. A small table to one side is where we were served cereal, fresh fruit, milk and juice. No one talked but we all where sneaking looks at each other.  The chaperones where whispering amongst themselves. Then they said okay girls time for your evaluations, Miss Hansen will see each of you shortly after you have been evaluated, as each of us were taken to different rooms.
When we entered Beth told me that my evaluator will be with us shortly and then the door opened and a well dressed man with a lab coat entered. He sat down and asked what was my interests. Beth told him that Miss Hansen did a quick movie evaluation of him and believes he is a good candidate to become a beautiful useful sissy. He asked if I was interested in males for sex? Beth said not yet but did show good potentials from the movie inspection and comments he made. I could feel my face was red with embarrassment standing dressed as I was in front of this guy as he asked questions. Has he had any anal penetration? None but Misses Hansen probed with two fingers. Okay he said as he reached out to pull my panties down. Still locked from last night he asked Beth? Yes sir, here is the key as she handed it to him. He unlocked my cock and removed the chastity slowly. I was semi erect when it came off as he commented that I was easily aroused. Step out of panties and remove your dress for me please. Beth reached out and took the items.

Standing in only my lingerie with no panties on I felt my cock pulsing as he looked me over. I will have you get on the exam table face down he said. Doing as I was asked, he put on gloves and applied some lube as he asked Beth what my penal stats where. He was three inches erect and on the orchidometer chart his testicles where a four. Both cock and Testicles are well under developed for his age. Then cold lube filled my anal crack as the guy told me to raise my bottom. Beth helped prop my bottom up with pillows under me so my ass stuck up. Any self stimulation on the video from last night? No, none Beth answered. Any other occurrences or briefings for me? Beth answered that I have always worn panties and cross dressed. No public viewing only at home. Comments about how pretty sissy Sharon was and the condom inspection showed more than normal secretion from the penis. No ejaculation but semen production is only two millilitres. Pictures showed full stimulation after four to five minutes after viewing. He seems to be easily aroused. Yes it seems that way he replied.
The doctor had probed my anal cavity with his finger while Beth filled him in on my stats. His finger was bigger than Miss Hansen’s.  Then he wiped my anal area clean and asked Beth to get the analgesia cream as he wiped the rest of my rear. Then applied a liberal amount of cream poking it in my anus several times as far as his finger would go. Then stopped and asked how I was doing? I answered okay. Any pain right now in your rectum? No, none.  Good, we will give it a few minutes before proceeding. After three minutes or so he asked Beth to hand him a one and a half plug. I felt something poke me slightly as he applied pressure. Any discomfort now he asked. No, none I said.  Lets go to the number two please, he asked Beth as he withdrew the item from my anal. Again he did some pushing with not much effort. How is your comfort on a scale of 1 to 10. Ten being the most pain. I said one or two. Excellent, he told Beth we could go to a two and a half or maybe even a three with no tearing but he is sufficient at a two.  I laid like that for five minutes while he wrote down notes. Then he came over wiped my bottom down and told me to get up. I could feel my anus was full and felt like I had something stuck in it. He had me stand as he felt what he referred to as a plug, saying it stays nicely. Beth said Miss Hansen will be very pleased with a two already at starting level. He sat down with a clip board and talked out loud what he wrote down. Sissy male, twenty-three, accepts number two plug with no discomfort at all. Could progress to a two and a half with little effort. Easily aroused, very capable of full feminization, small cock and testicles make for easy concealment. No removal is necessary.  Lasting stimulation and full feminine attributes. Full transformation possibilities are at a ten. Beth said that Miss Hansen will be happy to hear the results.
I was told to leave the plug-in and Miss Hansen will be expecting me. I dressed and walked with smaller steps and a more prominent wiggle as the plug made me do so. When we entered Miss Hansen’s exam room she came in shortly behind us. Beth handed her the notes from my evaluation. When looking them over she smiled and said your fully qualified to come here for schooling if you would like. Miss Hansen then explained that the school would transform me into a full sissy female. Once I complete the classes I can be placed with a deserving male. The classed will take about a year depending on how well I take to the program.  Full participation is a must in all areas of training. No extra sexual stimulation will be allowed. If caught pleasuring ones self “and we will catch you” you will face strict punishment and be subjected to starting classes all over. Do you have any questions? Well if I did go to class here and wanted to stop can I leave. Not without penalties she told me. What do you mean penalties? Lets just say either you join us here and complete the training or you go on your way. We do not want any quitters once you’re in training, you will finish. I asked her how long did I have to think it over. She told me that they had openings now and I could stay here while I thought it over. I explained that I had things I had to do before I could stay here. Miss Hansen told me that she would need a decision no later than Friday.  She told me to strip down while Beth brought me my street clothes. When I was naked I was told to bend over as she put her gloves on. She then removed the plug which, lets just say it felt better in then when it was taken out. I told here that I would be okay as Beth came in with my street cloths to change then left.
Once back home I did some searching, when I googled it I was a sissy according to the terms. What I didn’t want is to be placed when I complete the schooling. I am sure that I would have done the things with men that did not appeal to me at all. The next day I decides to turn the offer down so I called the number Miss Hansen gave me, it was her direct line. She answered the phone professionally, “School of training, this is Miss Hansen how can I help you”? This is Todd, I thought it over and think I am going to decline the offer but thanks anyway. Miss Hansen told me she was very sorry to here it and went on talking about the benefits. She was very convincing with some good points by time I hung up the phone. My classes start in two weeks and I have to be checked in the Saturday before. I am not allowed to being anything other than the cloths I have on and my birth certificate.                                       (To be continued)

Sincerely, Todd


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