I am a cuckold now.


I have been replaced by a black cock that has sexual intercourse with my wife Carol twice a week. She is so sexually aroused by Dales big cock she cannot help but hump it as he hovers above her naked body. She screams out loud when she has climax after climax with him. He continues to fuck her until she lays like a used piece of meat completely wore out from mind shattering climaxes. She will not even consider letting me have sex with her. She tells me her pussy is ruined for my small cock to get any satisfaction from it. Her pussy is stretched out over the past year to accommodate Big Cocks only.

This all happened when we wanted to spice up our sex life. I checked around and found a swing club which we joined. The first few visits nothing happened since we where so new and not really relaxed or familiar with what to do. When we went the third time we met Dale who was a well-groomed black man. Nothing happened that night or the next time that we saw him at the club. My wife told me on our way home that he seemed to be a nice man but did not want to have sex with him. She told me she prefers a white person but did not see anyone who she was really interested in.

A month passed and we decided to go out and eat then checked out a band that was playing in one of the bars. We found a place to sit and have a drink as we watched the people on the dance floor.  When the next song played we went out and danced to the song. When it ended and went back to the table and here come Dale. He had seen us dancing and followed us back to our table. We invited him to join us as we talked and had another drink. When a slow song played he asked if he could dance with Carol. I was okay with it and Carol seemed to be fine with it also.  I watched as they danced, Dale with hands on her hips and Carol had one on his shoulders and one on his waist. They reminded me of how I danced when I was at high school events.

I ordered another drink and went to the bathroom. When I returned they had changed positions and where dancing much closer to each other. It seemed that Dale had her tightly against his body now and Carol had her arms completely around Dales waist. Both seemed to be enjoying themselves because when the next song started they kept dancing. After that song they both returned to the table. My wife was all smiles and Dale seemed to be very attracted to her. We stayed for another two hours or so and when we started to leave Carol asked Dale to come back to our place for another drink. I was surprised she had asked him to come over but said nothing.

On the way home I told her I was surprised she had asked Dale to come over to the house. She told me that she had no reason other than it was not that late and she enjoyed Dales company. I was again surprised that she said she enjoyed Dales company , but said nothing. Once home I poured us all a drink and Carol went to freshen up a bit as Dale and I talked about sports. Returning to the room I was a bit shocked to see Carol wearing a very short nighty. The nighty was so short that you could see her matching panties as she came in the room. Dale took note and kept his eyes on her as she paraded around getting coasters for our drinks and napkins for us as we sipped our drinks.

Now this was not Carol at all, she would never be dressed in front of anyone like that other than me. I knew what she had in mind and Dale did also. Talk went from sports to how hot Carol looked and it was making me horny also. Before long Dale reached out grabbing Carols ass as she walked by. She stopped and turned around saying she should have the same chance to grab Dales ass. I did not say anything as Dale stood up and you could see his big hard cock through his dress slacks. Carol just reached out and grabbed his cock asking if he was happy to see her. Dale said you bet baby and there is more if you care to see it. Carol flirting said, oh I bet there is a lot more if you care to show us. Dale dropped his slacks and his underwear standing with a huge semi erect cock in front of Carol. Carol grabbed his cock saying follow me you big dick as she pulled him towards the bedroom.


I still had only been watching all of this not saying a word. I figured if Carol wanted to fuck him it was alright with me. I was more surprised at how she turned into a cock hound so fast after knowing what she had told me. I let them go and about five minutes I heard her screech so I thought I had betted check and make sure she was all right. Standing in the doorway I could see Dale had his big cock deep into Carols pussy. She was moaning loud now as Dale started pumping his cock in and out of her. Carol had never moaned when I was having sex with her. I knew that she was enjoying Dales cock very much. She screamed when climaxing as Dale kept screwing her she kept having one long orgasm.  Dale finial unloaded into her as she screamed from his cock. Then after she laid all exhausted from all of it he pulled his cock out of her.

This has since been repeated twice a week for the past year. I have not had sex with her since the second time they had intercourse.  Her well used pussy is all stretched out for large cocks only. Me, I am what people refer to as  cuckold.

Cuck Steve.

“SM” Sissy Maker


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