From Mom’s Son to Mom’s Daughter.


It all started with mom encouraging me to dress as a girl for a Halloween party.  I really did not have a choice so I reluctantly agreed to it. Mom thought I was pretty and asked me to dress a few more times. So just to make her happy I did it for her. Now I’m totally hooked on looking all sweet and girly.  I spend a lot of time dressed like a girl.

I get so aroused when dressed as a girl and mom didn’t believe me. She asked me to show her so I did and she took this picture of me. She even helps me with my hair and makeup. Mom is happy and I love dolling up going on mother daughter shopping trips.

I get so excited shopping for girly things and mom enjoys it also. When I get home I hurry to try on my new closes and model them for mom. She is so happy to have a daughter and I like being her daughter better than being a son.

Son to Daughter

“SM” Sissy Maker


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