Cuckolding Wife.


“Cuckolding is when a married woman has a lover (or lovers) in order to express her liberation and dominance over her husband. However, her focus must be on her husband or else it is cheating. I am not saying that she cannot have feelings for her lover, as it is next to impossible to be intimate with a man and not to develop feelings for him.

But that is different from giving your heart to your lover. Show me the man who a woman primarily thinks about and spends the majority of her free time with and I will show you the man that her heart loves. At the very least, a husband is entitled to be his wife’s number one. He need not be her one and only but marriage does entitle him to be her number one.”

-Elise Sutton

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“Notice how swollen her vagina is and how hard her nipples are, as she enjoys some other Mans Cock inside her”. 

“SM”Sissy Maker






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