Husband to Sissy Maid for Life


I am a sissy with a small cock. My wife has many lovers that she is allowed to see when ever she choses. Most of the time she has one a day service her needs. I work during the day and all the money is direct deposited into her account. She is in control of every thing I do and she makes all the decisions. Like she has told me so many times, no one will ever accept a small cock sissy for a husband. She felt sorry for me and knew that she could help me live a productive life. I was very pleased that she accepted me for the small cock I had.

She told me that small cocks on guys meant they where sissies. Even though I did not feel like a sissy she reassured me that I was. She told me in time I would see she was right about what she was telling me. She teased me about being a sissy almost every day and especially when I was showering, changing, or trying to have some kind of sex. I of corse was not allowed to make any attempts of intercourse with her. I was allowed to watch porn of her choosing for me to jack off to. The porn started off as females and males then slowly went to more male on male sex, she would help me reach climax as I watched them. The first thing that proved she was correct in her assessment of me being a sissy was when she brought home a new pair of skimpy satin panties in my size. When she told me to put them on I became erect and she told me that it was a true sign that I was a sissy. The next was that I could climax watching male porn as she masturbated me to climax. One more was when I had to make a choice between watching she males having sex with men or watching gay male sex. I chose the  she males which was another sign I was a sissy according to her. I was put into panties and a she male show was turned on for me to watch and I became erect without touching myself. This she told me confirmed I was a total sissy because a man would never react like that in the same situation.

Now since she proved to be right showing me examples, the one that confirmed it for me was when she inserted a small vibrator in my rectum. I became erect in no time which proved I would enjoy a cock fucking me. I humbly agreed to her findings and said I did not know I was such a sissy. She assured me that it was fine and she would see that I lived a productive life even though I was a sissy. I was told their was a place for all sissies and she would see that I fit into where I belonged. She gave me some choices that he thought I would fit into well. I am a house maid were there was no sex for me, a mans play toy which I would have sex frequently, a sissy escort that would assure sex with clients, as sissy slave which I would have very limited sex, or to transform totally into a girl that I should have been in the first place. I was given one month to think it over at which time my decision had to be made. I was reminded that what ever I chose to be it would be permanent.

I thought all scenarios of each path to try to comprehend the outcomes and how I would feel about it as a permanent life style. After weeks of thinking how each would affect me and my life. I chose to be a sissy maid for the rest of my life. Then I could care for my wife and her needs as she may need. Once I told her my decision which was on a Saturday at seven o-clock in the morning. My wife told me that I would as of this point never have anything manly again. From now on I would dress as the sissy I was and refer to her as madam. I would be refered to as sissy girl or sissy and perform all house chores and that ment every chore including helping my wife dress for her dates. All my clothing were given away and replaced with female clothing. I quit my job which made me worry about where the money would be coming from. I gave all decision making for myself to my wife. I am nothing if it were not for her and her insight about what I am. I now know this is truly what I was meant to be.

My wife some times entertains men at home other days she goes out. I am kept in chastity most of the time which had to be specially ordered for my small dink. I have accepted this life style because I know I could never satisfy her sexual needs. She needs a real man to do that for her. I never question her decisions because what she decides is superior to my thinking. She deserves every thing I can do for her.  She enjoys humiliating me in front of her lovers when ever the desire arises. Mostly I have to pull down my panties and show the male how small of a pee-pee I have. Years later I over heard her and one of her lovers talking one evening. I did not know that she was financially well off from a large inheritance she received many years before I met her. This makes no difference to me. I am here to serve her in any form or means necessary.

Sissy Maid.

“SM” Sissy Maker.






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