Sex Toy Sissy


This was and is my life, I had no choice in what took place and I still don’t believe it, you can believe what you want. This is my story, my wife told me to tell the truth. As far back as I can recall I was always in trouble over something. My parents would beat me and send me to my room over anything.

I was started on hormone at a young age and was told to tell the doctors that I wanted to be a girl. If I refused I would be punished. Over several years I was transformed into a whore for my parents to exploit for financial gains.

I was raised as a sissy by my parents who always had me dress like a girl. My parents gave me to their friends to do as they wished with me. They encouraged there friends to use me for their sexual desires. They would say that I was good at giving oral sex. They would do this to me almost every weekend. Sometimes they delivered me, other times people stopped by to pick me up. I would spend the weekend with one or another of their friends. I know money was exchanged but I have no idea how much. I hated doing what they made me do, suck cocks , lick pussies, and get bread by the men. Most all of them called me names like faggot, sissy bitch, whore, etc…
When I was 21 they gave me to a guy and told me that this was my new Master who I will now live with. I know that I was sold but have no proof of any money exchanged. I have lived as a sex toy for my master for the past 20 years. When he throws parties I am the main attraction who he likes to exploit. I service all who want the pleasure that I can give them. I am fondled, groped, and bread by whoever wants to use me.

Sex Toy
“SM” Sissy Maker

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