Reprogrammed to be a sissy.


This is what happens when you live in European country’s. There are places that I was unaware of and knew nothing about their existence. My wife found out about these places and so did other females. There where a fair amount of males that ran the facility and a few females. They break your will by force and then reprogram your mind by force. Then make you do things you normally would not ever consider doing but you have no choice. They recondition you to accept and you become willing to do whatever they ask you to do. Then when you complete the training regiment you are sold to the highest bidders. You are filmed and photographed in sexual acts that you have become to accept as normal. This is what happens to people that are seduced into and given false belief of a good time. However some others are taken against their will, but once they enter the walls of these secluded enormous privet estates there is no getting out until you complete the training. I was taken their by my wife who knew about their existence and what they do to people. Some f these estates are designed to handle females others are for males, however they do mix both together to train effectively and efficiently.

I will not try to bore you with details or telling you step by step procedures but you will understand how things are conducted. Like I said my wife took me there with my under standing that we had an invitation to an exclusive party. Once inside the door and after registering we were taken to our room. We were told to wait fifteen minutes and someone would stop by with our luggage. I figured this was a top notch place and were treated as such. Their was a knock at the door and our luggage was brought in along with a cart containing complementary appetizers and a bottle of Champaign. My wife told me to go wash up and she would pour us each a glass of bubbly. When I came back she made a toast “to our future may it change for the better” and we drank our drinks. I took a few bites off the appetizer tray and one more glass of Champaign before getting very groggery. I sat on the edge of the bed and remember my wife saying (you’re going to make a lovely sissy dear, have fun).

When I awoke I was naked, bound to a table in a room that looked like a doctor’s office. Then a doctor and a nurse entered, I tried to talk but it was as if I was paralyzed and could not move. The nurse told the doctor I was awake in which he approached me saying , I am sure you have many questions. I will fill you in, your wife had brought you here. This is the house of transformation in which she has requested that you be transformed into the proper sissy maid that she needs. Your lucky she has decided to take you back once your rehabilitation is complete. Most sissies are auctioned off as useful prostitutes or used as privet sluts.  He continued saying there is no getting out of here. We have heavy surveillance and guards everywhere along with security fences.  So you probably wondering why your here and what we do here. This facility transforms males to females however your wife asked that you only be sissified. You will be trained to do everything a female do and until you ;earn to obey you will remain here. We do keep our patients heavily sedated for their protection until they subside and their wills are broken. Then you will be reprogrammed and trained to, well you know bring pleasure to those who request it. Now we will start by removing hair and few hormonal injections, when you awake your training will begin. I then drifted off again awoke to what I thought must be a dream.


In a room of three males with different sizes and ages, we were tied with hands behind our backs around a pole securely so we could not move while on our knees. We were elevated about five feet off the floor. I remember my ass hurting as if something was stretching it to the max and all three of us where naked with erections. Then a door opened and a very nice looking female was led in on leashes and brought in front of us. She was dressed in only garters, stockings, heels, bra, and panties. Once standing in front of us she was commanded to satisfy all three of us to completion. Automatically she stepped forward and started to suck cock. She had to suck each person to completion and not spill a drop of semen. Once one had reached climax she moved to the next person and continued until she had sucked all three cocks to completion. Then they led her to the center of the room and told her to remove her bra and panties as she faced us. In front of us stood the very first transsexual I had ever seen in real life. She had a fair size cock and big breasts. Then it was announced that she had completed the training and would be auctioned off tomorrow. Then we were told she had breast implants and was on hormones. We where the new recruit’s to be transformed in the coming months.


That is how it started and I was repeatedly bound, mounted by males and had forced anal sex. Then masturbated or given a blow job by another male. When not enduring sexual acts forced upon me I was kept plugged and chastised. After several months or more of this you become used to receiving anal sex by well hung males. You have no way of telling time so you do not know how many days you have endured this treatment. The next  sequence of training, you are being forced fed male cocks and forced to bring their stiff erections to exploding climaxes. If you missed any semen or loose a drip you are reprimanded in different ways in which you learn fast to eat every drop and suck the shaft clean before moving on to the next. Then your mounted by a male as he fucks your ass you have to suck another cock. These treatments as they were referred to are repeated until you perform flawlessly, and you do not want to be reprimanded so you try to please. You learn to do as instructed without any questions or hesitations. I had been kept naked since this all started and I am guessing more than six months had probably passed by now.

You are required to keep all hair removed daily except what is on the top of your head which is grown long. Over time you become weaker and your hair does not grow back as fast and seems to be finer and thinner. The sexual torment and harsh punishments are relinquished when you perform as taught with out any mistakes. At that point your introduced to and given your very own female clothing, your taught how to put on makeup to look like a girl. You still train with males having then perform intercourse on you. Your now kept in chastity full time but have to suck up to seven cocks without loosing a drop. This takes place twice a day and other days it happens all day. When you have done well your introduced to parties where your used for sex by who ever wants you and by however many want to use you. This could be blow jobs or anal sex. Sometimes it is both and soon as one pulls out of you ass another cock takes its place. Your used as party whores for whoever.


I was told that I would not be auctioned off but going back to my wife for her needs. Which included training to eat out a females pussy after someone had filled it full of sperm. I had to suck the cock clean then eat the cream pie as they called it. After a month of this I was told that I that I was ready to be viewed. Being viewed meant my wife and others were invited to watch as each of us trained sissies performed each sex act required of us. If my wife chose to pass on taking me back I would go up on the auction to be sole to the highest bidder. My performance consisted of entering the stage and model what I was wearing. Dressed like a whore I did the walk then stripped totally naked as they watched. Naked on all fours I was penetrated by a cock as he fucked my ass another came in to have me suck his cock. When one finished another took his place until I had sucked three cocks and three cocks had fucked me. Then a female came out and had intercourse with a stud who I had to suck his cock clean after he climaxed in her pussy. Then I had to eat her pussy clean of sperm as every one watched. Their where three guys that used her pussy and I cleaned up each after they were done along with her pussy.

I was told that I had completed my training, my wife was also told that I had completed the cores. Then she was asked if she wanted me or was I going to be released for the auction. My wife chose to take me for her own use. I was collared and lead by a leash naked off the stage. Once off the stage I had my anal plug inserted then led to a dressing room. While being held there for hours my wife entered the room with one well dressed man. I imminently stood and curtsied to her and the male. With my head bowed I said “Thank you mam for giving me the training and allowing me to serve you”. She almost burst out in laughter as she asked the well dressed male by her side. Do you thing this sissy will do for us? I am thinking to myself, what did she mean for us. The she called me by my name, Pam this is my fiancée you will be servicing us both as needed.


I curtsied again and told them that I would be happy to service them any way they wished. Once home I was their full time house keeper and sex toy. Donald her fiancée enjoys his regular blow jobs that I gave him. Carol loves how I lick up every drop of Donald’s cum from her pussy when he is done fucking her. Carol likes to watch me suck Donald’s cock when ever she tells me to do so. I obey so well, she said that the money she paid for converting me to a sissy was the best money she had ever spent. I have been broke and reprogrammed to like doing what I do. I really don’t remember much about my past. This almost seems like I have been doing this all my life. I know one thing, I am happy where I am and willing to please. What I miss most of all is a cock in my ass. Donald does not mount me at all. I am however plugged full time so I guess I just have to accept not getting fucked any more.

Reprogrammed to be a sissy.

“SM” Sissy Maker




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