Cum eating Billy.


I met this girl at a party where we both knew the guy hosting it. One thing led to another and we ended up in bed. I really had a good time with her and we seemed to have a lot in common. Both being into kinky sex made it even better. When I told my friend about it who had the party he said, so you met my friend Lisa the cock hound. I told him that she was great and asked, why do you call her a cock hound. He said because she loves cock and will do almost anything for it.

Now I was not sure if we where talking about the same girl so I described her just to make sure. He told me yes that is Lisa and she is a good looker who love’s to fuck. Well this made me think twice about her but I could not help myself as I still thought she was a decent girl. He gave me her phone number and I told him that even if she was a cock hound I thought she was very nice. I told him I was going to call her and take her out on a date. He told me to save my money since all she wants to do is fuck any way. I told him that I thought he was wrong and that she was not as big a cock hound as he made her out to be.

I called her the next weekend and we went out to eat and took in a move.  We had time to talk about our life and what we where looking for. This was a very enjoyable evening and she ended up spending the night. We became lovers and dated steady for the next year. My friend told me from the start it would not last but he was eating his own words now seeing we where still together. We ended up finding out what each others kinky sexual perversions where. Not only did she enjoy fucking other men which was her biggest kink but she enjoyed nudity and dominating. Me I always wanted a partner that I could share with other men and watched her getting fucked was my biggest kink. I always wanted to see a big cock stretch out a pussy and I had a fetish for wanting sloppy seconds.

I should have stopped their but continued to confess that I had sucked a cock once when I was young. Then told her that I have eaten my own semen many times. She was intrigued that I ate my own cum and wanted to see me do it for her self. She seemed okay with everything and insisted that I jack off and eat my sperm for her to see. Now I felt uncomfortable doing this as she watched and tried to back out. She told me that she did not think I ever have done it and was lying about it. What she did was to make me prove it to her so I finally did it and filled my hand than sucked it all up and licked my hand clean. Wow that was cool she said, how do you like the taste she asked? I don’t mind it since I have done it so much I think it is fine.

During our first year I shared her with fourteen other guys who we never knew. When ever I fucked her I had to lick my sperm out of her pussy that was a rule of hers. During that first year we met and stayed in touch with one guy who had a large cock. Now no one knew about our sexual perversions and we made sure not to be found out. To my friend and others we where the perfect loving couple who got along well with each other. My buddy said he never thought she would settle down to just one guy. Little did he know I was helping her have all the cocks she wanted. We decided to live together so she moved in with me since I had an acreage out side of town with a four bedroom house. My place was located on the end of a quarter mile driveway which gave us privacy. She was allowed to enjoy her out side nudity there with out the worries of anyone seeing her. This pleased her very much and it seemed that she was always naked in the back yard. I enjoyed her nudity after all she had a very nice body and was good looking.

Now as I had said we kept in contact with one of her large cock lovers whose name was Roger. Now Roger has a cock a very large cock, I am guessing about seven to eight inches long and two and one half to three inches round in girth. This size seems to be what Lisa likes and I enjoy watching the two of them. Roger has been fucking Lisa for about a year and a half now and I really enjoy having sloppy seconds with her after Roger finished. Roger and I have become good friends during this time and the three of us are together a lot. Lisa suggested that Roger spend the night one evening when we had been drinking. No one was drunk but we where all feeling no pain. I told Lisa that it was a good idea in more ways than one. I told her that I wanted her to sleep Roger in the other bedroom and of cores she was all for it.

I Roger that he had to stay and that he was going to have Lisa sleep with him. He looked at me as in disbelief asking, are you sure? Yes, I told him as Lisa walked up to him and took his hand heading to the bedroom. Hold up I told them there is one condition here and that is I want you to fuck the hell out of that pussy of hers. They both smiled and looked at each other, one more thing I want to have the sloppiest pussy to fuck in the morning so have fun I told them. That night all I heard was Lisa’s moans of pleasure which seemed to go on all night. The next morning I went into their room and pulled Lisa from Rogers bed eager to slid my dick into her well used pussy.  I had her stand up and since she was almost my height I slid my dick easily into her as we stood there. Wow you cock slut I said out loud to her, you’re as loose and wet as an old whore. I was so aroused by this I climaxed with in one minute of standing there fucking her.

That afternoon Lisa was pissed and told me that she was no whore and reminded me that it was my idea that Roger stretch her pussy out. I apologized several times telling her I did not mean it like it sounded. Now we rarely ever had any real fights but I could tell that by calling her a whore bothered her. She would barely talk to me and was angry when she did. That evening I told her we needed to talk because I did not want this to continue any longer. I told her how much I loved her and that I really enjoy having sloppy seconds with her. I was caught up in the moment and I just said what came to my mind. “Wrong thing to say” So you always think of me as your whore since it was the first thing you thought of? No that is not what I meant I just really enjoy sex with you once some one else has had you. What can I do to fix this so you believe me I asked? Well I will have to think about it was her come back.

The next morning I never brought it up and she did not say anything about it either. The day seemed to go by with no issues and we had a relaxing afternoon. Then she said she had thought it over and had an idea that would make things better. Now having an open dialog with each other we always could say almost anything with out an argument.  I asked what kind of idea she had? At this point I was willing to do anything to get back on the good side of her. She said, I want to see you suck Rogers cock for me. Now not being gay this did not appeal to me and I figured she wanted this for spite more than anything. I asked if there was anything else I could do other than that? Yes, you can let him fuck you while I watch it’s your choice. Oh Hum… not much to choose from are you sure there is nothing else you maybe would like instead of that? No! she said but you need to decide which it will be.

When evening came we had not talked at all since she gave me the choices. Since I had thought about it for several hours, the only thing that I could do was to suck Rogers cock to make her happy. I surly was not going to have that big cock in my ass. I told her that I had made my decision and it was to suck Rogers cock only if he was okay with it. If he was against it then I was off the hook is that fair? Sure she said with smile, so I knew that something was up since she accepted my conditions. I asked her, you have already talked to Roger and he has agreed hasn’t he I asked? Yes, she said and my heart dropped and I felt sick to my stomach knowing that I was going to have to go through with it. I will arrange it for the next weekend as she smiled and made the call.  While I was sitting there she talked to Roger on the phone so I could hear. Yes he is all for it she told Roger, he wants to suck your cock next weekend and plan on spending the night again then she hung up.

I asked what was that you said? I was all for it and why is he spending the weekend again? Well you said you decided to suck his cock so you must be all for the idea or you would have chosen the other. Not much of a choice or any option to choose from really so I went with what I thought was the lesser if it would make you happy. Why is he spending the night I asked? You like me sloppy so he will fuck me until I meet your needs. Then we can talk about the future. The future I asked, what do you mean the future are you going to leave me for him? No not at all but we will talk when all three of us are present. That was a long week which made me think of all sorts of scenarios that could take place. When the weekend came I once again had a sick feeling knowing what was expected of me.

Roger showed up around seven that evening and I tried to laugh the whole cock sucking thing off hoping Roger would side with me. Oh no my little fuck buddy he said, you’re going to suck my cock for Lisa just as you said you would. I made us each a drink with mine being stiffer than normal and I asked if I had any other choice but they both said no. Lisa told us to get at it because she was waiting. She told me to go over and undo Rogers pants which I did, just as she directed dropping them to the floor. Rogers cock looked bigger than I remembered it being. Go on suck it Lisa ordered and I knelt down to licked his man hood for the first time. His cock jumped to attention from the first contact and I continued to lick it lightly until it was fully erected. Go down on it you slut, Lisa ordered. I opened my mouth closing my eyes and ascended on it, closing my lips around Rogers cock then sucked on it. A slight moan came from Roger as I continued doing what I had agreed to, sucking his big cock. After what seemed to be an hour suck it he tensed up and I pulled away not wanting any cum in my mouth. Lisa ordered get back on it and swallow all of it you bitch as she pushed my head down on Rogers cock. He filled my mouth so full it leaked out the corner of my mouth as I gaged trying to swallow it all.

When I finished Lisa told me to lick Rogers cock clean so I did it just to put an end to this horror. Once I finished Lisa was all smiles when I looked at her and I licked my lips clean. You fucking cock sucker she said, you liked it didn’t you? Your licking your lips in satisfaction I saw it you liked it! Your going to be my bitch now you cock sucker she hissed at me. I am thinking what the hell is she going on about, what did she mean by that. Well Roger Lisa said, I guess it is time to tell the cock sucker what the future is going to be. Roger looked at me and smiled saying to Lisa, he will do. Do what I asked? What is going on here? Well Lisa said, this is how things are going to be from now on. Roger is moving in and I will be his woman from now on and your going to be our bitch. If you don’t like it than I am leaving and moving in with Roger so what is it going to be she asked? I want an answer right now!!!


I glanced at Roger who was smiling happily knowing he had what he wanted. Lisa asked me again what was my answer. I did not want to lose her so I agreed to it. I thought it would at least buy me some time. Maybe she would reconsider after sleeping on it and things cooled down some. Your agreeing that your going to be our bitch? Yes… Lisa told Roger to get the chastity cage. Retrieving it from his bag she told me it was time to lock my cock up if I was going to be the bitch. I was told to stand still or Roger will knock you out as she put my cock under lock and key. That was a year ago and I am still kept in chastity. I am not allowed to have sex with Lisa only licking her clean after Roger is done with her. I also have the task of taking care of Rogers cock when ordered to do so. They both work and I now take care of all the house chores. I was planning on leaving after learning this was going to be my life now. However I have adjusted to it and like my job here not having to go to an office anymore. Besides I did not want to lose my house and its secluded location. This allows us for nudity outside with out being seen bu any one.

I still do not like sucking Rogers cock but he tells me I do a good job.  I am okay with cleaning Lisa’s used pussy since I always ate my own cum, I have adapted to the taste of Rogers in no time. He has stretched Lisa’s pussy out nicely and I can get deep into her with my tongue now. I noticed one day when I snuck a glimpse of her sitting naked that she gapes slightly now. That is something I really like seeing but can not get caught looking at her naked. I am allowed to look at Roger naked all I want. This was one of many rules that where set in place for me. I often wonder where I will be in another year or two.

Sperm eating Billy K.

“SM” Sissy Maker


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